Friday, 30 May 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival: Lolita Inspiration

The theme for this week's Lolita Blog Carnival is Lolitas Around The World: Who Inspires You? so I'll be sharing with you some of my favourite lolitas! Obviously the super famous ones such as Rinrin and Misako go without saying, so I won't go into that!

sanriopalace is definitely my favourite lolita at the moment! She's from New York and pulls off Angelic Pretty salopettes like no other. Her pastel combinations always bring a smile to my face.

xylia_x is someone I've been following for quite a while now on daily_lolita. She's from Australia and, while her style is much more classic than mine, I try to draw inspiration from her when I step out of my sweet comfort zone as she always looks flawless.

crazy-kitsch is someone I've been following for a super long time! She's from Belgium and her style is so quirky and colourful!

chokelate is a Dutch lolita who caught my attention a long time ago, and she's since been a model for Juliette et Justine! She always looks so elegant.

thehijabilolita/alyssa_loveskitties is someone I only recently found on Instagram. I'm not sure where she's from, but I *think* near San Fran? I love her adorably sweet coords so far and will definitely make a point of seeing more of them in future!

That was a rather colourful trip around the world! Obviously there are many more lolitas who inspire me, but these were the ones I thought of first. Which lolitas inspire you the most?

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