Friday, 17 July 2015

BMC: End of June

So I guess my first monthly round-up is half a month...but there's enough shiny nylon to make a good haul post anyway, I think!

This lot took just over 2 weeks to get here and incurred rather hefty customs fees. I also had to walk for 2 hours to pick them up from the depot!

A second IOSS finally - the Egypt Vs Goddess Inside Out Skater Skirt! I fell for the Egypt side due to that gorgeous green colour, but the other side is growing on me.

I had been tempted by the off-white version, but decided against it hoping that a black version would be made. After all my waiting, I was rewarded with the En Pointe Black Tulle Skirt! It's perfect for layering over swims/bodysuits, and for under skaters. So hopefully I will be able to get a lot of use out of it to justify the steep price tag!

I was torn between the catty and the leggings, but decided that The Nile Catsuit had too much wow-factor to bother about practicality. I hate catsuits on me because they show all my lumps and bumps, but having no waistband is the height of comfort! This piece looks quite different in person as in photos it looks pretty washed out.

The Luna And Lulu Muscle Top also looks different as the page lines are a lot more evident in person. I'm not sure about keeping this one as I definitely prefer Om Nom.

As usual, I got a few pieces that aren't new releases too. I've been wanting Galaxy Blue Leggings for ages since I collect the print, and now finally I have some!

My final splurge was on some Aurora Skye Toasties to wear with Aurora Kitty come winter. Looking forward to cosying up in them, for sure! So my next Black Milk release post won't be until mid-August unless the releases don't take my fancy. I'm really hoping for some duff drops because my bank account really can't take it at this point!

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