Saturday, 24 March 2012

Body Confidence

At the moment I am, probably for the first time, happy with the way I look. Despite being the heaviest I've ever been and the fact that my face has started to betray my age.

I know I have flaws (various wobbly bits, not the best skin...and yes, I will always be on the short side), but I accept them. I'm fine with it. I know I'm not the prettiest, but I'm not the ugliest either =P And finally I am able to wear short shorts and not worry about my thighs, and I can even wear tops which show my stomach. Finally, I am free to wear what I want, and feel fabulous doing it!

I do want to find exercises I enjoy, but that's just to improve my fitness. I don't really want to change my body at all anymore.

The only thing I don't like about my body?

Other people's reactions to it.

Now, it's not that I care what they think. I just feel a little uncomfortable when I'm walking down the street on a hot day wearing shorts, and practically every bloke I walk past stares at my legs. And then there are the comments some of them make. I am a human being, stop trying to objectify me =/ And I'm trying to keep cool on a hot day, I do NOT want the attention of sleazy douchebags!

And then the occasional woman will glare at me enviously too, like how dare someone have thinner legs than me! How dare someone be okay with their body! Or a group of girls will talk behind their hands, saying goodness knows what.

If people minded their own damned business, maybe they'd be a little happier with themselves as well! Don't bring me down too Dx Go away!

I guess it isn't something that's ever going to change, but it's just really annoying *sigh*

Friday, 23 March 2012

Liebster Blog Award

My friend Katie over at Odd Socks gave me a blog award! (You guys should check her out btw, she makes some seriously adorable crochet things!).

Now apparently this thing comes with some rules...

1. Choose five up-and-coming blogs (with fewer than 200 followers) to award the Liebster to.
2. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
3. Post the award on your blog. List the bloggers you are giving the award to with links to their sites. Leave comments on their blogs so they know about the award.
4. Share five random facts about yourself that people don't know about you.

Here are the blogs I chose!

  1. Bexy's The Glass Princess

  2. Lexi's Lexi ♥ Bee

  3. Wai-Yi's Moon Cake

  4. Michaela's Sakura Moments

  5. Lila's Magical Moon Dreamer

They're all really cute blogs, so you should like check them out or something \(^_^)/

Hmmm I'm never good at giving facts, especially ones that others don't already know. But I'll give it a go!

  1. I drink tons of cups of tea! Now the weather is warmer I'm not so bad, but some days I can drink over 10 cups. I have to use each teabag twice so I can afford my tea habit =P

  2. One of my favourite ways to pass time is cross-stitch. I'd love to learn other embroidery techniques some day too.

  3. My favourite smell is a freshly opened pack of Pokémon cards. Yu-Gi-Oh ones just don't smell as good!

  4. Every pair of shoes I own rubs somewhere as I have awkward feet (a size 4 and 1/4 which doesn't exist, quite wide, very deep, sensitive skin...and an awkward big toe on my right foot as I broke it twice!).

  5. My dad was considering taking me to the Japanese grand prix in Suzuka, but because my degree is a four-year course I can't go as it's on the first week back *le cry* But I'll get over it, since Suzuka is nowhere near Tokyo anyway =P

Well, there you go! Now to pass on the award bug~

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Blind Bags

At first I had no intention of buying the blind bag ponies as my pony collection is already insane and I can't really afford them. But an eBay seller sent me some by accident and sold on the items that were supposed to me mine, so I ended up with 6 blind bags.

I also already had my glow-in-the-dark Pinkie Pie that I bought at Hyper Japan!

But yesterday I was out shopping, and I came across some in Snooks. I was really surprised as their pony section keeps shrinking! I didn't notice them at first - I grabbed the tube I'd gone in for and was looking for Monster High dolls (which they no longer sell), and I saw some non-pony blind bags. So I hunted around the shelf a little...and there they were!

I bought what was left of the box (5 packs, but I stuck my other 4 and AJ in there to keep them together). So I managed to spend £17 on ponies in there in total Dx

I just went to collect the last 2 from the post depot, so opening times!

My haul! Excluding my Pinkie as she's at home. Also I have two doubles which I didn't open. Don't know whether to sell them or give them away.

I think I might try to get the whole set of these now (I think they're the 3rd lot), otherwise I'll sell ones I'm less keen on.

Yesterday I also picked up these cute accessories from H&M! Thanks to Amy for letting me know they were there. The pony clips are so derp, but the Kiki & Lala set is so cute!

And today I bought these after thinking over whether to buy them. They're from the kids section and they're really tight, but they were only £8 and I'm going to try to stretch them out! They look fine on, but they just enhance my already prominent love handles!!

Wondering how long it will take before a new box of blind bags arrives at Snooks. I think I'll check tomorrow and take the list of bag numbers I need!

Monday, 19 March 2012


Yesterday I made some cakes with my mum!

I made the batter (well, I added an egg and some water to packet mix)...

...and cooked them in the oven!

Then I made some icing while they cooled.

Mum then took over and ruined some of them with the decorating! I did the cherry ones. The raspberry marshmallow ones looked (and tasted) the best!

I wish I could bake more often, but I already eat too much rubbish ^_^'

Friday, 16 March 2012

Wardrobe Spotlight: Powder Rose

I've been meaning to bring back this feature for a while, so let's get going!

Powder Rose is one of those prints I always liked, but wasn't a main one I was going for. However one day I saw it for a reasonable price on an auction site and had to snap it up!

I had actually originally wanted the tier mini-skirt version, but this one was a lot cheaper.

I love the materials so much! So soft and delicate, like rose petals are. The outer layer is sheer and dreamy. The print isn't the greatest, but it's a perfect piece for Spring and early Summer.

Cute little detachable bow! It's pretty unusual to buy something second hand and it still have all the detachable pieces.

Close-up of the print. The bottom of the outer layer has the ruffle trim and the under layer has the lace.

Even the buttons are little roses! The lace has roses and bows on it, but I couldn't capture it well on camera.

Now that Spring has sprung, I am hoping to wear it to the next meet!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Busy Weekend of Frilly Fun!

This weekend I have soooooo busy!

All of this began on Friday evening as a bunch of us lolitas got together for a drinking session! I didn't wear lolita, instead plumping for a fairy-kei-esque coord. It still uses lolita brands though and takes some inspiration from cult party-kei.

Kyra leant me her Cute Can Kill necklace as I wasn't wearing one. So adorable!

We went to our favourite pub (The Hobgoblin) for a few, and then went back to Bexy's for more drinkies along with singing and generally being weirdos haha.

Some photos from the Hob! Beestings all round!

All of us together (minus Hati as she took the photo).

Also Sophie gave me a belated birthday present - these cute little Angelic Pretty hair ties!

Most of us stayed at Bexy's overnight, and then went out for a lolita meet! The others went out for breakfast but I skipped it to go home to change. I also ended up being sick in my hungover state, but luckily I stopped feeling rubbish immediately afterwards. This was my outfit for the day.

We had intended to go to the strudel bar, but it was closed down! So gutted as I never had a chance to eat there and have never experiences strudel. Instead we went to a little café for tea and had ice creams in the park afterwards.

We also checked out some charity and vintage shops. Saw so many cute vintage things but they were all ridiculously over-priced.

I had such a great weekend! I was already tired after all this, but there's more! On Sunday Sophie and I went to see Emilie Autumn in Bristol. I wasn't sure what to expect as I hadn't been keen on her music, but I wanted to go as I thought it would be a good show. I was not disappointed. In fact, I'm totally converted!

The music was great, the outfits gorgeous, the ladies gorgeous too. I loved the corsets, tea and cakes, harpsichord. The performances were amazing! I loved the burlesque dance by The Naughty Veronica and Captain Maggot's fire hooping.

I wish I'd taken my camera as I could have taken much better photos! I'd definitely go see her again.

Just having a lazy Monday now, even though I should be catching up on months of work I haven't done. I started reading Twilight as I didn't want to hate it without reading it...and I'm actually really enjoying it Dx

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

One day in pictures.

I think I skipped out on this during the Lolita 30 Day Challenge, so I figured I'd do one now! Tenses likely to be inconsistent.

9.30am ~ Rudely woken up by the boiler turning on due to my housemate having a shower! I look terrible in the morning...

9.45am ~ Give up on sleeping and start Instagramming random old photos...

9.50am ~ Take care of my Megu! I still want a proper Tamagotchi, but this will do for now.

10.00am ~ Get up! Make breakfast and a cup of tea to have while watching an episode of Creamy Mami. Chocolate digestives on standby.

10.30am ~ Tempted by Sailor Moon necklaces on Etsy. I prefer the Chibi Moon one, but not paying £10 more just because it has a Swarovski crystal (that looks like plastic anyway) in it. Decide to consider it.

10.45am ~ Tumblr! I'm probably about a month behind now TAT

11.10am ~ The sun came out, yay! Time for another cuppa (using the milk from my cereal...yum, cheerio-y!) before getting dressed. Trying to decide if a run is a good idea, or maybe just have another long walk like yesterday.

11.45am ~ Decided to run as the sun went back in, and you guys are reading this thinking I'm some awesome super-fit person now (lol I've never been for a run before in my life except when they made us do it at school and I was the worst person in the entire year which confused the teachers because I 'look fit', ie I'm not fat. Yes, they actually said that).

12.10pm ~ Ready to go! These trainers make my feet look really big xP

12.11pm ~ Oh bugger, it started raining! Typical =[ can't run in rain as I won't be able to see through my glasses. Pretty torrential now. Have to wait for it to stop *pleeeease stop!*.

12.35pm ~ Rain stopped, now feeling sleepy and hungry...but nap and food can wait! Let's try that again.

13.00pm ~ Shortest run ever, but managed to give me a stitch and a headache! Recovered pretty quickly luckily. Bit muddy now from where I kick myself when I run, but my towel is still drenched from washing machine disaster yesterday so I can't have a full shower =[

1.10pm ~ Open window to cool down - very windy out, so balloon getting a bit of a battering!

1.35pm ~ Lunch! With a glass of Pepsi Max and another episode of Creamy Mami.

2.40pm ~ Getting frustrated with house search as there is literally nowhere suitable for me to live next year.

2.45pm ~ Sending out adverts to recruit for my study!

3.20pm ~ Time to dress my Poupée! Upload an item too.

4.00pm ~ Finally time to get dressed! (My wardrobe is such a mess!). These leggings are so weird fitting, not tight enough on the legs. Should have bought a smaller size.

4.35pm ~ Time for a quick walk before tea. Need to post a package and maybe buy some snacks.

5.44pm ~ Walk longer than I thought! Not sure whether to eat the egg I bought or save it for Rob for Easter...bought it to cheer myself up as I wanted yoghurts but the ones I wanted were expensive unless you bought a ton of them and my housemates would moan *sigh*

5.55pm ~ Tea time! Feel guilty for eating it as apparently this rice has fish extract in it Dx but no time to cook anything else. Annoyed as someone has been stealing my milk again...a TON of it. And of course, I watched yet another Creamy Mami episode xP

6.35pm ~ Time to catch the bus!

6.40pm ~ On le bus...

...listening to le music.

7.20pm ~ Find a note on the back of a toilet door...which makes no sense. YOU SHOULD LIVE BECAUSE YOU ARE ALIVE. lolno. Cute idea though.

And make use of the mirrored walls!

7.30pm ~ Watch '9' with the sci fi society. It's quite a good movie.

8.20pm ~ Sniped on the most gorgeous vintage piece =[ must learn to sew - I want this so badly!!

8.45pm ~ Wait for the bus. Find a CD in the student centre.

9.10pm ~ Music time!

9.35pm ~ Back home! Bunny slippers on, cup of tea made.

9.50pm ~ Change into pajamas once my room has warmed up a bit. Stick on the new episode of New Girl to watch while tidying my room which has become a mess!

10.30pm ~ Making a lookbook post.

10.45pm ~ Room tidy, teeth brushed, ready to go to bed. New Girl episode waiting to be watched tomorrow as I paused it to load and ended up listening to Million Dead instead...

11.00pm ~ Sleepy-time!

Hope my day wasn't too boring for you xP