Saturday, 10 September 2011

Falling Down the Rabbit Hole: Wonder Story

The last few days have been very stressful!

The parcel disappeared off tracking twice, and then it claimed to have been delivered on Thursday and it wasn't here when I got back. Cue panic. Thankfully it turns out that Parcelforce left it with my neighbour. I only found this out however by looking at Parcelforce tracking (I'd been using the USPS link Angelic Pretty gave me) and noting that there was an unmarked cell which had a 4 in it. My house is number 5, so I just had to figure it out for myself. They didn't bother leaving me a note or anything, so I'm still pretty annoyed at Parcelforce!

Anywho, on to the interesting bit!

Once again, packaged nicely. And this time I have a big Angelic Pretty bag containing the order details! It was just a small sleeve bag last time.

My items! Getting excited at this point.

The apron skirt! I was worried that I didn't like this colourway as much as the blue and black, but I remember why I picked this one's stunning!

Adorable card suit buttons! I love the velveteen ribbon...I wish they'd included more velveteen on this piece.

Print and lace details. I didn't even realise that it was an Alice In Wonderland print until I looked again. 'Eat Me' cakes, bunnies, pocket watches, books and cups of adorable! There are also beautiful keys, so I'm going to search really hard for a matching necklace as I've always wanted a key necklace anyway (so I could pretend it was one to the secret garden ^_^'). Also I think the rose petal in the tea looks like a little birdie!

I don't think these are the proper matching socks, but they're cute and go really well anyway!

I find it odd that the bow doesn't have white lace like the rest of the dress does, but I love the new placing of the label! As it's a little more understated, it means I should be able to wear it with other red items once I can acquire them.

Once again the USA website was easy to use. I was really lucky, the items I bought all disappeared from the site the second I placed my order! However customs were a nightmare and are unavoidable when using this webstore (buying from Japan often works out cheaper as shopping services may mark the items down...but after that lost item scare I'd be unsure of doing it!). The total cost was just over £300, which is pretty steep. But the items are gorgeous and the apron being detachable means it can be worn in a few ways so I think it was worth it.

The only trouble is, I want the matching bag which would be another £80 + shipping + customs. I've always wanted a book bag though, and I have items waiting to be shipped from Japan anyway so I could ship it with that stuff. However, I can't decide between blue and pink! The blue is cuter and matches the dress better, but I have a lot more use for a pink one as I have pink shoes etc to coord with it. However, the pink on the print is much darker than on the bag. Such a tough decision!

I'm so happy with my purchase! Did anyone else buy anything from this series?


  1. I'm glad that they didn't deliver it to the wrong place! The dress is so cute! The details are always so stunning!

  2. nngghh i'm still looking for this exact colourway! >.<