Monday, 26 September 2011

DoL Milky Planet Review & Placement

Yeah yeah, I know a million Milky Planet reviews have been done before, but I just got mine so...

The colour is so pale! The fabric is rough and pretty much see-through, so on the waist ties you can see the other side of the fabric showing though. This property also makes the colour look quite patchy. I can't say I'm too surprised, as the black version looked really washed-out to me. The zip is on the right-hand side, which threw me at first as they're usually on the left. I've also found 3 different areas which have slight staining, but not really that noticiable. The zip is also useless. The star buttons for the waist ties were cute, and the scallops look decent and lace is soft (although I can't unsee lions jumping over strawberries!), so it's not all bad.

The print looks fine. In the yellow, the missing section of roof isn't noticeable and I've no problem with the dark pink being almost red. However, the icecreams do look like brains!! Also I swear that writing says 'AnOoHc Preety'.

The headbow is fine, though reaaaaally floppy. Going to have to reinforce it somehow. The same is true for the clip-on bow which is even worse - it's practically falling off the pin as it was stitched on so badly!

Forgive lack of blouse and totally mismatching make-up xP

Probably wasn't worth what I paid, but I do love the print and I still like the dress. However! While I was expecting it to be long on me, I wasn't really expecting it to be as long as it is. It looks utterly ridiculous on me...the lace reaches 3 or 4 inches below my knee when I'm wearing a petticoat! I'll have to enlist the help of some serious pouf, and if that fails I'll have no choice but to sell it on!

I started my placement today...I was so nervous this morning, and had to get up early which really doesn't suit me! The buses are awful, they only run once an hour. My pass is valid for another bus too, but it runs at EXACTLY THE SAME TIME but the stop is on the other side of the road so I can't hedge my bets. Grr. Because of the huge gap between buses, I had to get the 8.40 one (which I almost missed, but it was late thankfully) and then had to wait around for about an hour on campus.

Had a short chat with my supervisor, who is awfully enthusiastic and has far too much faith in me. And so basically I have to do reading for a few weeks. READING. No reading list or anything, just reading around the vague topics he suggested. And bloody video games. Ugh. It sounded good at the time as he said it was about video game addiction and I'm really interested in addiction, especially since I could bring in an emotion element which is my real interest. But I can't find any papers on that and he was all excited about positive effects of video games...which we've pretty much already done before. Three times. And it's incredibly dull.

I don't even have to go up to campus unless I have a meeting, need the library or the labs. Which is annoying, coz if I'm not locked in a room with a specific task, my mind tends to wander. I managed to do okay though, I went to the library and did about 2.5 hours finding papers online. I stopped for lunch, found a book and then decided 'to hell with this' and came back home as the library was starting to fill up with annoying freshers and I wanted a cup of tea. Started working again for another 3 hours. Kept getting distracted occasionally though, and only got through 2 papers as I'm a really slow note taker and find academic papers really difficult. It wasn't too boring, but the thought of doing the same for the next three weeks fills me with dread. And I'm supposed to do 7 hours of work a day, which obviously I didn't manage.

I'm really not sure what to do from now. I worked a little better in the library, but it was really deserted in there compared to how it will be when university starts up properly again...and I can't concentrate if there's any noise at all, and people always talk. Some ass decided to sit right next to me too even though at the time the rest of the damn library was empty. I'd still favour that option, but it'd add so much extra time onto my day in travel. So I figure I'll stay at home, but I don't have a desk or any room for one, and I have no idea when to start. It's supposed to be a 9-5 thing, but I'd rather get up at 10 at the earliest, but then I wouldn't start work until at least 11 so I wouldn't finish until really late!

I don't know how people cope with work. It leaves no time for fun things like going for walks. I barely had time to get groceries today between the rain and it getting dark...but I'll have to get used to it!

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  1. Sorry to hear about your disappointments with work! ;A; Hopefully with time, you'll get into the rythm of things and they won't be quite so draining!

    Also, thank you for the review. My sister has been looking to buy the skirt in the same colour, but I'll be sure to let her know about the quality first. Though, the jumperskirt looks very pretty on you! :3