Friday, 30 May 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival: Lolita Inspiration

The theme for this week's Lolita Blog Carnival is Lolitas Around The World: Who Inspires You? so I'll be sharing with you some of my favourite lolitas! Obviously the super famous ones such as Rinrin and Misako go without saying, so I won't go into that!

sanriopalace is definitely my favourite lolita at the moment! She's from New York and pulls off Angelic Pretty salopettes like no other. Her pastel combinations always bring a smile to my face.

xylia_x is someone I've been following for quite a while now on daily_lolita. She's from Australia and, while her style is much more classic than mine, I try to draw inspiration from her when I step out of my sweet comfort zone as she always looks flawless.

crazy-kitsch is someone I've been following for a super long time! She's from Belgium and her style is so quirky and colourful!

chokelate is a Dutch lolita who caught my attention a long time ago, and she's since been a model for Juliette et Justine! She always looks so elegant.

thehijabilolita/alyssa_loveskitties is someone I only recently found on Instagram. I'm not sure where she's from, but I *think* near San Fran? I love her adorably sweet coords so far and will definitely make a point of seeing more of them in future!

That was a rather colourful trip around the world! Obviously there are many more lolitas who inspire me, but these were the ones I thought of first. Which lolitas inspire you the most?

A Heart's SoundA Lace JailJewellery Box of a Starry-Eyed LolitaMcDuff's AuditoriumVanillas Traumfabrik

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Drop Dead Sale Gets

I already own 2 Drop Dead tops, and found myself tempted by the recent sale. All the clothing I wanted was sold out by the time I made up my mind to order, so I only got a few bits and bobs on this occasion!

I ordered on the 24th, got shipping confirmation on the 28th, and received the items today on the 29th. Very speedy! The packaging was cool but I didn't take a photo as it got muddy from the postie leaving it down the side of the house -_-

The mini haul! I love how all the rings are in cute boxes!

The Pika beanie I wasn't sure about as it was still £15, but I figured I'd give it a go as I wear beanies a lot in the Winter.

It looks really stupid on...haha!

The Knuckleduster rings were also a bit of a disappointment as the backing is more obvious that the writing. The quality seems reasonable though, and the set was only £5.

I figured the Bite Me! ring would be good for sweet lolita coords! This was £5 too.

Crescent ring also £5 and also for lolita since I usually accessorise with gold. There is glue visible, but I quite like it worn as it has a nice shine.

I did order the Peace pendant (Mickey Mouse hand) to match with the crop I own, but it was out of stock. I was sent these socks as a gift in addition to the £5 refund. I was actually considering these socks but they were about £7.50 I think, and I wasn't sure I'd ever use them. Now I have no excuse to try though! I really like these.

I also got these Death! stickers for free! They're £3 on the site.

All in all I'm really happy with my haul. The items aren't the best quality, but the good service makes up for that (I LIKE FREE THINGS). That said, it would have been nice to know in advance that the item I wanted was out of stock, as I have a feeling that people missing out on bigger items may not have even made an order had they known the item was out of stock.

Now if only I could actually afford their clothes...

Monday, 26 May 2014

Möngöl Hörde

After much waiting, and an almost complete loss of interest on my part, the Möngöl Hörde album was finally released today after being announced last week!

I actually received my copy on Saturday as I preordered it from Banquet Records, but I didn't get to listen to it at all until today anyway.

Honestly I was a little disappointed at first. The CD case is really fragile and was broken when I received it, and there is no booklet. I had also loved the song Casual Threats From Weekend Hardmen from the demo from last year, and the album version lacks a little pizzazz, in the same way that Biffy Clyro's Sounds Like Balloons was a disappointment on first album listen, but it'll probably be a grower.

As usual the lyrics made me laugh out loud in places, and I recognised most of the tracks from seeing them in Summer and watching the first gig set once way back. Stillborn Unicorn is the standout track to me, but then you can tell I like unicorns from the note that came with my copy!

Overall it's not a bad album at all, although it failed to fill the Million Dead-shaped hole in my soul. But then I would never have expected to!

Needless to say, I have also preordered vinyl and bought tickets for both the Bristol show AND Reading Festival...I hope I finally get to meet Frank Turner, although I'd definitely make an ass of myself!

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Recent Outfits

I never seem to do outfit posts, so I figured I'd do one today! These are just the photos I came across when I was getting the photos for the last post. Apologies for my dad's messy room in most of them, he has the best mirror!

This was what I wore to Longleat! I wanted to try out my Vans finally, and they somehow fit perfectly even though they're a size bigger than I would usually wear. Also dug out this super old Helly Kitty shirt that I bought in M&S 5 years ago! The cardigan is from New Look, shorts from H&M, and socks from Primark. I wear these socks a ton.

This was an outfit for a lazy Tuesday spent finishing reading A Storm Of Swords part 1. I later stuck on some black platform sneakers to go over Rob's, but I didn't get a photo! Top is H&M, skirt is Black Milk, tights are Primark.

This was a post-work lazy outfit for going for a walk to buy bananas with my mum and brother. Hat and dress are H&M, socks Topshop, shoes I have no idea!

Lastly, my outfit for a day out shopping. I wore a very similar outfit for a family barbecue too. Hat, vest, and shorts are H&M, shirt is Primark, tights are from Ebay, socks are Topshop, and shoes are New Look. Did you guess my favourite high-street store yet?

I find it strange that my style in and out of lolita are so different! How cohesive is your personal style?

Friday, 23 May 2014

Missing the Sun

The past few weeks have been really Summery and sunny, but now it's rainy and horrible again! So I figured I'd write about the things I did when the weather was nice to try and forget about how gross it is outside right now.

Since I live very close to the lake, I've been a few times recently.

I fed the ducks with my family on one day and had a picnic.

The next day I went back with Rob, but we had a cream tea too!

I've also been to Longleat again.

This time we walked through the lemur enclosure and there was a baby lemur!

We also encountered a very nosy ostrich in the safari section. I think it mistook me for a bird as I was wearing a cap.

The lions were also enjoying the sun! Did you hear on the news recently about the family whose car caught fire in the lion enclosure here?

Last week it was super nice and we had a craving for the sea, so we went to Weymouth for the afternoon.

We bought drinks & sushi on the way there, and I also made yummy ploughman's rolls for each of us!

My jellies rub, which is a shame as they're adorable.

I have a feeling that Rob doesn't like having his photo taken haha.

The sand was so lovely between my toes! We just read our books and sunbathed and ate ice cream. I wish we lived by the sea so we could do it all the time.

Bikini selfie before washing off all the sand. I managed to miss a few spots with sun cream so I had pink spots on my back! Also thinking about getting my belly button pierced, but not sure my belly is flat enough.

How have you been enjoying Summer so far? We've also had a bunch of barbecues but I'm not that big a fan of them anymore since dieting became a thing!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Black Milk Mega Haul!

I've made 4 Black Milk orders recently, and since my mail goes to my boyfriend I had 3 of them to collect yesterday! The result is a sea of nommed nylon. Most excellent. I also had 2 pairs of boots there, which I'll show at the end of this post.

Somehow on this occasion only the first order got a £30 charge. The other 2 sailed through, and I'm really hoping the fourth will too once it's sent.

I wanted them to draw Catbug, but I guess they didn't know what it was! I laughed at this for a good 5 minutes.

Onto the haul!

First up is the A-Sassy-Nation bodysuit which cost $60 (£33). I'd been waiting impatiently for it to restock! It looks really odd when not worn, but pretty cool when on. It's OSFA and fits fine, although it was difficult to wriggle into and makes my shoulders look super broad! But oh well, it will go will lots of skirts!

Next is a longterm dream piece of mine, the Galaxy Purple Leggings. These are I guess the iconic Black Milk piece, and what got me interested in the brand in the first place. I only took so long to buy them as paying $75 (£41) for leggings seemed insane at first, but I caved eventually. I'm just assuming they will fit as I managed to wriggle into my Merbarbies, although I probably could wear an M instead of S.

Mucha Black Leggings became a dream piece of mine only recently, and when I saw that they were still available on the site I just had to add them to my order! They were $75 (£41) too. I'm a little worried about coordinating them, but the print was too gorgeous to resist.

This was the first piece of my second order, a Velvet Cap Sleeve Crop. I'd been waiting for this to restock too, but irritatingly it runs really small with no warning. I got an S and it flattens my boobs and I had to be yanked out of it by Rob! So disappointed as I really need a black crop like this and I couldn't find any small enough in H&M =[ going to try to size swap! It was $45 (£25).

This was the other piece I was waiting for a restock of, the Matte Reverible Skater Dress. I figured it will go with anything, and I lack plain black dresses. It was $60 (£33), and the material seems a little thicker and heavier than usual. It is visibly creased from shipping, but it doesn't bother me.

I also thought I'd try the Sporty Stripe Hosiery that I'd been eyeing since its release. I've seen a lot of sharkies using them and I've always liked this type of tights, so I braved the price of (£16) and I don't regret it. I can see myself using these a lot, and they're a good match with A-Sassy-Nation too! Although I think they would look great with a shooter...but I don't own one...(yet!)

Lastly for this order I thought I'd grab the Littlefinger HWMF Leggings. I liked Littlefinger straight away in Game Of Thrones and he has only grown on me, so why not have leggings covered in cool quotes? The colour palette will be easy to match with everything too, hopefully! They were $85 (£46).

Lastly, my first Witch Please order! As you can see, I got the limited lookbook that was given out to only the first 1,000 to order. I was order 810 and that was only 2 minutes into the release!

And what a beauty the Tartan Red Vs. Cathedral Inside Out Dress is! At $170 (£93) it was an expensive buy, but I love tartan and I have always loved the cathedral print too, so a dress I can wear 2 ways seems like a pretty sound investment. I was a little worried about disliking the cut as it looks awkward and short on a lot of people, but it looks great on me! Black Milk really could have been made for me! I'm not sure what to do with the label on this though, as obviously it shows when worn inside out. I'll definitely consider other IOD releases in future, as their limited nature (there were only 1,000 of these made) ensures resale value anyway.

I have another Witch Please order on the way, but I think the items were made to order so it might take a while! For now, my boots.

I finally got my hands on some Jeffrey Campbell Damsels! I bought some before on Ebay but the payment wouldn't go through as the seller was a moron, and the seller decided to sell them to someone else even though my money was still in Paypal limbo without telling me. But yes, I got some eventually, though these were a tad more expensive. They also do not fit. At all. I bought a UK5 as when I tried on Litas a while back they were too tight in my usual size, but these seem to run big. They're huge! So I can't wear them, and they look really unflattering on my short legs anyway =[ gutting! They cost around £35 so I'm hoping I can make my money back, although I'm going to try to size swap them along with my Coltranes before selling. It's such a shame as they're quite clearly brand new and still in their original box and packaging.

I also impulse bought these Buffalo boots! I've been wanting the iconic platforms for a while, but their current popularity means that they keep evading me. I managed to snag these for £28 though, and luckily they seem to fit okay (surprising as the seller said they were labelled as 3/4 but fit her at a small 6, and I'm a 4 haha). I love being a normal height for once! And while they aren't the ones I really wanted, they fit my style really well. They're quite muddy, but to be honest I think they look better that way and won't be cleaning them too thoroughly xP

That's it for now! I hope my last package arrives soon, and I hope the next collection doesn't make me as poor as this one did (although I fear BM is the new AP, and it is therefore inevitable). I plan to make a video of my whole Black Milk collection once my dad has returned from Monaco with the camcorder, so look forward to it!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Post-Meet Shopping Spree

Since it was still kinda early when the meet ended (around 4pm), I decided to do a little shopping! This inevitably turned into a lot of shopping, and lots of fitting room selfies!

I'm thinking of getting my belly button pierced, so crop tops are a must!

H&M is perf atm! Although this crop is kinda baggy at the bottom for some reason.

I really wanted this in Primark but it was too scratchy! I also wanted a cute pink satchel but they were all damaged, and there were amazing blue glitter jelly shoes but the sizes were dumb (3/4 or 5/6, and I'm a 4/5 so neither would be close to fitting!). H&M also disappointed me by not having the 2 tops & 1 sweater I've been wanting in small enough sizes. Boo! the bus station I realised that I may have bought too much anyway.

Time to inspect the damage!

I think I need to get rid of old things to make room for new now!

I firstly got tempted by Pinkie Pie stuff in Forbidden Planet. The cashier was impressed by my dedication to Pinkie collecting. They also had Game Of Thrones stuff but it was too expensive!

Poundland stuff. Snacks for lazy day with Rob tomorrow and a MLP colouring book for the collection.

The H&M stuff I tried on in the photos above. I've been wanting the shorts for ages, and this was the only pair in the store. FATE.

Vest and bikini from Primark. I hope the bikini bottoms fit as the ones I tried on were a size smaller and I was too lazy to take off all my lolita layers again to try a bigger size! I have a feeling I'll probably only use the top anyway as it's super cute.

Thus concludes my shopping spree of the day! I really need to curb my spending as I realised that my addiction has been creeping back since I went teetotal. Why does life suck so bad?