Wednesday, 29 July 2015

BMC: July

Amazingly, I managed to skip a few weekly drops this month! I had intended on skipping out more, but ho hum.

My first moment of weakness came in the form of the Fall Of Phaeton Skater Skirt. I'd loved the colours on the previously released touchdown, and seeing this skirt in the podcast convinced me. Sadly the new waistband is far too thick and won't behave on me (my waist is small, but no part of it is straight as I'm very curvy! So it just bunches up). The colours are worth it, though! Even if there are a lot of nipples on it.

I wasn't sure about the Galaxy Teal Leggings, but rumour has it that a future Spirithood collaboration will use it. So I wanted a pair just in case they changed their minds about them being not limited. Sadly there was a dodgy nylon batch and these are really sheer and the fabric is thin...but I got a full refund and get to keep them. And the colours are gorgeous in person. So can't complain! They do seem really big though, as I could just pull them on without even having to wriggle at all (usually get stuck at the ankles and thighs!).

To round up my first order of the month, I invested in an old staple - The Dress 2.0. I figure it will be useful for layering under sheer pieces and skirts, and could be suitable for office work if I ever try to get a different job...

I next caved a week later as the nice old touchdown fabric came back for the Aurora Skye Pink Touchdown! Honestly I'm not a fan of the pink so this was a dumb move, and it put me in my overdraft. But I wanted things to wear with Aurora Kitty...oops! Turns out it's even more horrible in person (the photography was super washed out again). Stuck with it though. At least I know they're comfy!

I also thought I'd get The Cleopatra Bodysuit to wear with the Egypt-themed IOSS. I'm not sure about it either, but I didn't want to risk missing it as it was made limited recently. It should at least be an easy one to sell if I decide I don't like it!

Won't be buying things for a little while now as I simply don't have money, which is gutting as I missed out on a Galaxy Teal Slouchy which I adore. But hopefully I can catch one secondhand at some point!

Friday, 17 July 2015

BMC: End of June

So I guess my first monthly round-up is half a month...but there's enough shiny nylon to make a good haul post anyway, I think!

This lot took just over 2 weeks to get here and incurred rather hefty customs fees. I also had to walk for 2 hours to pick them up from the depot!

A second IOSS finally - the Egypt Vs Goddess Inside Out Skater Skirt! I fell for the Egypt side due to that gorgeous green colour, but the other side is growing on me.

I had been tempted by the off-white version, but decided against it hoping that a black version would be made. After all my waiting, I was rewarded with the En Pointe Black Tulle Skirt! It's perfect for layering over swims/bodysuits, and for under skaters. So hopefully I will be able to get a lot of use out of it to justify the steep price tag!

I was torn between the catty and the leggings, but decided that The Nile Catsuit had too much wow-factor to bother about practicality. I hate catsuits on me because they show all my lumps and bumps, but having no waistband is the height of comfort! This piece looks quite different in person as in photos it looks pretty washed out.

The Luna And Lulu Muscle Top also looks different as the page lines are a lot more evident in person. I'm not sure about keeping this one as I definitely prefer Om Nom.

As usual, I got a few pieces that aren't new releases too. I've been wanting Galaxy Blue Leggings for ages since I collect the print, and now finally I have some!

My final splurge was on some Aurora Skye Toasties to wear with Aurora Kitty come winter. Looking forward to cosying up in them, for sure! So my next Black Milk release post won't be until mid-August unless the releases don't take my fancy. I'm really hoping for some duff drops because my bank account really can't take it at this point!

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Galaxies & More

Weekly releases continue. I did actually manage to go one week without buying anything, but sadly that hasn't repeated itself yet!

I managed to resist slouchies up to this point, but I couldn't deny myself the Galaxy Blue Slouchy since I'm building a collection of that print. I was worried about sizing, but my usual size seems to be okay. It's such an odd fit though as it's oversized buy not overly oversized! I also got Wet Look Short Shorts as I love wet look and figured Rob would like them, but I loathe them. I've gotten too fat to look good in anything like that. So I'll be selling them when I can find the heart to.

The colour of the Blood Wings Long Sleeve Crop drew me in, despite previously having little interest in this print. The Raise Hell Zip Crop was actually sold with the wrong picture, and I don't like the back of it at all as the straps are tiny and a weird shape so bra shows (I'm too flat to go without one!) but it's such an awesome top! And I've been wanting the Drape Hoodie 2.0 for wearing with leggings. I'm not sure they sent the right size, but it's really comfortable.

Sneaky PVC preview haha.

I've also picked up a few bits on Ebay and Facebook recently. I'd been wanting the Weasley Weather Bottle GFT since it was released, and although it's a size too small it's still pretty awesome.

Cathedral Leggings were actually one of my original wants, but I didn't buy them as I had dupes. These are so much nicer though! Also a size smaller than I usually buy, but they actually fit my legs much better.

I wanted the Mickey Zoetrope Skater Skirt since its release but I was put off of it after the one I bought Sophie got lost in the post. But I caved when I saw it on Ebay!

And I have a growing PVC addiction apparently, so I'm hoping I actually get nights out to wear the Raise Hell Evil Zip Dress!

Since picking up the Aurora Kitty, I grabbed some Aurora Skye Leggings. Sadly the butt is quite sheer on them and the seller didn't mention fuzzies all up the legs!

Lastly, the Are You Jelly Touchdown. I passed on it when it was released as I wasn't sure if I'd wear it. Even though I find the cut and fabric quite unflattering (I should probably size down, but I don't want it tight on my hips!), I find them so comfy that I just can't resist them. Just chuck one over some plain leggings and you're good to go!

From now on I'll be doing monthly posts I think, It'll just make it easier to show pieces, and I hope to cut down my BM spending too as weekly customs charges are bankrupting me!

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

NASS Festival

When I was 14, I wanted to go to NASS Festival but wasn't allowed. Now, ten years later, I finally got to go! It's a small festival just down the road from me with more focus on skating/BMXing and DJ sets than live music, but this year my beloved Enter Shikari were headlining on the Friday. So naturally I had to go.

Getting there was easy since I got a lift from my grandparents (literally too about 20 minutes), but I was queueing to get in for almost 2 hours, I think. The day tickets went through the VIP queue, but there were very few checkers and they were checking bags VERY thoroughly. Was super annoying as I was really thirsty and had no water on me as I knew I would get it taken off me on the way in. Generally not well organised as I was also sent through the camp site on the way in AND out even though I shouldn't have been there on a day ticket. Useless!

After buying a programme and a drink and getting lost and annoyed, I spent most of the day at the vert ramp as live music didn't start until 5pm.

Whenever I got too hot I went to the dirt ramps to sit under a tree. I'm glad I took a book with me to read (Fight Club) as it kept me occupied.

Back at the vert I could see some guys posing for photos but didn't think much of it. But then when I looked properly I realised it was only bloody Enter Shikari so I had to go muscle in on the action for a bit nand have a chat and a pose. Grinned like a mad thing for a solid hour afterwards.

At abvout 4pm the skateboarders came off the vert and it was BMX time.

Live music started on Main Stage at 5pm, where there were also invisible toilets.

The first band was Bare Knuckle Parade, who offered a kind of folk punk mix of goodness. Think Mumford & Sons, but with an accordion. They're also from Bath which means I should be able to go see them again some time too!

I'll admit to being a bit distracted during their set as Rob Rolfe and some Shikari crew were playing frisbee to the side of the stage...

Black Peaks were next, with some good clean wails.

Spotted some guys with Enter Shikari balloons at this point. Apparently Rob took the skies as soon as they arrived.

Near the end of their set I spotted Rory C, but waited until the band had finished playing before going to say hi and get a selfie. I'm glad I waited as he seemed to have really enjoyed Black Peaks. I'm still fangirling a bit now to be honest...

Decided to get some nachos which looked terrible but tasted amazing. Managed to make a friend who wanted to watch me eat as it's 'good to see skinny girls who actually eat', who then proceeded to assume I was a lesbian as I hadn't noticed any hot guys (apparently they were everywhere?), and tell me that she smuggled mkat in via the vajayjay. Uh huh haha.

By the time We Are The Ocean took to the stage, it had become very obvious that this isn't a festival for music lovers. There were less than 50 people watching, and I had considered them to be a fairly big band. I had seen more people at Sika Studios watching a DJ earlier that day. Sheesh.

Last trip to fill up my water bottle and grab some drinks at the bar (two-fisted style) allowed me to see some inline skating. Makes me want to buy a pair and give it a go again!

Even though only a small crowd was gathering, I hurried to the barrier before Modestep to guarantee a good spot for later.

I enjoyed them much more than at Download and had a good dance, although the dumb girl behind me was recording herself and screaming "NASSHYPE" intermittently for the whole set and kept smacking me in the head, and someone tried to grab my hat off my head and was surprised when I swore at them for it. One of the staff told her to stop though and checked I was okay afterwards, even warning me that Shikari crowds were well known for being rough and crowd

My panic on placement was for nothing, as the crowd cleared before filling up again for Enter Shikari. My balloon friends even ended up next to me on the barrier with their backpacks on their fronts stuffed with pillows to avoid pain (I wish I'd thought of that...).

The setlist was pretty much the same as the night before, aside from the unfortunate strict curfew that cut them off a few songs short of the end so we were all left hanging. I thought that was pretty ridiculous considering the fact that we were in the middle of the bloody countryside and the DJs would be just as loud until 3am+...

Rory crowdsurfed right by me haha luckily not on me or I'd have been crushed. A couple other crowdsurfers went over me but I'm short enough to just duck below the barrier and shield my head with my arms until they're over!

The staff wouldn't give us any setlists, but I did convince the nice lady from before to get Rory C's #NASSHYPE paper plane for me! I mean, I have no proof whatsoever that he made it, but shhh.

Overall it was an odd festival. It definitely would be much more fun in a group, but I have no friends so I had to go by myself. Chilling in the sun with a drink watching skateboarding was good fun, but could have used some chatter. Most of the people there seemed to only care about getting drunk, taking drugs, and DJs. I would probably go again if there was a good live music line up though, as it was nice to get to the front with minimal effort or injury and to meet my favourite guys in the world again.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Enter Shikariiii

So the Download warm-up show ended up being rescheduled to Thursday the 9th of July, which meant that I could go! I was so desperate to grab a ticket haha.

I decided to wear my big boots just in case I needed them to see!

And of course got a curry in 'Spoons first. It was way too mild, but sadly there was only one veggie option!

The venue (Motion, in Bristol) was only a 5 minute walk from 'Spoons which was handy, and it was easy to find because there was a huge queue. Apparently the meet and greet was just for people who were already in the queue like 4 hours before doors, so I had to miss it as I was at work (also hell no to waiting in a line for that long!).

MythCity were up first. I picked a spot on the balcony to hog so I could have a good view. Nice little genre blend of rap-metal-y goodness going on, plenty of crowd participation. Will definitely be looking them up at some point.

Area 11 were next. I feel kind of bad for them as they just didn't stand out as much as the openers. But still good! To be honest I didn't remember what they sounded like...ought to start taking notes like the girl next to me was doing. Upon listening again afterwards I actually much prefer them on recording to MythCity which is weird. And catchy enough that I was singing along at the time even though I'd never heard them before.

Then Enter Shikari!! You can probably tell from all my photos that the fog/smoke machine was badly abused for all the bands' sets, so getting photos was impossible. Especially with all those strobes!

Lack of photo opportunities was easily forgotten however, as they put on one of the best performances I've seen. Even if Slipshod did start before it was supposed to before they stopped it & carried on with the setlist haha.

Aaand the setlist! Good mix of stuff, pretty predictable aside from using Gandhi Mate, Gandhi as an ender. Wondering what kind of vases they're using for Slipshod since Rou smashed it off his head! Sugar glass?

After a 40 minute wait for the bus and another 40 minutes to get home, I was pretty tired afterwards...but also filled with excitement for getting to do it all over again the next day!

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Spirithoods Aurora Kitty

I finally caved and got my hands on one of the SpirithoodsxBlack Milk collabo hood - the Aurora Kitty!

After agonising over it, I went for the one with built-in hb3 speakers. I'm not sure this was the best choice as you can definitely tell the speakers are there and it detracts from the comfort, but it was a worth a go for only an extra $10.

I placed my order as soon as it was released on the 24th, and got my shipping notification the same day. My package arrived on the 29th. So speedy!

I thought the shiny black looked cheap in stock photos, but in person it looks lovely and feels gorgeously soft. I wasn't keen on the Aurora Skye print anymore either, but in person I love it. The colours are so bold!

The pocket contains the cable to plug in your music. It feels a bit bulky in there which is a shame, but since untying them it isn't so bad.

The music doesn't sound muffled like I had feared, so definitely usable. I kind of worry about how loud it sounds to outsiders though as I'd feel rude inflicting that on others on the bus, but dangit I'ma do it anyway!

Now I want to get the leggings to match! And definitely hoping to buy more collabos in future, along with the elusive Galaxy Wolf eventually.

Bring on Winter!