Monday, 24 September 2012

The 2nd Law

Sorry for all the music posts recently! But I regret nothing.

Tonight Muse' new album 'The 2nd Law' was made available to stream online here, before its release on October the 1st. I just listened to it for the first time, and it seems like a very mixed bag.

On the first listen, I'm not liking the track 'Panic Station'. Started getting into the album at 'Follow Me' because it's dancy but awesome. 'Save Me' sounds a bit Coldplay-y, but Chris Wolstenholme's vocals on 'Liquid State' are delightfully Alkaline Trio-esque (in fact, I'd argue it could easily be an Alkaline Trio song). And while the two closing songs are dubsteppy, I definitely like them. I was appalled by 'Unsustainable' at first, but it did give me a science boner and grew on me really quickly!

My main criticism is that it doesn't have many classical-style sections (or at least they were not overly evident on first listen), unlike 'The Resistance' which obviously has 'Exogenesis' as its 3-part closer (well, not really a criticism, I just like that stuff and was hoping for more!). While the orchestrated parts in this album are epic, most of it is talked or wubwub-ed over, and that's a shame. I personally think Muse should do a whole album with full orchestra, as a side-project or something. A lot of people hate their 'classical' stuff and say it isn't musically brilliant though, which I think is arse. And I love how so much Rachmaninov is incorporated into some of their songs, most notably 'Space Dementia' as it's my favourite song of theirs.

Overall I'm not blown away, but then Muse has always been one of those bands that requires time. For me, anyway. I never used to like them at all, and it took me a good few listens of The Resistance before I really got into it. So I'd say it has potential, definitely! It's just a shame that it doesn't seem to flow too well as there are many different influences evident throughout.

I know there will be a ton of people who complain that it's too different, that they're trying to hard. But if they'd put out a record exactly like their old stuff, those same people would complain that it was the same old stuff, that they'd lost their spark. Because as artists, they push themselves to GROW. That's the whole point. And it's not exactly worlds away from their old work ('Explorers' is essentially a softer version of 'Guiding Light' to my ears), so stfu guys. If you don't like it that's fine, good for you, but don't take it out on the band because they obviously like what they're doing!

I look forward to listening to this album more, and I really hope I end up loving it after spending £130 on tickets to see them next month (and haven't even thought about travel costs yet, ugh). That said, I haven't actually pre-ordered it myself, but my dad is getting the super-special-awesome boxset! So I can just steal that as soon as it arrives, eheheheh.

Friday, 21 September 2012

New Room

Today I moved back to the city to get ready for the upcoming uni year. I'm living with 3 second-year girls who are all best buddies and on the same course, so trying to muscle in on the friendship group won't be easy. But I don't want things to be as awful as last year, so I'll try!

This is the view from my window! The train station. So I hear the trains go by, but it isn't as loud as I thought it'd be. Quite relaxing really, and interesting to watch all the commuters!

My room is the smallest, but means it's the cheapest. And it certainly feels a lot bigger than last year's room (though this is helped by the high ceilings and lots of storage space).

Biiiig bookshelves! Last year I didn't have my own shelves (well there was a bookcase for me outside my room but someone had already filled it with their crappy DVDs by the time I moved in even though they had their own bookcase). I don't actually have any of my textbooks yet so it's pretty empty.

Desk, which is messy already somehow. Finally got to put up my pony calendar =3 And you can also see my Blackened Sky double-vinyl which arrived before I did (I adore it so much!).

Tiny little drawers. They look really cute but they barely fit my hairbrush and accessories in. When I go home next I'll take all the empty bags with me and bring a mirror to go on top of them.

PINKIE PIE SHELF! They're not even all on there yet. And my bed and the biiiiig built-in closet. There are two rails in there, one behind the other. The only downside is that I have to stand on my pillow to reach anything that's in there. I'm planning to replace the shower curtain with a nice purple net curtain I've had for a while but never used.

And that's my new room! So much nicer than my old one. It even has double glazing, and no noisy boiler!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Finally, the full details concerning Biffy Clyro's forthcoming album have come to light!

The double album is called Opposites, and the track listing is as follows:

The Sand At The Core Of Our Bones
1. Stingin' Belle
2. Sounds Like Balloons
3. Biblical
4. The Joke's On Us
5. Black Chandelier
6. A Girl And His Cat
7. Opposite
8. The Fog
9. Little Hospitals
10.The Thaw

The Land At The End Of Our Toes
1. Different People
2. Modern Magic Formula
3. Spanish Radio
4. Victory Over The Sun
5. Pocket
6. Trumpet Or Tap
7. Skylight
8. Accident Without Emergency
9. Woo Woo
10. Picture A Knife Fight

Click the titles to go the webpage for that disc!

The first disc has a negative, 'it's over' theme whereas the second is more positive and has 'a sense of resolution'. After reading the article in this week's Kerrang! magazine I'm probably most intrigued about the song 'Little Hospitals' as there's a verse entirely in kazoo which is...unusual, to say the least!

While it isn't out in the UK until the 28th of January, you can preorder it now from I personally just blew £50 on the limited edition boxset because I'm a bad (but very over-excited) girl!

And then of course there should be a tour next year too. Can't wait! Especially since it seems I haven't won iTunes festival tickets...

Monday, 10 September 2012

Tea Party Club Goodies!

Since the last entry was so long, I figured I'd share my little haul from the event in a separate post.

Full haul!

I felt I ought to buy *something* so I bought a copy of the latest Gothic Lolita Bible, which came with a poster and in the Juliette et Justine thin-fabric bag in the first photo. The Neo came with the VIP goodie bag.

The rest of the goodie bag, pictured with my ticket envelope. The tote, some biscuits, a cute little hairbow, and a pin designed by Kyra especially for the event.

Aforementioned pin. I love the simple and elegant design. Now I just need to figure out what to pin it to!

Papery things. A little Juliette et Justine photobook (I would say catalogue but it doesn't contain any item details!), the ticket again, postcard signed by Mari Nakamura of Juliette et Justine and Mariko Suzuki of the Gothic Lolita Bible (I got to shake their hands too!), and a few cards I picked up in the sales room.

Aaaaand I'm left wishing I could have bought a Juliette et Justine dress! But while I liked the pieces on offer there was nothing in particular that screamed 'BUY ME'. But I'd definitely like my next lolita purchase to be one of their pieces.

Juliette et Justine Tea Party Club Meet

(Very long post and lots of pictures. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! But feel free to just look at the pretties and not read it eheheh.)

As I am sure many of you will already know, Saturday was a big day for the British lolita community! For the 5th anniversary Tea Party Club meet there was an event with Juliette et Justine and Gothic Lolita Bible! There was also the first brand tea party in the country on the Sunday, although sadly I couldn't afford to attend.

Here's the ticket! It arrived the Monday before the event which got me all excited.

I was pretty stressed getting my outfit ready late the night before (I'd spent the day at the beach!) and was annoyed that I wouldn't have time to do anything with my hair. Had to get up at 5.40, eat & have a cuppa, do make-up, throw clothes on, stagger to the bus stop for the 7.16 bus. Ended up getting to the stop 20 minutes early, but I couldn't risk missing it! Got to the train platform half an hour before it left too, but wasn't really avoidable. Met frilly friends on the platform and the train.

Tube to Charing Cross!

We got to the venue with a few minutes to spare. Enough time for a chat and some photos!

lol at the woman in the background xD

Since we had VIP tickets we went in at 11 and picked up our goodie bags! Then we went to the sales room to have a look at what was on offer. I was blown away by Juliette et Justine's dresses, but no one piece stood out so I didn't bankrupt myself by buying anything.

The bustling sales room.

And the hotel itself was pretty gorgeous.

Couldn't resist getting a photo with those paintings in the background with the beautiful Chrissi.

Outfit rundown time! Bag and dress are Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, necklace and bracelet are from a BTSSB collaboration with Sanrio character Charmmy Kitty, and everything else is offbrand (headbow from H&M, blouse by NafNaf, shoes from Peacocks).

Once everyone was in and settled there was a Q&A with the guests and we were given a questionnaire about ourselves for Gothic Lolita Bible. After this there was a scavenger hunt (which we failed miserably at) and time to go get lunch. Started to get a headache as it was so hot despite the air conditioning (it was much worse outside).

Accessory shot I took while waiting for the fashion show to begin! There were also opera-esque singers at this point, but I really didn't rate them.

I took so many fashion show photos, so I'll just post a few of my favourites.

I loved all the dresses (well if you ignore the one with boob-grabbing, peen-flashing cherubs), especially the really OTT ones! If I manage to part with some sweet pieces in time to raise funds I'll probably order one of the book dresses as they're simply stunning. I also loved that alice-themed one as it fits more with my Angelic Pretty pieces in a way.

After more free time there was a big raffle, although I wasn't one of the lucky ones. Here's a blurry snap of our wonderful hosts Kyra and Michaela while they were calling up winners.

The highlight of the day was somewhat unexpected. After Kyra thanked the guests Dom took to the mic to thank Kyra for organising everything so wonderfully, and then he proposed! I could see what was coming just before it happened and was instantly crying tears of joy. I love them both to pieces so I couldn't be happier for them! Even remembering it brings a tear to my eye.

And after everyone destroyed their make-up with tears, the big group photo.

Click the photo for source! Sadly some people already had to leave before this was taken. I was right at the back so only my hand is visible -_-'

And thus ended the event! After saying goodbye to everyone and giving Kyra a big hug, I went in search of a pint with Bexy and Amy which led us to a pub called Sherlock Holmes. We also got a few cans for the journey back before grabbing the tube and then the train. So sad to spend such a short amount of time in London.

Oh my glob, why do I derp so?

The train seemed to take forever due to being so tired and the fact that emergency stop kept happening for some reason (I suspect dementors).

Drinking with my pinkie out because I'm a sophisticated lady and all.

The plan had been to go out with Bexy afterwards, but my heat-sickness didn't go away and the booze probably didn't help matters, so I went home instead. Well, I say I went home - the next bus wasn't for over an hour and a half so I had to sit at the bus stop dehydrating like mad until 11.33 and then bear a 40 minute bus journey and the 10 minute stagger home, in which I was followed by drunken men. One of whom was bearing a lightsabre. My life.

And so while I wish I could have attended the tea party also, it's probably best that I didn't as I was tired and my body ached so much by the time I got home. But it was such a great day \(^u^)/

Monday, 3 September 2012

Reading Festival, 2012 - Part Two

In the run-up to Reading Festival rumours had been flying around concerning Green Day. We pretty much knew that they would be playing on the Saturday but we didn't know when until, while sat being bored at camp, we heard 'Welcome To Paradise' blare out from the NME tent. POOP! We had to leg it there, missing several songs (although most of them seem to have been new ones I didn't know).

As you can see, we still got pretty close! Although our view was blocked by one of the tent supports so we could only see a sliver of stage. But still. It's GREEN DAY. And lots of people weren't even allowed into the area surrounding the tent, so we were pretty lucky!

Obviously they were really good, as always. I last saw them back in 2005 and I was not disappointed!

The only problem with seeing Green Day so early in the day is that it's far too much to live up to. Back at Main Stage I caught the end of Los Campesinos! and Blood Red Shoes. I had planned on seeing Pure Love over at NME but I've seen them before so I thought I'd be adventurous!

I did however head over to NME alone to see Twin Atlantic as I'd read in Kerrang! that they're like old-school Biffy Clyro and I stupidly thought I'd love them. LOLNOPE. Would have been okay but some bits they were too much of a rip-off only their riffs were weak and the singer's voice was crappy compared to Simon Neil's. Most people's voices are crappy compared to Simon Neil's. I'll have to give them a fairer chance at a later date, but now the comparison is in my mind I don't think they'll ever win me over.

Rejoined my little group of loners at Main Stage for the utter shite that is OFWGKTA, followed by The Shins. Lost my group during Enter Shikari, who aren't really my thing but I purposely avoided them last year so I thought I'd give them a go.

Went for a wander to find water, circling the NME tent during Billy Talent who sounded pretty awesome and then heading back to Main Stage to catch a bit of The Vaccines who were much less awesome. Should have stayed at NME.

But I'd wanted a decent spot for the next act, Florence and the Machine. Though their pretty back-boards were all I could see really as it was pretty packed.

They were really good, but I didn't enjoy it too much as it rained a lot and I was absolutely freezing! Though nowhere near as cold as I was last year, so just about bearable. Main complaint is that they didn't play Drumming Song which is easily their best song Dx

I stayed where I was for Kasabian, who blew me away. I'd seen them do a short set at Live Earth a few years back and while I vaguely liked their singles I'm not really a fan. But the crowd were amazing and it was a really great show. Probably my surprise highlight of the weekend! I even managed to dry out a little from jumping about. Glad I chose to see them instead of chancing At The Drive-In.

Sunday morning loners! Looking a little worse for wear after all the rain on Saturday. And yeah I guess they'd been drinking for 3 days straight by this point! I decided to join in that morning as it was sunny and nice a few cans of cider seemed to be in order.

Had to go to the arena by myself as couldn't convince anyone else to come with me. As such I missed the first few songs of Of Monsters And Men's set on the NME stage, which is a shame as they're a really good band and even better live.

At least I didn't miss the song 'Little Talks' as it's the only one I know well!

Afterwards I bought a pint of cider as I didn't feel too tipsy after the two cans I'd had and I wanted to have a good amount of alcohol in me for Möngöl Hörde's set just in case it was rough! Caught a bit of Flatliners when I got to the Lock-Up. And then...

Möngöl Hörde! I'd been looking forward to seeing them the most.

And they didn't disappoint. Even though I only went in knowing 4 songs. It seemed pretty tame from where I was, but apparently there was a circle pit and stuff that I totally missed as I didn't want to risk my glasses and I'm a short-ass.

It's a shame this was their last show this year. I'll definitely have to go see them when they tour though. And any sensible person would do the shame *shakes fist threateningly* eheheheh.

With that excitement over I trudged to Main Stage and saw the end of Eagles of Death Metal's set, Gaslight Anthem (who are really good), All Time Low (whose music is good but they're a bunch of immature dickbags). And then Bullet For My Valentine who granted me with my favourite photo of the whole weekend.


Then were the Kaiser Chiefs, and Or somehow found me so I had company for a bit! But I went on a water run after their set and got stuck away from the stage for The Black Keys (I still don't get how they subheadlined as I'd never heard of them and still don't really have a clue who they are). But it cleared up after they left so I got a good spot for...

FOO FIGHTERS! Who of course put on a really good show, and I didn't even get fed up until right at the end of the 2.5 hour set.

However I was stuck behind the four biggest douchebags I've ever known who were drunk and irritating and smoking weed and threw a cup of cider over my bag and threw several cups of piss on the people in front and started a circle pit for just them that meant I had to be saved by another member of camp who luckily happened to be there -_-

Aaaand the fireworks signal the end of an awesome weekend!

I had planned on staying up that night, but after a few minutes I was told I needed to get laid so I promptly fucked off back to my tent and decided that I hate people.

Monday went pretty smoothly, although I wasn't really ready to go home as I wanted more music! Was nowhere near as tired or sore as last year. Ended up catching the train with Ross because Finn left before I even got up despite saying he'd travel back with me =/

Got back home at around midday, looking rough but in one piece! And boy was I ready for a cup of tea, shower, and some food.

And here's some instagram shots of my wristbands and programme.

And I guess that's it for another year! Although I'll only be going again if the line-up is good, unless people convince to go to Download instead (though I doubt they'll succeed as I don't really like metal and there are unlikely to be bands I like there and I have a feeling the crowds would be rougher).

Reading Festival, 2012 - Part One

Very delayed blogging here, but I've been tired and generally lazy since getting back from Reading!

I had early entry so I got there on the Wednesday. I met Finn (who I know from last year) at the station so we could get the train together (and so he could carry my bag most of the way coz it was heavy and people always assume it's just me being weak so they offer...eheheheh). Walked straight into camp with no queues really, found Camp Loner straight away as it was in the same place as last year, Brad put my tent up for me. No problems. Rest of the day was spent drinking. Too much. I threw vodka over someone for being ignorant and then proceeded to try to start a fight with everyone, but no one would take me on =P So yeah, don't say that asexuality doesn't exist around a drunken me if you don't want your face smashed in!

Thursday was horrible as I only had 3 hours of sleep, woke up drunk, and then had a really bad hangover until late afternoon. Met Sophie at the train station at 4 (although we were opposite sides of the station!), and I ended up getting a bit annoyed as she's a social butterfly and I was super grumpy that day ^_^' But the afternoon was good, met a few more loners from last year and took this photo of the campers under the gazebo.

And this one of Sophie & I!

Friday morning really dragged as we were all just keen to get the festival started! The first band we saw were Future of the Left at about midday in the NME tent. I wasn't convinced, probably would have been better off seeing Deaf Havana. Then we went to Main Stage where we caught the end of Cancer Bats, then Coheed & Cambria, Angels & Airwaves, Crystal Castles (wtf, too much random screeching and the crowd was all girls showing their boobs and one guy who decided to get his dick out have a wank while on someone's shoulders), You Me At Six. I missed most of Bombay Bicyle Club as there was a huge queue for the loo!

Fucking Paramore! Everyone on camp hates them for no apparent reason, but even if you don't like their music they put on a really good show. And I do like their music. So there.

And Hayley Williams' outfit was awesome.

After Paramore Sophie broke down and decided to go back to camp. I thought she'd feel differently about wanting to leave by the morning, but she left in the evening while I was watching The Cure. I felt really bad about making her go back alone and not looking after her, but The Cure were the main reason I went to Reading this year Dx

The Cure were really good, although my attention waned in places as their songs are often too long and they played a few I didn't know (and the set was loooooong). But I've always wanted to see them and they were pretty much the only band left I wanted to see live that I hadn't already seen! And they played my favourite song of theirs too, so yay.

When I got back to camp I went straight to my tent to listen to music until I fell asleep because I don't like socialising with drunk people when I'm sober. Especially non-ace ones because my god do you people talk of nothing but sex or something? SO BORING.

Aaaaand that's it for part one methinks!