Monday, 31 March 2014 Order 2

Since I had my eye on a few things from the last order, I waited a while and then made a second order! I placed the order on March 10th, but since a couple of items were preorder I only got them on the 31st. No customs, really speedy, text to let me know when they'd be arriving. I love you, DHL!

Stuff! For some reason the February Kera was shipped seperately, but arrived at the same time. I just bought the Keras as filler again since I love them and they're pretty cheap at ¥467 (£3) each. Shipping was around £15.

Main reason for ordering was this Angelic Pretty umbrella for ¥1,980 (£12)! The booklet with it only has a few pages, but that's not matter (they're really nice pages anyway!). There's a loose thread on the umbrella which is a shame, but easily fixed. I didn't own an umbrella until now, so it'll be a handy thing to stick in my handbag.

This is the one that eluded me on my last order, Creamy Mami anniversary mook with tote bag for ¥1,419 (£8)! The tote is only small, but it's pretty cute. I love seeing all the Creamy Mami collaborations in the mook too!

Mooks are becoming a bit of an addiction for me, especially when they come with novelties...hopefully I can buy more at Enchanted!

More Black Milk Skaters!

I made another direct order! It was so hard whittling down my wishlist to an affordable level. I'm probably going to make another order as soon as my next paycheck gets in. It's an addiction, I fear.

I placed the order on the 14th March UK time, and it was shipped on the 17th. Customs hit me, but it was just over £30 which I didn't think was too bad. At least I was expecting it this time! It got to me on the 31st, after a 'sorry we missed you' lie from Royal Mail.

The stuff!

Tartan Red Skater Skirt - $50 (£27.31)

This was my main reason for ordering. I love tartan a lot, and I love skater skirts, so when this was released I was filled with want.

Velvet Black Skater Skirt - $60 (£32.77)

I was torn between this velvet piece and the burned velvet version, but since I already own this one in wine and know how lovely it is, I decided to get this one (first). Can you believe I didn't own a plain black skirt until now? I will surely wear this a lot.

Adventure Time Bro Ball Reversible Skater Dress - $95 (£51.88)

I also finally caved and bought this dress that I'd been eyeing since the Adventure Time collection was released. I really wish I'd bought the Princess Bubblegum one when I had the chance so I could have the full Adventure Time skater set. Hopefully one day!

I also made an order for some of the Game Of Thrones collection, so I'm looking forward to its arrival! I started watching the show again in the hopes that I will finally bring myself to finish reading A Clash Of Kings haha.

Living Dead Clothing - Sailor Moon!

I'd been wary of Living Dead since they do a lot of Black Milk rip-offs (despite not being much cheaper) and have a shit logo, but when I saw that they were releasing a Sailor Moon one I couldn't resist (even though it's probably an illegal one, unlike Black Milk's true collaborations).

I ordered 20th of March, it was shipped on the 23rd, and got to me on the 31st. The package stated that I owed Royal Mail £16, but they forgot to make me pay it before delivering? Hope they don't try to get me to pay afterwards as paying $14.95 (£8) for shipping stang enough after paying $75 (£42) for the dress. There was tracking, and the dress was in a standard plastic pack.

I had hoped that the material would be similar to Black Milk's, but this is more like the material used for the replicas. A tad thin, quite see-through. This disappointed me greatly at first, but I've recovered somewhat now haha.

There are lots of little imperfections in the fabric, and the stitching is really bad in places with a seam that doesn't line up properly. It's also tighter on than the size chart would suggest, unless I gained a bunch of inches back without noticing. Not huge issues, just something to bear in mind. And yes, a little irritating on a dress that cost me £50.

Providing it wears okay, I'm pleased with my purchase. It's a shame there weren't different colourways, as I'd rather have a Chibiusa one. I don't think I'd order from them again, though.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Black Milk Mad

I'm definitely converted to Sharkie-dom now! I just can't stop buying nylon.

BMO Scoop Skater Dress - $95 (£51.88)

I got this off Ebay from a girl I know for just under £45. It was a total impulse buy and I regretted it immediately as it's expensive for a random purchase and it was never a piece I particularly loved...but I love it now! The colour is great, and I saved quite a bit by buying second hand!

Barbie Spewed On me Cap Sleeve Bodysuit - ? Museum Piece

This was an even bigger impulse buy from Ebay, for £40 which was much higher than I had intended to bid! I was actually considering buying this a while back though, so it's nice to actually have it, even if it will be quite difficult to wear (it's pretty tight so bra shows through real bad haha). Should be great for summer though, if the weather ever picks up!

Must stop buying so much Black Milk...but I know that won't happen. I have 2 orders on the way!

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Shopping Trip

Seem to be using outfit x bus music preview images right now!

On Tuesday I finally went birthday shopping with my mum. Dad treated us to Gourmet Burger Kitchen beforehand so we had enough energy to trawl the shops all day!

My shopping outfit! The weather was all over the place so I had to layer up.

Loving my new Black Milk dress, and was pleased to find that my Reeboks match it perfectly!

My mum had promised me some new trainers for my birthday since I desperately needed some and she had a sports shop voucher anyway.

These Asics were only £29.99, and they match all my gym gear perfectly. Hopefully they'll be comfy and last a long time! Unfortunately I had to pay for everything else myself Dx lol

In Primark I first snagged this MLP sweater! Unfortunately I should have got a bigger size =/ annoying as I had to exchange a shirt I bought the other day for smaller. WHY CAN'T YOUR SIZES BE CONSISTENT JFC. Luckily it was only £10, but still annoying as I won't get to exchange it. Also most of her cutiemark is missing?

I got these for £5, I've been looking for some like it for ages to replace my 5 year old pair that have a huge hole in the crotch haha.

Wellies! My old pair are a bit past it, and shorter should be more comfortable for less wet festivals. They were £12.

Then I kinda went a bit mad in H&M, starting with this gorgeous dress. Annoyingly it has a huge white snag in the font at the bottom which I didn't notice until I tried it on at home. Again, probably won't get to exchange as they're old stock and I won't be going shopping for ages. SO ANNOYING. It would be such a gorgeous dress otherwise with its many sheer panels. And it was only £13. No idea what to do with it.

Silly crop top. I just decided I like crop tops for some reason =P It was £9.99 I think?

Another crop, with lots of sheer sections! The sleeves emphasize my muscley arms which looks kinda weird haha. £12.99.

More shorts, to make sure I get rid of my old ones. These were £14.99.

And acid wash ones, coz I love them! They're quite clingy but should be good for Summer. £12.99 I think, pretty cheap anyway.

I freaked out a bit when I paid as I spent almost £60 at once and I've never done that in a store before!

Last little thing my mum bought for me was this Hello Kitty phone sock with 3 marshmallows, as she saw it for cheap in BHS hehe. I love marshmallows!

I was so tired and achey when I got home as I had so much to carry! It wasn't an enjoyable shopping day tbh, but I am pleased with most of my purchases. Just hope I have a chance to exchange the duff purchases, otherwish I'll have to wear a too small sweater and take up a full-length dress to knee length, which would SUCK.

I really need to get rid of some clothes if I'm going to keep buying so much Dx but it's so hard!

Picnic Time!

On Saturday we had the first picnic of the year in Bath.

I made pizza rolls (hot pepper flavour)...

...and Danish swirls! These didn't work out so good, but I know what to do next time. They are lemon curd, chocolate fudge, and cinnamon fillings.

We had a feast (I must have eaten a million macarons!) in a covered part of the park, which was just as well as it rained and hailed heavily mid-picnic! We played charades with randomly generated print names and then afterwards went for tea. Everyone went home pretty early as we were all super tired!

Group photos I stole from Hayley's Facebook.

My outfit! JSK, bags, headbow, and parka are all Angelic Pretty, socks are Topshop, shoes are River Island. I really don't wear my Sugary Carnival JSK enough.

Hopefully the weather will be better for the next picnic! I still had fun though, and it was great to see my friends again after such a long time ♥

Friday, 21 March 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival: A Casual Coordinate for a Quiet Day

There are lots of occasions when you want to dress up nicely, but either don't have the energy or want to remain comfortable since you aren't doing anything special. In this Lolita Blog Carnival post I'm going to show some of my old casual coords. To be honest, a lot of my coords are casual because I'm a lazy butt!

This is a recent one I wore to visit my grandparents for tea. Fully-shirred OPs may look pretty gross, but they're so comfortable!

This is one from last Summer, and the quality is awful, sorry! It was a super hot day and we were just having a picnic and dossing around in the sun, so a coord without socks and blouse was ideal.

An even more casual one from two years ago! This was just for going over my boyfriend's house and I had to walk to town comfortably.

One last one from a whopping 3 years ago! This is my favourite kind of casual coord, with a short Angelic Pretty skirt or dress and comfy cosy layers and boots. Although these skirts often look a little awkward for some reason!

This post wasn't really what I'd wanted to do for this theme, but I've been working overtime and super early mornings so I didn't have the energy to make up a new cute coord for this =[ Hopefully next time!

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Friday, 14 March 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival: The Most Challenging Substyles, And How To Pull Them Off

This Lolita Blog Carnival theme is pretty challenging in of itself! I wasn't sure how to tackle this theme as the difficult styles just don't ever seem to be done.

The style I'm choosing is PUNK.

Now, I think a lot of the problem with this is that people don't really know what punk as a fashion is anyway. Punk is not Hot Topic mall-gothy tat, which is what far too many people seem to think it is. It's about expression, going against conventions, and essentially about freedom.

I see a lot people calling punk lolita 'ita' as it breaks rules and uses tacky things like chains and safety pins and tartan, but THAT'S THE POINT. Obviously it has to adhere to the lolita 'rules' enough to be punk lolita, but you've got to have fun with it too! I'd probably agree that in a lot of cases it isn't lolita at all. But it's too sweet to be punk also!

I also think that punk overlaps with ero a little, since fishnets and shorter skirts are common.

Putumayo is a good brand to start with.

Honestly, I think to get punk lolita right, you just have to have a punk attitude. If you care that other people will think you look totally ita, then it isn't the style for you. Because you probably will look ita, and that's okay! I think because punk and lolita are such different styles, it's impossible strike a perfect balance between the two.

I figure I should put a little list of things to consider when trying to create a punk lolita look...
  • Tartan has huge ties with the punk look, so tartan it up!
  • In terms of colour palette, black and red is probably the safest option, but white, pink, purple, and green are also good options.
  • Fabrics like leather can be used as accents.
  • Chains, studs, and pins are great, especially on more deconstructed pieces and layered outfits.
  • Keep it fun! Try to look more sweet than edgy.
  • Chunky boots and heels are perfect. Get the Docs out!
  • Armwarmers and legwarmers are fine! Mismatched stripy socks over fishnets make for perfect legwear.
  • Common motifs are skulls and trumps.
  • This is probably the only style where hats (especially mini ones) are more common than ribbons.

Honestly I think that I like this style because there are so many cute punk-style outfits in J-Pop! Buono! have loads of cute ones.

And some AKB0048 just because I love these outfits and I'm enjoying watching the anime right now.

I'd imagine a lot of people will disagree with me here, since the outfits I posted are much more punk than lolita (and because I actually like DollDelight and most people don't). But that's just my personal preference for this style, I guess!

Which substyle do you think is toughest?

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