Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Fairy-Kei Day 13 ~ What's in my Bag?

☆ Day thirteen: What do you carry in your bag?

Here's an example of what I usually carry!

The bag is by Angelic Pretty, and is probably my best one for fairy-kei. However I also have a My Little Pony backpack, Jack Skellington plush bag, and Meta and Bodyline totes which I also use.

Click the photo to see bigger image!
  • Something to read (in this case, a book about quantum physics)
  • Camera
  • Glasses cloth
  • Lipstick for top-ups
  • Keys
  • Ear-phones (these are my old ones, I lost my newer ones somehow)
  • Hand mirror
  • Notebook and pen
  • Food (in this case, Starburst)
  • Drink (in this case, Pepsi Max)
  • Lipgloss
  • 4head (and usually ibuprofen as well)
  • iPhone
  • Purse
  • Card case

People are often surprised at how much I can fit in a bag (usually food haha). It's like my sac magique!

Monday, 30 January 2012

Fairy-Kei Day 12 ~ Crazy Coord

☆ Day twelve: The craziest coord you’ve ever worn.

Hmm like I've been saying I don't really wear fairy-kei. And when I do wear outfits inspired by the style they're very toned down. Although I guess the mint and lilac lipstick the other day was kinda crazy!

When the weather gets warmer I'll definitely try a lot of new things though. I want to use my skeleton tights a lot, and my tees will actually be on show so I'll have more options =]

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Fairy-Kei Day 11 ~ Negative Reactions

☆ Day eleven: How do you react to the negative ones?

Again, I don't really wear fairy-kei...whenever I try, it ends up not turning out right xP but I do get a lot of negative reactions to what I wear in general - just wearing a lot of baby pink (even if regular clothing style) people will stare rudely at you!!

I try to ignore bad comments, but when I'm in a really bad mood I say things back. Like once when wearing lolita some guy laughed and said 'what the fuck is that?!' so I said 'what the fuck are you? Asshole' or something like that!! I was running really late that day and had to walk a mile and a half in rocking horse shoes because the bus I was supposed to get DIDN'T EXIST so I was in a foul mood that time ^_^' and I'd already had to deal with people staring and saying narrow-minded crap before them too.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Fairy-Kei Day 10 ~ Positive Reactions

☆ Day ten: How do you react to positive comments or people curious about your style on the streets?

I don't really wear fairy-kei that much yet, and I haven't had any positive comments yet that I can think of. I did have some girls ask to street snap me during the fashion week though, which I let them do.

This was the outfit I was wearing. Not strictly fairy-kei, just fairy-kei inspired casual lolita xP

I always feel really awkward when people compliment me though, so I try to get away from them quickly. Especially as it's really hard to tell if people are being genuine or just taking the piss! I respond politely to them though. I'm always that person who ends up having to listen to some randomer go on about God for ages because I'm too polite to shut them up xP

Lime Crime Lipstick Review & OOTD

People seem to think I'm mad for buying from them as they've had a lot of bad press, but I've also seen good reviews and I'm not going to trust the Internet about everything anyway! Plus if someone tells me not to do something I'm more likely to do it...

I'd been wanting some of their lipsticks for a while, firstly because the package is TOTALLY CUTE but also because they make colours no one else does.

I ordered from Cocktail Cosmetics at 1pm yesterday, and they arrived this morning at 9am. Woah, that was quick! The lipsticks were £11.50 each and shipping was £3.25. They are cheaper on Space NK (£7.50 each) as all Lime Crime products are half price on there, but they didn't have both of the colours I wanted and shipping was a whopping £5!

They arrived in a regular featherpost packet, and required signature upon delivery. I had been expecting a more personalised packet since companies normally do, but oh well! Inside they were in a bubble-wrap pocket. If you order direct from Lime Crime I think you get everything in a box.

DAT UNICORN. The boxes are slightly different as one of them was limited edition, and thus older. The colour on the insides of the boxes correspond to the colour of the lipstick.

This is the colour D'Lilac. I thought it'd look great with fairy-kei! Unfortunately the foil of the unicorn is messed up on this tube, but obviously that doesn't affect the product. And the lipstick itself smells delicious! It reminds me of old-school Play-Doh! There are other lilac lipsticks on the market, but most of them look really naff. There is a MAC version, but I couldn't find it for sale, and it costs a little more anyway.

This is Mint To Be, a limited edition lipstick. I was only able to find this colour on the website I ordered from, and it is now sold out there too - I must have snapped up the last one! It looks reaaaally bright in the tube. This is a pretty unique colour.

Swatched. And um I apparently have a scratch on my hand?

Two-tone lips! (Don't worry, this is due to laziness and is thus not some freaky fashion statement!) The lipsticks are very soft, and I've heard they are prone to breaking off. But as long as I'm gentle, they should be fine (my room is so freezing that they're having a merry old time so far). As such they are a little odd to apply though as my other lipsticks are really hard!

I'm quite impressed though as people were complaining that they weren't bright enough, but I only gave my lips a quick, imperfect coat and they look fine. I don't even find them uncomfortable to wear (some lip products make my lips swell and tingle, even when they aren't plumping xP).

I'm a little relieved as I wasn't sure they'd suit me - the D'Lilac especially I've only seen look good on pretty blonde girls! I am a little disappointed with that colour though as it doesn't 'pop' very much, due to my natural lip colour already being quite purple. I probably should have bought Airborne Unicorn instead!

Overall I am very pleased with my purchases! If I use them a lot I'll probably buy more colours...I definitely have my eye on the No She Didn't shade!

And here's my outfit from today, just because.

Was supposed to be fairy-kei inspired, but I look more like a hipster that fell into a candy store.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Fairy-kei Day 9 ~ Treasure

☆ Day nine: Your most treasured piece of clothing

This is a toughie as I don't really have any clothing specific to fairy-kei, although a few of my lolita brand items fit into the style well.

I can't really choose! So allow me to cheat and pick a few items, mwahahah!

Angelic Pretty's Soap Bubble in mint. When I received this piece, I figured it'd look great with fairy-kei! It's certainly not very lolita, but it was a dream piece. I'm glad I can use it in a different style!

This only arrived a few days ago! It's Hate Hearts by Drop Dead. I love the print and I've seen some really cute coords with it, so I decided to buy it despite it being a little out of my usual price range. I've yet to try it on... I know it will be huge and I wish I'd bought the smaller size!

Lastly, my new lilac Dr Martens! I've always wanted a pair, and managed to snap these up for a mere £42. These beat my TUK creepers to being featured in this post as those rub my ankles horrendously...plus lilac is my favourite colour at the moment!

I hope you guys like my treasured fairy-kei items as much as I do <3

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Wardrobe Post and Meet

I just realised I forgot to link you guys to my wardrobe post! I didn't make a post on here as it'd page-stretch my blog too badly, and it's here anyway (just click the image):

Anywho, on Saturday there was a meet at Bradford-On-Avon in a sweet little tea room!

Things could have gone smoother, but it was a lovely day.

Tried something more classic! My outfit looked nicer without my jacket (to show my necklace and belt), but it was too cold to get a photo without it! I was wearing Alice and the Pirates' Dance of the Black Cat.

I loved my hair like this! Although it felt a bit weird as I never have my hair tied up.

After the tearoom we went for a little walk along the river.

We looked in some barns and gift shops and ended up in the pub! When we got back to Bath I went over Bexy's for a little movie-night =3

Only a short wait to the next meet now! I look forward to them so much as I get to spend time with my friends and get to wear clothes I'm too lazy to wear most of the time...

Friday, 20 January 2012

Urban Outfitters and y no me gusta

Yesterday I went into Urban Outfitters for the first time ever. I was hoping they would have Jeffrey Campbells so I could find out what size I am and thus order some Litas. No joy there, but I did fall in love with the clothes a little. Baggy jumpers? Denim shorts? Quirky shoes? Yes please!

I saw a few things I wanted but decided to leave them and think it over, and then go back today to try them on and decide then (taking lots of photos in the pricess, which are at the bottom of this entry bahahahaha).

Now today, I find my experience very different. Yesterday the place was practically empty. Today, it was full of girls. All were about 5 years younger than me and were dressed EXACTLY THE SAME AS EACH OTHER. As if that wasn't creepy enough, they all gave me the hairy eyeball the whole time I was there, and I felt very much as if I didn't fit in. Not very welcoming!

A pastel jumper caught my eye, and I was really happy because I never have luck finding fairy-kei jumpers. But it was like £60! The brand new Angelic Pretty dress I was wearing cost less than that. Ridiculous!

So I made my way to the sale section, feeling a bit bummed out and uncomfortable. Turns out the jumper I wanted wasn't available in my size. I tried it on anyway, but it was just too big =[ I tried two tees as well, but couldn't really decide on one. Also when I took it back off a huge chunk of my hair got caught in the security tag. I was so worried about breaking my hair or the tab! Would have been mortifying to walk out of the changing rooms in my bloomers to get them to take the tag off to free me Dx luckily I escaped, but my hair isn't too happy. The other tee I liked, but it was a little big. I checked back on the table anyway, and turns out there was an S lurking underneath something else! I hope it fits. I didn't want to go back and try something again!

But I emerged from the changing rooms (which were stupidly gloomy, as you can probably tell), with my coat now hanging open just to rub in the fact that I was the only person in the building who was uniquely dressed. I only survived that place because I've learnt to do my 'bitch walk' in such places when on my own. I put on my bitch face and swagger around as if I own the place. No one will mess with you if you have that attitude =P

I bought my tee, and the guy on till ignored me for about a minute when I was stood there in front of the tills, too shy to interrupt his pointless fidgetting with stuff behind there. Again, not welcoming. And when he did ring up my purchases, he was SO SLOW! Ugh.

After that I got the hell out of there, still getting glares as I went. Well screw you guys!

I'd like to say I won't go back there, but I'm gonna watch that pastel jumper like a hawk until it goes into the sale. ^_^'

Here's the jumper that was too big. I know it's meant to be oversized, but it just didn't feel right. There was a nicer jumper that was more red too, but they only had that in L!

This is the tee I put back. It was marked O/S, so I guess it's one size. It was actually a lot wider than it looks in this pic. I'm tempted to go back and get it though as it was only a tenner (ik still kinda expensive haha) and it would be great for Discord, Hallowe'en and for just lounging around in. I'm a little too short to pull it off well though. Thoughts?

Here's me in the tee I bought! Reaaaaaally baggy.

And here's actual one I bought, which was a size smaller than the one I tried.

And outfit shots, because I can. Decided to keep this dress now. Just found that you can make the straps longer, which should sort out my issues. If not, I can get my gran to add corsetting so the waist doesn't flap about so much.

Have a lot to do this evening! I am going to a meet tomorrow and I still haven't picked out an outfit (although I have already bought my lunch...what). I also need to shower, pretty up (nails etc), figure out what to do with my hair tomorrow, and other such things. I just want to eat and play WOW Dx

Monday, 16 January 2012

I survived the Reichenbach Fall


Oh and a slight gif party.

First off, I was dreading the end of this series as I had no idea what I could do with myself afterwards. While there are rumours that a third series has been confirmed, nothing's for certain. And it'd surely be years away. But I got home and found this in my room as a belated Christmas present. FUCK YEAH!

After the absolute mindfuck induced by the latest Sherlock episode, I find myself wanting to type a load of garbage in order to straighten my head out a little.

First off, the music and cinematogrophy were amazing as always. I thought it was really clever how you found yourself just waiting for the inevitable twist in the tale. The first half hour or so was predictable. Too predictable. So I sat there with my hot water bottle clutched to my chest and suspiciously waited for that twist xP

My face when the plot thickened:

But you know what...I didn't cry at all!!!

I was just about holding myself together but then the phone call and my god my heart broke and I thought I was going to throw up haha.

But most of the episode I was just like

I even found myself loving Moriarty as he sat there with the crown jewels, but still hating him with every fibre of my being! And for the first time I really liked Molly - before she just seemed like an idiot, but I think we can all say we've been there before!

Now the thing really screwing me over is...are they dead or alive? Sherlock was shown at the end, but it's like...how could anyone survive that? But then there is the mysterious favour he asked of Molly, but I can't for the life of me figure it out! And if Sherlock is alive, then surely Moriarty is too (Fight Club flashbacks here...AGAIN).

I really wouldn't be able to do my work today even if I had been emailed with how to do what I need to do!



Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Angelic Pretty Lucky Packs 2012!

My lucky packs arrived before I even got back to my home after Christmas! Pretty mixed feelings on these packs. My shopping service did really well though.

Not sure which pack this huge tote came with! It's now hanging on my wall where my calendar was.

Tea Time A La Carte Salopette Set

I had wanted this in black as, it seems, did everyone else. I ended up with pink.

The salopette is very cute though, much nicer than last year's. I haven't looked at it too closely yet, but looks like it can also be worn as a skirt which is great! I haven't tried it on yet as I'm worrying it'll make me look fat like last year's one does haha.

Simple little barrette. I never know how to wear these as I always have my hair loose ^_^'

Simple tee. Looks pretty much like the one I got last year.

These feel pretty thick and are nice and long!

This bag is lovely shape! I'd been wanting a bigger pink bag, so this is great! It seems far too dressy to go with the pack though - wonder why they didn't do little bags like last year?

Happy*Girl Set

I must say, I think I regret buying this. I might just try to sell the whole thing. And I wish I'd bought the navy version instead!

I bought the pack for this dress. I thought it'd be a perfect cute piece for non-lolita wear that I'd get loads of wear out of. OH HOW WRONG I WAS. It's stupidly short, I feel like my ass is on show (I know it isn't, but a gust of wind would make it so. I HATE short dresses). Being that I'm only 158cm tall, WHAT THE HELL. The body is too short which doesn't help, and the shirring is rubbish. The bust is too tight and the waist is too big so I look fat. The pattern doesn't help with this either. So basically it's a massive fail and it'll be hard to sell it as I'd need to find someone shorter and flatter-chested than me...there can't be many people like that!

Confusing barrette again.

These socks don't match the dress at all! The white on them looks almost yellow next to the white on the dress. I'd really hoped they'd give black with all the packs since it would have matched a million times better, but no - so I got another of the pink tees too.

Overall I ended up spending just under £250 as I somehow passed through customs without incurring a hellish amount of fees. Which I guess isn't so bad...but I kicked myself when Angelic Pretty announced that there was 30% off of Moon Night Theater which is one of the few prints I still want! Our Internet died before the announcement anyway though, and it was sold out by the time I moved back here ='[

I'm working on my closet post! I just need to get photos of the stuff that Rob has in his room, but I don't have room for it here and I doubt I'll go over his house anytime soon - his phone contract ended and he's never online when I am so we can't sort anything out!

Monday, 2 January 2012

Lucky Pack Palava & A Scandal in Belgravia

While lucky packs this year weren't as stressful an ordeal as last year, I still had my share of disappointments and confusion!

Firstly they popped up on an Angelic Pretty Japanese reserve page unexpectedly. The set I wanted was already sold out, and by the time I decided to request a different pack via a shopping service and they checked the site, the page was gone!

My next plan was to get one on the International site. However, there was no announcement and they were released at 12pm on New Year's Eve instead of the traditional 12am. I missed them completely, as they came out at 3am!

Thankfully a friend pointed me towards an in-store SS, who said she'd try to get one pack for me but couldn't get both. She scored a pink salopette set for me on New Year's Day. While I'm happy I got one, I only really wanted it in black and will be desperately trying to trade!

I figured I'd try on the USA site to try to get my first choice colour. I checked 12pm NYE just in case. Nothing. Checked at 12am. Nothing (wasn't very impressed at 8am haha). An announcement appears, saying they'd be released 12pm NYD. Get a LiveJournal message hours before that time saying that they'd released them early and were all sold out.


The bastards!

As it happens, my SS was going pack hunting again on NYD and scored me the pink Happy Girl set I'd also wanted, but still. What the hell was up with the websites this year? They seem awfully biased against Europeans! Unless Paris *does* do them, but I've heard nothing at all ever on the subject.

I'll review them when they arrive. Dreading the overall cost since I feel I got kinda ripped off SS-wise. Heh.

In other news...the new episode of Sherlock aired last night! I'd been looking forward to it since watching the first series last year, and it didn't disappoint!

The conclusion to The Great Game wasn't what I was expecting, but I was surprised and laughed out loud! But I am so so happy about the rest of the episode, as there was a lot of speculation about the relationship between Sherlock and Irene, but they nailed it. The ending managed to surprise me for once (I usually predict everything), although it might just be because I have a bad cold and had a headache! The only aspect of the episode I didn't like was the violin-playing, because it was painfully obvious that Benedict isn't a violinist! He was doing it all wrong Dx

I think my bf had more fun watching me than watching the episode, laughing at me when I stopped drinking tea mid-sip when the sheet slipped!

If you haven't watched Sherlock, I urge you to watch it! There's much more I'd like to say, but I don't want spoilerate heehee. But here's a teaser for the episode ;]