Thursday, 31 May 2012


Once again being a slowpoke, I only watched the Avengers movie yesterday.

I met up with my friend Tiffany to go see it. It's so good to catch up with people you've barely seen for years! I ended up spending a load of money on food, and had my first ever burrito. I had all the veggie fillings there were, so I struggled quite a bit. We also did some colouring in when we were letting our food go down =P

I know Nala's colours aren't right, but then she's pretty much all the same colour...

We ended up going to a 2D screening and having the awesomenesses that are ice blasts.

I loved the movie - it was better than I was expecting! And I really can't pick a favourite character as they're all pretty awesome =3

I'm assuming everyone has seen it already, but if you haven't you should GO SEE IT.

Aaaand after all that I was naughty and went out to Discord ¬_¬ I was supposed to be doing work and stuff, but oh well. A drink was very much needed, and they played better songs than usual, so I regret nothing!

Hoping my life will start being a little less poop, but that doesn't seem likely since it's now the Summer holidays for me and I'll have nothing much to do. I was going to stay here, but I think my mum will make me go home where I'll be trapped indoors the whole time! It's not even like I'd be working as my brother is still ill (although he's out of hospital now - mum discharged him against medical advice =|). But I guess it's probably better to go home as otherwise I'd be here getting drunk out of boredom (ugh bad idea, I know) and avoiding my housemates all Summer...eheheheh.

And once again sorry for the empty-ish blog. I have work to catch up on, and I haven't been able to get to meets due to money issues, having to see Rob at the weekends, and mum demanding that I go home. But hopefully soon!

Monday, 28 May 2012

BBQs & Beaches

This weekend was both busy and relaxing at the same time, with a lot of time spent in the sun! I've never been much of a Summer person as I don't deal with heat well, but when you are lazing around and not doing anything it's just about bearable ;]

I ended up spending the whole weekend over Rob's house, which was great because his house is always cold!

Casual, plain outfit I wore.

We went down to our local high street and I found Draculaura (may have done the whole over-excited and making odd noises thing =P).

On the Saturday evening we had a barbecue. It ended up being pretty expensive and we didn't know what we were going, but it was delicious and nice to sit outside all evening!

Rob was in charge of the food - all veggie, of course. Because I'm 'wrong in the face' like that. We had burgers and sausages =3

Obligatory jug of Pimm's.

On the Sunday, we drove down to Weymouth. Usually we go Weston-Super-Mare, but Rob always complains about it! The journey took around 2 hours, but we had Frank Turner CDs to keep us happy =P

Managed to wear a somewhat gothic outfit to the beach?! Although I stripped to my fluorescent bikini as soon as we got to the beach.

The shops were a lot more rubbish than I remembered, and we struggled to find decent food for lunch. But after that we just sunbathed all day!

We only paddled for a short while as some little brats started harassing us, telling us to get a room (...we were standing about a foot apart) and splashing us so I got annoyed and stormed back to the beach! I think Rob found sunbathing a bit boring, but he wouldn't paddle without me and I didn't want to get wet Dx

It was a perfect beach day really, although due to the good weather the beach was totally packed. But I got to eat chips and ice cream so I was more than happy!

I usually burn despite sun cream, but I only burned in a few places this time as I kept my sun lotion topped up. But burns in odd places - ankles, feet, between my boobs, butt cheeks!! Next time I think I'll put lotion over my whole body before putting on my bikini so I don't miss anywhere.

Unfortunately back to being boiled and bored in my room now as I have a database to put together (I have no idea what I'm doing). Also assuming I'm missing out on a party later as my housemate finished all his exams, but I have a hospital appointment and will be visiting my ill brother in hospital too =[

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Obligatory 'I'm still here!' Update

Here, share some secondary school nostalgia with me (I still love this band, even though they split like 5+ years ago!).

Not their best song by any means, but it's the only one that came up on YouTube =P

Well really all that's been happening with me was a sudden influx of stuff I had to do so I had to actually *gasp* do some work! Although data collection hasn't been going too well (only had 4 participants so far), I had a report to write and now I have to start making my database. I have no idea where to start so I'm ignoring it today - the plan is to lock myself in the lab tomorrow until it's done as I concentrate better there with no windows and no distractions and no endless cups of tea!

In other news, I'm actually kind of on speaking terms with all of my housemates now after spending 9 months solid ignoring them and generally being annoyed by their assholishness. So it's not really something I was expecting! I actually get on with all of them really well, so it's a shame it didn't happen sooner. Things are kind of awkward in other ways now, but nothing I can't handle. Probably.

Oh, I also finally got my hands on a Glimmer Wings pony! I bought her from Amazon as it was the first time I'd seen any being sold in the country. I just bought the other two on Ebay so hopefully they'll arrive soon too. Haven't had a new pony in ages!

Concerning vinyls, I have a bunch more now! You can view them here. Next post will probably be a Frank Turner related one as I recently ordered a bunch of cool stuff. Not sure if it'll all come though as I had problems with my card for my vinyl order and had to reorder. One of the items I wanted went out of stock between orders =/ hope my payment actually goes through this time!!

Off out to enjoy (well, to tolerate) the nice weather now! So until next time...

Friday, 11 May 2012

Vinyl Collection is go!

Once again I am reminded of how useless at saving money I am. I'm just not content unless I'm spending money! Lately my pony collection hasn't been so fulfilling as I seem to have all the ones that have been released locally. With nothing to look for, it makes collecting pretty dull. So I have decided to start a new collection!

I immediately regret this decision.

Here's the first vinyl that I've ever bought! I'm loving Million Dead right now, and these things seem pretty uncommon, so it was the obvious thing to get first ♥

This was my first ever vinyl though. Even though I'm not really a fan of Bullet For My Valentine anymore I'll always keep it as one of my dear friends from school gave it to me for my 15th birthday. It was such a surprising gift! I love all the etching.

I am mentally kicking myself for not buying the England Keep My Bones vinyl set when it came out, but I couldn't have justified buying both the vinyl and CD at the same time! Now it'll be a struggle to find and looks like I'll have to buy it from America (and obviously I won't get the tee with it or anything).

I suppose a good thing about this collection is that I will only buy ones of songs and bands I really love. I definitely want to try to get all the Frank Turner ones, and I'd like to get as many Muse ones as possible. And unlike my G4 pony collection, they'll take a lot of my time searching which should keep me busy and my wallet relatively safe once my starter purchases are over!

Here is my collection so far! Quite a few were random buys I got for cheap shipped with others, but I think I'll just focus on my goal purchases now, once I've made a list! I have a few more on the way too! You can view my collection on Flickr.

Will probably venture to HMV later to see if they still sell them...the last time I saw them there was years ago though! I did order two Frank Turner LPs from their website, but that was over a week ago and the stock still hasn't been allocated so I'm not optimistic =/

Now I just have to hope my dad still owns a record player!

Monday, 7 May 2012

I Gave My Eyes To Stevie Wonder

I haven't much to blog about recently, so have a music video!

I only heard this song for the first time a few days ago, but I love it so much! And I think the video is cool too, even if it is odd to see Frank Turner with that much hair =P

Here are the lyrics:

Credit cards, sealed lifts and covert sanitation, processed meat and a national waste disposal system:
The scale of deception begs the question what it is we're burying.
Cosmetics, contact lenses and plastic surgery:
Bulk orders for yet more imperial finery.
Double-glazing for phasing out suspicions that this is really happening.
It seems this season the cool kids are sporting white canes and braille zines.
And when I close my eyes am I invisible?
An embarrassed smile and you assume that I'm being rhetorical.
But if I don't see it die, this animal is invincible.
I won't catch your eyes tonight,
I will stutter my way through naked poverty until I'm across the street (safe).
I justified giving my eyes to Stevie Wonder with some spiel about a sense of wonder to discover,
But I was hiding under cover of the excuse of helplessness.
I fell in line with the cool kids and spared my eyes instead of change.
I just called to say that someone moved my furniture around,
And so I fell down,
And I hatched a plan here sprawled on the ground.
So hey, what do you say,
We pack our things and call it a day.
Some come round,
Let's lose that frown,
And you and I will leave this town behind.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

V&A Meet

Yesterday was the highly anticipated lolita meet at the Victoria & Albert Museum! I only decided to go at the last minute (well, a week in advance), but I'm glad I went!

I had to get up at 6.50am which was a little painful, and ended up leaving the house 5min late because I was watching Dr Who a little too intently. I left my bracelets and lipstick behind by accident, but I somehow got to the train station 10min early! Two quick train journeys later I was in Chippenham, where I met up with Ziggi! The rest of the journey was by car. I'd kept this in mind when choosing my outfit, as lolita in a car isn't comfortable!

We ended up getting there an hour and a half early, so we went into the café for some breakfast. I had a pain au chocolat and a hot chocolate, yum! And of course we admired the lamps and stained glass.

We went to look at the lolita exhibit before everyone else got there. It was really disappointing, only 5 of 9 outfits were actually lolita! One was a kimono, another aristocrat/VK, and one Takuya Angel. And there was NO ANGELIC PRETTY Dx I hadn't understood the exhibit name (Kitty and the Bulldog), but apparently the bulldog is British and the kitty is Hello Kitty, which according to the description inspired, okay. Whatever you say...

The Innocent World outfit, and the cute little bunnies!

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright and Alice And The Pirates. The AATP outfit is really ugly in my opinion, and definitely not an accurate represenation of the brand! I guess they focused too much on the 'Alice'.

Moi-Même-Moitié. Ugh I love this even though it's tacky.

Putumayo. I actually love this! Even if it is kinda ita. I wish I could pull of punk, but I just couldn't wear it as I like to match as much as possible and I just don't feel that in this outfit at all! I adore the shoes though, I wish I could have stolen them!

Once everyone had arrived, we had some photos taken at the entrance. Felt like we were stood there forever, and it started raining Dx We also had photos taken in the courtyard-y section.

My outfit! Just about everyone told me they loved my shoes and asked where I got them. I have a feeling there are more photos of my shoes floating around than of my face! And Ziggi, my museum buddy! We looked at soooo much stuff, and I could have happily stayed there longer.

All the lolitas gathering around!

One of my favourite parts of the museum, all the squat brass instruments!

Can't unsee Professor Quirrell...

My other favourite part - I love keys! Although the place with the books would have been better, but it was closed off =[


Detective Ziggi.

Another shot of the group, during after-picnic charades!

Cheeky detail shot haha.

Although it was cold and wet most of the day, I had a really good time! I'd love to go back to the museum again as it was really interesting, although I still get wound up seeing all that stuff behind glass when it should be being used and loved (inb4 'but you haven't deboxed your ponies yet! They were made to be played with!!', yeah yeah I know =| but a pony and a chair or snazzy piece of jewellery are two different things...).

The journey back wasn't too bad either luckily! And I even managed to inflict Frank Turner on Ziggi =P Although I was so knackered when I got home, and then there was a rat in the house in the evening...ahhhhhh! But yeh, a good day!

There is to be another meet in August, and everyone's hoping we'll get more lolitas then (headcount said 113 for this meet, although I know some people left before the count *cough*Sophie*cough*). Not sure if I'll be able to go, but would like to! Although the actually meet-y bits were mostly photos and thus boring and awkward, but the museum is great so EVERYONE SHOULD GO.