Friday, 30 September 2011

Kawaii Goods & New Frills

My Kawaii Goods order arrived today!

My order cost around £50 including postage from the US to the UK, which I didn't think was too bad. No customs fees either, hurrah! It took just under 2 weeks to arrive.

Fluffy bear hat! I wasn't sure about getting one at first as I'm really self-conscious when it comes to hats, but in the end I couldn't resist! I was tempted to get the white hat as it came in a lucky pack, but I thought the lavender was cuter (I seem really drawn to that colour at the moment). The bow is detachable!

Some fluffy hair clips/brooches! Although they're far too big for me to wear in my natural hair, as my hair is so flat!

Shooting star necklace I bought to go with Dream Sky.

I chanced a sweet lolita lucky pack too as it was only $10...

Massive kitty bow! It's cute, but again too much for my hair. Will clip it to clothes though.

Poodle ring, not my taste unfortunately.

Oreo mirror! I've always wanted one of these things. I half expected it to smell of chocolate, but it actually smells strongly of rubber xP

Cute necklace. This has a mirror on the back.

All in all I was pleased with my little haul. Everything seems well made and is terribly cute. The only downside is that things are made in very small quantities...I'd wanted a carousel necklace but there weren't any in stock! I looked again today and all the items have changed, which makes me want to place another order when I can't!

I bought a few things second-hand recently too, such as a Kera magazine, some hair clips and a My Little Pony watch. I got these beauties off eBay:

Angelic Pretty blouse with tie. Not sure what I can wear it with, but it was only £10 and it will be fine for interviews and things.

Sweets Time chiffon JSK by Metamorphose Crown Label. Not flattering, but this was fairly cheap too (about £20 before shipping) and I love chiffon! I also got some bloomers from the same seller. Unfortunately I missed out on a mint Candy Stripper top and a totally gorgeous ETC JSK that I fell in love with...will have to keep an eye out for it elsewhere.

That's all for now, although I've shipped part of my Celga haul and it should arrive in a week or so. Hope I have enough money to pay the customs =S

Monday, 26 September 2011

DoL Milky Planet Review & Placement

Yeah yeah, I know a million Milky Planet reviews have been done before, but I just got mine so...

The colour is so pale! The fabric is rough and pretty much see-through, so on the waist ties you can see the other side of the fabric showing though. This property also makes the colour look quite patchy. I can't say I'm too surprised, as the black version looked really washed-out to me. The zip is on the right-hand side, which threw me at first as they're usually on the left. I've also found 3 different areas which have slight staining, but not really that noticiable. The zip is also useless. The star buttons for the waist ties were cute, and the scallops look decent and lace is soft (although I can't unsee lions jumping over strawberries!), so it's not all bad.

The print looks fine. In the yellow, the missing section of roof isn't noticeable and I've no problem with the dark pink being almost red. However, the icecreams do look like brains!! Also I swear that writing says 'AnOoHc Preety'.

The headbow is fine, though reaaaaally floppy. Going to have to reinforce it somehow. The same is true for the clip-on bow which is even worse - it's practically falling off the pin as it was stitched on so badly!

Forgive lack of blouse and totally mismatching make-up xP

Probably wasn't worth what I paid, but I do love the print and I still like the dress. However! While I was expecting it to be long on me, I wasn't really expecting it to be as long as it is. It looks utterly ridiculous on me...the lace reaches 3 or 4 inches below my knee when I'm wearing a petticoat! I'll have to enlist the help of some serious pouf, and if that fails I'll have no choice but to sell it on!

I started my placement today...I was so nervous this morning, and had to get up early which really doesn't suit me! The buses are awful, they only run once an hour. My pass is valid for another bus too, but it runs at EXACTLY THE SAME TIME but the stop is on the other side of the road so I can't hedge my bets. Grr. Because of the huge gap between buses, I had to get the 8.40 one (which I almost missed, but it was late thankfully) and then had to wait around for about an hour on campus.

Had a short chat with my supervisor, who is awfully enthusiastic and has far too much faith in me. And so basically I have to do reading for a few weeks. READING. No reading list or anything, just reading around the vague topics he suggested. And bloody video games. Ugh. It sounded good at the time as he said it was about video game addiction and I'm really interested in addiction, especially since I could bring in an emotion element which is my real interest. But I can't find any papers on that and he was all excited about positive effects of video games...which we've pretty much already done before. Three times. And it's incredibly dull.

I don't even have to go up to campus unless I have a meeting, need the library or the labs. Which is annoying, coz if I'm not locked in a room with a specific task, my mind tends to wander. I managed to do okay though, I went to the library and did about 2.5 hours finding papers online. I stopped for lunch, found a book and then decided 'to hell with this' and came back home as the library was starting to fill up with annoying freshers and I wanted a cup of tea. Started working again for another 3 hours. Kept getting distracted occasionally though, and only got through 2 papers as I'm a really slow note taker and find academic papers really difficult. It wasn't too boring, but the thought of doing the same for the next three weeks fills me with dread. And I'm supposed to do 7 hours of work a day, which obviously I didn't manage.

I'm really not sure what to do from now. I worked a little better in the library, but it was really deserted in there compared to how it will be when university starts up properly again...and I can't concentrate if there's any noise at all, and people always talk. Some ass decided to sit right next to me too even though at the time the rest of the damn library was empty. I'd still favour that option, but it'd add so much extra time onto my day in travel. So I figure I'll stay at home, but I don't have a desk or any room for one, and I have no idea when to start. It's supposed to be a 9-5 thing, but I'd rather get up at 10 at the earliest, but then I wouldn't start work until at least 11 so I wouldn't finish until really late!

I don't know how people cope with work. It leaves no time for fun things like going for walks. I barely had time to get groceries today between the rain and it getting dark...but I'll have to get used to it!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Ponies. Lots and lots of ponies.

So this week I finally caved and started watching My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. And...I like it! Okay, most of the characters are a bit annoying and it's pretty much Yu-Gi-Oh but without the cardgames and with added ponies, but it's good fun and I don't have the time to get into a longer series at the moment.

On a somewhat related note, my love for fairy kei is growing! As such I've been hunting for pastels with more effort than ever before. Not ready to take the plunge into fairy kei yet and not sure I ever will, but most of my items will work fine for casual sweet lolita.

My Little Pony t-shirts! Mwahahaha! I've been thinking about buying some actual ponies too since I only ever had the Burger King ones and they've long since been thrown out =[ but they seem pretty expensive and scraggy-haired, so I'm abandoning that idea for now.

Lavender shorts! I'm loving this colour at the moment. Unfortunately these shorts are a bit small so I have a mega muffin top when wearing them. Kinda annoying as I bought them half a size bigger than I usually wear, so they must be sized wrong.

Unrelated, but I also got this Moriarty t-shirt because this bit of Sherlock made me laugh out loud xP

That's about it for now! I might cover Petit Patisserie (shouldn't it be 'petite'? it's like Fantasic Dolly all over again) and Marionette Clock a different time, though I didn't really like either series. I have an accessory pack on its way (there may well be bear ears involved...) which I'll review when it arrives too =3

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Band Tees

Sorry I haven't written in a while, I've been doing absolutely nothing and so I didn't really have anything to write about! Sadly I start work soon, so I doubt I'll have much to write about then either.

Finally all the merchandise I bought following Reading has arrived! When not wearing lolita, I often wear jeans or shorts with a band tee or's just the comfiest thing to wear, while letting people around me know what I'm all about ;]

Anywho, onto the new arrivals!

First up, my Reading tee itself. I like the simple design of it, although I realise now it's pretty pointless for me to have the line-up on the back as my hair completely covers it! It's a lovely navy colour.

This was probably my favourite came in a box for one thing, which is always a bonus - my Frank Turner tee and hoodie! I've been living in these ever since they arrived xP The hoodie looks ridiculous on me though, as its widest part is where I'm the smallest. I guess I don't have the same proportions as a man!

And finally, my Muse tees. I was only going to buy the Origin Of Symmetry one, but then I saw that the stadium tour one was on sale. Since I didn't pick up a tee at the time I figured I'd buy it. Sadly the former doesn't have the festival dates on the back and the latter looks like it will be too small. Damn! But now I have a grand total of 6 Muse tees ^_^'

I love how band merchandise has come along though...I remember when women's sizes were rare (so I had to drown in a men's small which would generally come down almost to my knees...and when they did exist the material would wear out and fade really quickly) and the colour choice was black, black or black. I got rid of most of my old ones because of these faults, but all this stuff I will keep until it no longer fits.

Also my gifts for Rob just arrived!

I wasn't expecting one of them to arrive so quickly, so now I have to decide which should be a birthday gift and which an anniversary gift. I got him Pokémon gym badges (lazercut and really awesome looking, even if they are a pointless and nerdy gift) and a Vivienne Westwood shirt (I really hope it fits, I don't understand man sizes at all!).

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Falling Down the Rabbit Hole: Wonder Story

The last few days have been very stressful!

The parcel disappeared off tracking twice, and then it claimed to have been delivered on Thursday and it wasn't here when I got back. Cue panic. Thankfully it turns out that Parcelforce left it with my neighbour. I only found this out however by looking at Parcelforce tracking (I'd been using the USPS link Angelic Pretty gave me) and noting that there was an unmarked cell which had a 4 in it. My house is number 5, so I just had to figure it out for myself. They didn't bother leaving me a note or anything, so I'm still pretty annoyed at Parcelforce!

Anywho, on to the interesting bit!

Once again, packaged nicely. And this time I have a big Angelic Pretty bag containing the order details! It was just a small sleeve bag last time.

My items! Getting excited at this point.

The apron skirt! I was worried that I didn't like this colourway as much as the blue and black, but I remember why I picked this one's stunning!

Adorable card suit buttons! I love the velveteen ribbon...I wish they'd included more velveteen on this piece.

Print and lace details. I didn't even realise that it was an Alice In Wonderland print until I looked again. 'Eat Me' cakes, bunnies, pocket watches, books and cups of adorable! There are also beautiful keys, so I'm going to search really hard for a matching necklace as I've always wanted a key necklace anyway (so I could pretend it was one to the secret garden ^_^'). Also I think the rose petal in the tea looks like a little birdie!

I don't think these are the proper matching socks, but they're cute and go really well anyway!

I find it odd that the bow doesn't have white lace like the rest of the dress does, but I love the new placing of the label! As it's a little more understated, it means I should be able to wear it with other red items once I can acquire them.

Once again the USA website was easy to use. I was really lucky, the items I bought all disappeared from the site the second I placed my order! However customs were a nightmare and are unavoidable when using this webstore (buying from Japan often works out cheaper as shopping services may mark the items down...but after that lost item scare I'd be unsure of doing it!). The total cost was just over £300, which is pretty steep. But the items are gorgeous and the apron being detachable means it can be worn in a few ways so I think it was worth it.

The only trouble is, I want the matching bag which would be another £80 + shipping + customs. I've always wanted a book bag though, and I have items waiting to be shipped from Japan anyway so I could ship it with that stuff. However, I can't decide between blue and pink! The blue is cuter and matches the dress better, but I have a lot more use for a pink one as I have pink shoes etc to coord with it. However, the pink on the print is much darker than on the bag. Such a tough decision!

I'm so happy with my purchase! Did anyone else buy anything from this series?

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Wardrobe Spotlight: Circus Tutu

I thought it'd be interesting to start a Wardrobe Spotlight feature, so I have something to blog about! I'm hoping to start doing a few other features too, such as Dream Item Spotlight.

Circus Tutu was a bit of an odd buy at the time. I'd never seen it before and suddenly there it was in a sales post and I had to have it. I'd never experienced a feeling like that before!

At the time I was obsessed with Angelic Pretty pastel prints, but this dress stole my heart despite the different style - a style that I have recently been moving towards a little more.

This was the first brand print I ever bought. It was also my first purchase to cost over £100 (it was about £150). I remember the thrill and then the guilt at spending so much, the worrying that it would get lost between the USA and here. But thankfully it reached me in one piece!

At first I wasn't sure about the piece. I'd loved how it looked, but on my body it looked...odd. I hadn't realised it was low cut, and the shoulders are a little too big so the straps fall off every now and then. But every time I wear it I love it more! I guess it was just because I'd never seen anything with this cut before - it is even lightly boned! It's also my most worn brand dress for sure.

I'll probably continue to wear it often as it works with a few different styles, even more casual coords! (I love how you can see how much my petti died between the first 2 images. Yes, you heard me correctly - that is the same petticoat!).

I'd love to own Circus Ribbon one day too!

I didn't realise that there was a rouge colourway until recently and now it's calling to me. I'll have to ignore that calling for a long while though...and besides, the print looks better on the navy version hehe.