Thursday, 8 September 2011

Wardrobe Spotlight: Circus Tutu

I thought it'd be interesting to start a Wardrobe Spotlight feature, so I have something to blog about! I'm hoping to start doing a few other features too, such as Dream Item Spotlight.

Circus Tutu was a bit of an odd buy at the time. I'd never seen it before and suddenly there it was in a sales post and I had to have it. I'd never experienced a feeling like that before!

At the time I was obsessed with Angelic Pretty pastel prints, but this dress stole my heart despite the different style - a style that I have recently been moving towards a little more.

This was the first brand print I ever bought. It was also my first purchase to cost over £100 (it was about £150). I remember the thrill and then the guilt at spending so much, the worrying that it would get lost between the USA and here. But thankfully it reached me in one piece!

At first I wasn't sure about the piece. I'd loved how it looked, but on my body it looked...odd. I hadn't realised it was low cut, and the shoulders are a little too big so the straps fall off every now and then. But every time I wear it I love it more! I guess it was just because I'd never seen anything with this cut before - it is even lightly boned! It's also my most worn brand dress for sure.

I'll probably continue to wear it often as it works with a few different styles, even more casual coords! (I love how you can see how much my petti died between the first 2 images. Yes, you heard me correctly - that is the same petticoat!).

I'd love to own Circus Ribbon one day too!

I didn't realise that there was a rouge colourway until recently and now it's calling to me. I'll have to ignore that calling for a long while though...and besides, the print looks better on the navy version hehe.


  1. I've got Circus Ribbon in the same colourway and I had the exact same thing; totally a different style to what I was looking for at the time, but I HAD to have it! I don't regret it at all, and it's also one of my most worn dresses (although I probably have so few compared to you!?)