Saturday, 31 January 2015

Belated Christmas(?) Shopping!

On Tuesday I was dragged shopping with my mum. I hate shopping with my mum. She doesn't let me buy much (even with my own money) and bullies me into buying clothes that don't fit by calling me fat, etc. And what was supposed to be late Christmas gifts is apparently now birthday ones a month early =/

First stop was Gourmet Burger Kitchen for food. Mum's choice, I don't like the soggy mush they call a veggie burger in this place. The onion rings & skin-on fries are HEAVEN though! I could barely move afterwards & didn't need to eat again for a full 24 hours so that says something about the amount I ate as I'm always hungry usually.

I also took the time to powerwalk from town up to Rise to pick up another copy of The Mindsweep, this time a signed vinyl. I managed to get up there & back in around 35 minutes, which is pretty good going. I almost died, hate that hill! Got another Xtra Mile wristband too, for some reason!

Here's the stuff I bought myself. There were some cute cheap boots I wish I had picked up, but daaamn I was so between sizes in them! The boots & rings here were from an H&M online order that arrived while I was out. The jacket is from Primark, I'm not sure about keeping it as the arms are too big, but I doubt I'll find better at an affordable price, & I may hand it to my grandparents for them to give to me for my birthday. The crop is also from H&M, but is somehow too loose despite being the smallest size they do (say whaaa?!).

Stuff mum bought me. Hate to sound ungrateful but the only things that fit are the sports bra & gym bottoms (these are borderline, I could have sized down again but there is no way mum would ever buy me an 8 in anything), & that's coz I ignored her objections to my size choices for those. Everything else is too big, but I'm stuck with them as she paid on card. At least if I ever get fat I have clothes, I guess? Definitely refusing to go shopping with family in future. Which means I'll never get any gifts as mum refuses to give me money as I'll 'waste it'. Because clothes that don't fit aren't a waste at all or anything...

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

1,000,000 Valentines

There were a few small ammos on January 6th, so obviously I made a few small orders!

A bunch of old prints were brought back for the 1 Million Followers ammo, but the only thing I bought was the Plum Bath 2.0 Vs Zombie Nation Inside Out Skater Skirt. While I liked the prints a lot more in person than in stock photos, I'm really disappointed with this one. While it is cut the exact same size as regular skater skirts it's way less stretchy, and the tag actually started tearing off when I tried it on. The band is probably too tight on my waist to wear too (despite S size usually coming up a tad loose on me). Boo! At least I know to not bother with them in future.

Secondly there was the Valentines Ammo! The only item I got from this release was the PVC Red Cheerleader Skirt, which I will probably literally only wear once on Valentine's Day...but couldn't resist it anyway! I know Rob will like it haha. Also picked up the Painting The Roses Red Nana Suit Top since someone pointed out they'd look fab together. They weren't wrong!

A few days later I caved and ordered Wet Look Pocjet Leggings since my regular ones (in the wrong size) had arrived and I loved them too much to not get pocket ones. I mean, they're a staple piece, right?

With the next release a week away and 20% off vouchers currently, I may have been naughty and bought $800 of vouchers. Such a saving though...right?

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Shikari Signing!

Okay, I lied about no more Mindsweep posts...although that's not the main focus here, I guess?

All this week Enter Shikari have been doing signings in various record stores across the country to promote the release of the new album. When I saw that there was a signing in Bristol, and that by some miracle it was at a time I could do, I just HAD to go.

I arrived at Rise a little while before the advertised time, so I had a much needed cup of tea after powerwalking up Park Street. Unfortunatly that meant that by the time I got upstairs the queue was super long, and I had to wait in line for an hour and a half. Lesson learned. I guess arriving early would still mean a similar wait time though, so swings and roundabouts.

By the time it was my turn, the posters had run out (I was the first person to not get one, typical!). However the guy who was taking photos for people etc insisted on going out to get more purely because I had the fancy book version of the release. Success! Huge-ass poster, come at me.

While he was getting those I had a little chat with Rob and Chris, including really bad jokes from Rob!

Then onto Rou and Rory...were they grouped according to facial hair or something? Ahh I feel all silly thinking back, everyone was so nice and I wanted to take them all home in my pocket or something.

Rory almost instantly noticed my galaxy blue toasties (SENPAI NOTICED ME!), and pretty sure this is a photo of that very moment. The photo guy (I feel so bad for not knowing who he is) told him his guitar had competition and that he should get a pair of them too =P

See, galaxy blue guitar!

I was grinning like a loon all the way home. My social anxiety was ripping into me too, but I tried to ignore it. I just felt so dumb that I couldn't think of things to say to them, and I kind of ran off quickly with the second two as I'd used up all my bottle with the first two. Noooooooo! But damn if I get another chance to meet them, I will take it!

And my copy of the album, all scribbled on. Still waiting on my Japanese CD release, and today I ordered the smaller fancy book version from Banquet Records and a signed copy of the vinyl from Rise. Woopsie!

Saturday, 17 January 2015

The Mindsweep Deluxe Edition

This is the last Mindsweep post, I swear! But my physical copy arrived today (2 days before release!) and I couldn't resist sharing it.

The inner box it arrived in was custom...which means I'll have to keep it haha.

And the thing! *heavy breathing*

The vinyl! I must say, I'm a bit bummed that this edition is all built into the book. I had hoped it would be boxed with the regular vinyl & CD releases inside instead.

Signed prints though!

And the CD and DVDs. I already ordered a regular CD copy as this is useless for inflicting on Rob in the car. I say regular, I ordered the Japanese version as it has Slipshod on it!

Despite the disappointment at it not being a boxed set, I don't feel too bad about dropping the money on it. It smells nice, the print looks great, looking forward to reading through the book although it's a little big for that at 12". The problem is I now have to lug this huge thing to Bristol for the signing when I had been hoping to just take out the CD for signing haha.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Enter Shikari - The Mindsweep Full Review

While The Mindsweep doesn't hit stores in the UK until next Monday, an online stream appeared yesterday and I couldn't help but give it a listen. I'm writing this as I give it a third play through, and it seems to grow on me more on each listen (which isn't unusual for me as I take a while to warm to things generally). However, I came away feeling like it was a pretty good album even on the first listen!

Obviously I look forward to hearing the final form when it is released, as the track changes come across really clunky on the stream. I feel like a bad fan for not waiting to hear it as it was intended to sound...but not really =P I also look forward to being able to read the lyrics as I'm bad at picking things out when listening.
  1. The Appeal & The Mindsweep I - A neat little intro with some spoken word and dramatic build-up. I love the word 'charlatan', so already winning me over there.
  2. The One True Colour - I like the shouting on this one, but too much Chris Batten on vocals. Which I could say for pretty much every track on here...although it's probably no more than on other albums. Like the soft lyrics at the end and the build up after them.
  3. Anaesthetist - I've listened to this track a whole bunch since the video was released, and it's growing on me like mad. Definitely one that's really similar to their older stuff. And Rory C vocals ♥ the way the lyrics are thrown between the guys in some parts sounds great. STEP THE FUCK BACK!
  4. The Last Garrison - Although I've played this song a million times, I still enjoy hearing it. Heavy and dancey at the same time, and a message I can get behind.
  5. Never Let Go Of The Microscope - I didn't like this at all the first time I heard it as it sounds pretty generic. It could be by Faithless or someone like that. But I do like the shouting at the end - WE SWEAR ALLEGIENCE TO NO ONE! Let's face it, I'm here for the shouting and the faster stuff...
  6. Myopia - Definitely a stand-out track. Lures you in softly and then smashes you in the face. The start makes me think of Muse, but I think it's just the higher vocals. The heavier bits make me think of Million Dead, but I think that's just because they're the only hardcore I'm familiar with. And that definitely sounds like hardcore to me. The breakdowns are SO GOOD.
  7. Torn Apart - This was my favourite track on my first listen through, but not so sure now. The verses are reminiscent of System Of A Down in a way, whereas the softer choruses provide heavy contrast.
  8. Interlude - A bit something or nothing, but nice and atmospheric.
  9. The Bank Of England - Bit of a boring one as far as I'm concerned. Nothing really makes it stand out to me.
  10. There's A Price On Your Head - Another more hardcore one, though the shouting is a bit Offspring in places. And who doesn't love shouting about classes?
  11. Dear Future Historians... - Honestly my first thought was that it sounded like Coldplay, although I'm now inclined to liken it to Death Cab For Cutie instead, while the lyrics were vaguely reminiscent of Frank Turner to me initially (if it was played on guitars instead piano it could easily be a really stripped back Frank song). Oh, and it's loud at the end! Unsurprisingly that's my favourite bit.
  12. The Appeal & The Mindsweep II - Had a wee giggle to myself when Sorry You're Not A Winner cropped up, sorry not sorry. Pretty fierce ending to the album that brings it full circle back to the opening track.
Obviously Slipshod slots in on the end here, but sadly is an iTunes exclusive. Which sucks, as it's an amazing song that puts a big smile on face whenever I hear it.

Closing thoughts, the album somehow managed to be both heavier and softer than I had expected. It's definitely not possible to judge the whole album based on any single song from it. So I guess what I'm saying is that you should listen to it...

If I had to put a rating on it, I wouldn't give it more than 7/10. If that. It has its moments, but I don't think I can decide if I like it a lot yet or not. Like, I can listen to it. But it's definitely more in the 'like' zone rather than the 'love'.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Cosy Club

On Saturday a few of us met up at the Cosy Club. The building was amazing, but I stupidly didn't take any photos in there!

I started off with some tea, which came with a cute cow-shaped milk jug!

I then had a tomato and cheddar panini. It had some kind of pepper in it that didn't taste nice though, and was soggy. So I was pretty disappointed with it! But I'd still try a different one in future.

I couldn't resist a hot chocolate either, though I did resist the chocolate and ginger torte somehow.

Then we played Discworld Ankh-Morpor board game! Well, I was in charge of the pieces as I don't like playing games before I understand them =P

This was my outfit for the day, taken when I was shopping afterwards! I didn't feel like wearing lolita so I just wore an Angelic Pretty dress as it is comfy.

Went in Sports Direct, and they still had the same shoes that I bought for work before, so I bought another pair since mine are wearing through. Also a size down pair of my favourite work-out bottoms, and a sports bra for when I hopefully grow some balls and get my nips pierced haha.

I ended up spending £75 in Primark as they were closing so I just checked out with everything I had in my basket...I need to take some things back! Finally got my Ravenclaw pants though, and the jeans are so comfy (although the ripped knee pair are ripped calf jeans on me...).

Must avoid shops...

Friday, 9 January 2015

Black Milk Museum Release, etc

On the 16th of December there was a Museum Release on Black Milk. Obviously I couldn't resist making a few purchases.

First on my hitlist were the PVC pink items from the Princesses & Villains collection. I failed at getting the skirt, but nabbed the Sweetheart Princess Pink Bodysuit.

I should have sized down as it won't stay up as I have no boobies! Need to figure out what tops I can wear under it to make it less dangerous.

On the second round I completed my velvet skirt mini-collection with the Velvet Deep Blue Skater Skirt, and threw in some Spidies Hosiery to make it worth handling fees if I had got hit by customs (plus you can never have too many tights!).

After lots and lots of refreshing, I managed to catch an Arabella Noir Dress randomly pop back into stock. I ought to have gotten a smaller size, and I'm not sure what to wear it with or if I even like it on me. But I'd been eyeing it since it was originally released in the Battle of Kings collection, and they seem pretty popular, so no regrets.

After a couple days of thinking on it, I went back for the Bloody Mary Wifey Top, and also threw in the Wonderland Wifey Skirt as it happened to be in stock at the time. Fleecy goodness! The skirt is hella tight, but I guess that adds to cosiness?

I also got a few more pieces on Ebay!

Completed my Ravenclaw mini-collection from Ebay with the Ravenclaw House Swimsuit. Unfortunately the seller cut the tags out and cut a small hole in the seam, but she was lovely about it and refunded a small amount. Now I just have to fix it up before I can wear it, but I have until the Summer to do that!

I finally got my hands on Black Ribs Swim on Ebay. It was one of the first pieces I ever wanted, so I snapped it up at a good price even though it isn't my size. At an XS LT, it's workable though. Although it's as long as my body before I even put it on haha #shortpeopleproblems

And lastly, The Holey Leggings hosiery, since I buy all the hosiery I can. Turns out they are actual leggings, but ah well!

I lied, also my belated Christmas present from Rob - the Matte Pink Zip Suit.

There weren't too many piece in the 3 January Ammos that I wanted, so hopefully I can save some money soon!

Monday, 5 January 2015

Enter Shikari - The Mindsweep

One of my resolutions for the new year is to write more random blog posts about things I like or am looking forward to, especially things that aren't fashion related

The first thing in the new year I am looking forward to is Enter Shikari's fifth album, The Mindsweep on the 19th.

The release of tracks from it on YouTube has been a bit of a roller coaster. The first track revealed was a live version of Anaesthetist, which I was lucky enough to hear in person at Reading. My initial impression was that it was kind of dull and too generic, but now that the video is up I'm warming to it more. It won't be a favourite, but it's quintessential Shikari. So I'm getting kind of fed up at the YouTube commenters whining that they've changed (NEWS FLASH: It's not 2007 anymore, guys!).

The next track, The Last Garrison was like a smash in the face when I first heard it, and it grew on me very quickly to the point that I would listen to it three times in a row (which is unusual for me). I still love it a lot as it's great to dance and shout to, plus I've already needed it to get me through the day more times than I care to remember - "heads up and thank fuck you're still alive"!

Never Let Go Of The Microscope is a bit too slow and quiet for me personally, although I like the louder bits near the end. I have a feeling it's one I will probably skip on the album though.

Despite everything, I think Slipshod is my favourite track that I've heard so far. It's just fun to shout along to and I had a good laugh the first time I saw the video. And also upon several rewatchings of it!

I have no idea if this is going to be a great album or not, and I'm trying to not get my expectations too high as I usually end up disappointed. But all the same, I think it'll be a goodie, and I'm already hyped about seeing them next month!

Saturday, 3 January 2015


I really suck at keeping to resolutions, but somehow that doesn't stop me from making them every year.
  • Get back in shape. I did nothing but gain weight last year, aside from losing maybe 2lbs after the gain but that was muscle loss. I would like to lose a few lbs, sure. But primarily I want to get fit and muscular again, and hopefully get my waist back! Currently doing one sit up, one push up, and one squat for every ten calories over goal per day, but I doubt I'll keep it up longer than a week, haha.
  • Cut down on junk. Try to avoid junk food and alcohol.
  • Get the damn tattoos, or stop thinking about them. There are things I've been wanting for ages, but I worry about how they will look with clothes, or with age. It's now or never.
  • Tidy my life. I own far too much stuff, and as hard as getting rid of and selling stuff is, I just need to keep on keeping on.
  • Start making life plans. I'm reluctant to leave my job as I don't hate it and I stopped feeling anxious there (after months and months of working there!), but I can't work there forever and need to find a job I won't feel uncomfortable in so I can finally move out.
  • Conceal. Don't feel. Don't let it show Cut down online ranting. Usually when I do this I instantly break down, but I'm fed up of people making incorrect judgements about me and nobody cares anyway. Stop bothering Rob constantly as it must be annoying as hell.
  • Go vegan for lent. This might not be possible due to family doucheosity, but I think it will be interesting to see if I have enough willpower. I definitely don't think it's something I could do for life as, while I don't eat meat, I'm not even a proper vegetarian. But I might surprise myself, I guess?
  • Learn Japanese. I want to at least be at the stage I was after the semester of classes I took, maybe just focus on hiragana and katakana before all else.
  • Blog more consistently! Try to do carnival posts more, as well as posts about things I like or things I have done.
That's all I got for now. Probably I will fail at all of these, but I'm more likely to work on them if I put it out there!

Friday, 2 January 2015

Lolita Blog Carnival: How I've Changed In Lolita Over The Last Year

This year I have definitely noticed a shift in my lolita style, and so I thought now would be a good time to get back on the Lolita Blog Carnival!

While I haven't worn lolita very much, there has definitely been a shift in purchases from pastel colours and supersweet prints to darker, more mature colours. In fairness, this change occurred more last year, but it definitely became more pronounced this year. And I finally got my hands on some Juliette et Justine this year!

The easiest way I can show this is by showing my outfits from the two big events of the year.

For Enchanted back in April I wore the most OTT sweet piece I own. Lots of pastels and cloyingly sweet! Everything matched with pink, all the time.

Fast forward to September's Revelry and darker colours reign. Still sweet style, but more carefully chosen accessories.

I'm not pleased with either of these outfits to be honest, and I plan to rework both in future. Who knows, maybe I'll show more changes when I wear those pieces again!

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