Monday, 10 December 2012

Back in the Loop

For a while now I've not been wearing lolita, but today I wore it to uni. I was worried about it at first, but the second I stepped out of the house I felt really comfortable as apparently I'd forgotten that I'm out of fucks to give =P

I didn't take any outfit photos as it wasn't anything new (just a casual coord with my Sugary Carnival skirt, BTSSB biker parka, and engineer boots), but I did pick up some new ponies on the way home! I only really like the Lyra one, but oh well hehe.

I have no idea what other new ones are about that I don't have as I'm out of the pony loop too. All I know is I can't rebuy the new versions of the mane 6 as I already have them twice ^_^' although I think glitter cutiemark versions are in the works and I love glitter, sooooo I'll probably end up buying those. Wish ponies were cheaper!

Now I have to figure out if I am awake enough to try to write my psychoanalysis essay or if I should just have a nap instead. I fear I'm favouring the latter.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Frank Turner 1-12-12

Keep meaning to post more, but spend most of my time either doing work or stressing out about work I'm not doing so it just isn't happening right now, sorry!

Anywho, on Saturday I went to see Frank Turner in my hometown. Sixth time seeing him, already looking forward to the next time hehe. Photos are crappy as I only took my phone, so added some extras from xtramilerecordings.

First band was Jim Lockey & the Solemn Sun, who were actually really good.

Also Frank joined onstage with a bunch of other people all dressed in animal suits for Home/Hospitals (little video I found here).

Tempted to get a ticket to their local show in February since it'll be after my exams!

Next up was Tim Barry.

Unfortunately I missed a chunk of his set as I needed some water and the queue was huge. What I heard was good but same-y. I'd only heard one song of his before on the Try This At Home split. Elvis ended up joining in for the finale.


And Frank was better than ever!

Really good mix of songs including some real oldies (sadly the setlist isn't up anywhere I can find).

Super happy to hear Casanova Lament live and a large amount of people singing all the words even though it was a b-side track.

Less happy about the guy who stood directly in front of me who must have been almost 7 feet tall who didn't even clap the whole time. You sir, are an asshole. Also as I discovered later, the harmonica-toting elephant who joined the stage for I Still Believe was none other than Emily Barker.

No gigs now until March (Biffy Clyro), unless I find something cool local or if anyone buys me Gaslight Anthem tickets...hehe.

And sadly missed out on International Lolita Day as plans just seemed to fall through. And missing the meet this week as it moved day and I just can't make it due to family commitments, which is a pain in the butt as I really miss lolita (it just isn't practical for every-day wear anymore) and I'd picked out an outfit already (took extra effort as it's a classic-themed meet and I had to get creative since my wardrobe is so sweet).