Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Christmas Meet

Way back on the 6th of December our comm had our Christmas meet. Well, two meets actually! I had to work from 06:30 to 11:30 in the morning, so I didn't have a lot of time to get ready and ended up retying my hair on the bus without brushing it...

Obligatory bus and music shot to begin. I finally got to wear my Holy Night Story set in green, along with the coat that Antonia gave me back in the Summer. I could only do up one button, but I count that as a success!

Part one of the meet was at Cox & Baloney for a fancy afternoon tea.

I actually enjoyed eating brie for the first time ever as I'd never had it with jam before!

Such a lady, haha.

Perhaps the strawberries and cream flavoured tea blend was going to our heads.

Afterwards was karaoke! I tried my hand at scoring Celestial or Sugar Dream Dome since it was released during the meet, but 3D on an iPhone 4 was woefully inadequate.

Lots of singing happened though, and I kicked frilly butt at the quiz again!

Since Sophie stayed at mine we headed back into town after I had finished work in the morning for a late lunch in Giraffe.

I had nachos. Boring, but I loooove nachos.

Somehow I ended up just taking derpy photos and photos of food again, huh.

Monday, 29 December 2014

FromJapan & Buyee Gets

I made a shopping preorder way back in August, so when that finally came in I couldn't resist making a couple auction purchases...oops!

I couldn't not buy this Clow Book pouch from SuperGroupies for ¥4,519.

Even the inside is super cute, and one of the zip pulls is the Clow key! I have no idea what I'll use it for though...

I fell in love with Angelic Pretty's Loyal Rosette after seeing it in person, so I scooped up this special set for ¥25,410. A little over retail, but not too bad. I'm still keeping an eye out for the regular JSK though as it's a cuter military style than this one.

I also stumbled across this Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Dessert OP (2008 version) for ¥4,515. I've wanted this ever since wearing Monika's off-white version on her birthday last year. I got it for such a good price, and black is easiest to wear ♥

I also tried out Buyee for the first time. It's a service which allows you to bid on Yahoo auctions yourself. Unfortunately it doesn't allow you to mark down value, resulting in me paying around £50 in customs on my ¥30,000ish dress. So I won't be doing it again! But yeah I finally got the Angelic Pretty Sugary Carnival JSK in black. Took me long enough, and I've made worse impulse buys =P I mean, this dress has been my Tumblr icon since I got Tumblr some 4 or 5 years ago, so I regret nothing.

Fingers crossed I either buy nothing on impulse in the Angelic Pretty sale later, or that if I do everything is cheap!

Christmas Presents!

Been a bad blogger again, but I knew if I didn't do this post I would just leave my gifts in bags on my floor forever haha.

The first presents I opened were from Rob on Christmas Eve, a cute little owl snowglobe and some yummy chocs! He also ordered the Matte Pink Zip Suit, but it won't be here for a few weeks. Eeeeeeee!

On Christmas morning I opened my gifts from Sophie first. Felt so spoiled! Cute kitty socks, dress-up Pony mug, and Oujia-themed jewellery from Sugar & Vice

Next I opened gifts from Rob's family. His mum always spoils me like crazy, I feel so guilty Dx I got a cute penguin hat and glove set (the gloves are too small for my man hands, nuuuuuuuuu! Hoping I can chop off the thumbs and stretch them out a little), chocolate wafer straws, boot bling, nail files, chocolate coins, glittery boots, London-themed jimmies, and Harry Potter socks. The bath set is from Rob's mum's boyfriend's sister haha.

Before a big Christmas lunch (with a yummy nut roast pastry thing that dad makes every year...yummmmm) I opened gifts from my dad's side of the family. I got the Wrapped Up Reversible Skater Dress, Max Raptor CD, and some Bodyshop stuff from my grandparents, and more Bodyshop stuff and Marmozets and Reuben CDs from my aunt. I'm a bit obsessed with Marmozets already!

The last gifts I opened in the evening were from my parents. My Dr Martens weren't wrapped up after having them put back for ages, ugh! I got cup measures, some watches for work, a Hello Kitty cake/jelly mould, Hello Kitty duvet, Hello Kitty belt (which my mum didn't realise was age 7-8, so it might make a good garter? lol), Hello Kitty mug & coaster set, and 6 pairs of sale tights from Next. So I actually got a bunch of stuff I will use! Success!

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Black Milk Birthday & Cyber Sale

Wow sorry I only seem to blog about Black Milk purchases recently...is that better or worse than not blogging at all?

On November 26th there was a Birthday Ammo release to celebrate 5 years of Black Milk! I was torn between 2 colours of the dress, and the release was a mess (only 1 item went up on the tab for the release at first!).

I'm actually really disappointed with the Lilac Lace Skater Dress as it's crazy unflattering, but I love the colour in person. I still think sky blue would have suited me better, but honestly I think I'll have to sell it anyway as it makes me look really fat. I also picked up Card Suit Black Hosiery as I want ALL the hosiery! Annoyingly I got caught by customs on this one. There was also a sort of early Cyber Sale on the 28th, so I couldn't resist grabbing some things!

Since I love the toasties I own already and was already planning on buying more I grabbed Hamlet Black Toasties and Galaxy Purple Toasties. I think I already had Wet Look Black Leggings and Braaains Long Sleeve Crop in my basket, but the former was in the sale anyway! These were supposed to get customs but I think the postie delivered them by accident.

I then went back for the Wallpaper Pink Zip Dress which I had been eyeing since the original release, and decided to cave and buy Chainmail HWMF Leggings and Chainmail Play Dress from the Chainmail Ammo that I had resisted at first. I'm not sure about the pink as it's so creased and the colour and cut don't flatter me, but the Chainmail print looks so amazing in person!

And one last return before the sale ended to scoop up an I Eat Oily Mice Zip Suit. It hasn't arrived yet, but I figured I'd post this now as IEOM photographs really badly on my camera anyway! I wish I hadn't bought it so I could have got the dress in the Museum Release...I highly doubt I will ever wear it.

I spent soooo much money in the sale, but I also managed to miss several things I wanted! Probably for the best. I can buy in restocks when I have money again ;P

Tuesday, 2 December 2014


The latest Black Milk collection, Wrapped, was a bit of an odd one for me. I love all the matte jade pieces, but just couldn't justify buying any of them at the time of release so I now have to wait for restocks.

I didn't like the Fireworks Vs Not Actually Sequin Inside Out Dress on the site, but figured I'd chance it anyway. This probably wasn't wise, as it didn't sell out at all (even in the Cyber Sale!) and seems really unpopular. I hated it when I opened the packet, too. Luckily, I like it a lot more on! But it is awfully gaudy. The firework side seems perfect for New Year's Eve...but I won't be doing anything on that day as I never do! I also finally bought Warm Grey Pocket Leggings as I'd been wanting more staple pieces. These aren't as warm or soft as toasties, but they're pretty comfy and fit under other legs to keep me warm.

In a separate order I got the Wrapped Up Reversible Skater Dress. I have to hand it over to my grandparents though so they can give it to me for Christmas! It was just easier to place the order myself so that it went towards my buy count and so I could pay customs on it. I'm hoping I'll be able to dress it down, but failing that it'll be great for Christmas and birthday parties. This took forever to be sent out as it was a time limited piece, which kind of sucked! It only arrived today, along with the Drogon Dragon Egg HWMF Leggings that I panic bought when I thought they'd be going limited (they didn't).

I'm also caved and ordered the Snowflake Toasties from the US site, and they arrived super quick! Have barely taken them off since they arrived as they're so snug.

And some other random buys...oh dear! I did get rid of 3 bags of clothes and 2 bags of shoes though, so I'm at least starting to make room for this stuff!

I also finally got my hands on some original Mermaid Leggings! They're pretty faded and not as shiny as they should be, but I adore them and it makes them more wearable as they aren't so flashy. I did get catcalled when I wore them out though ¬_¬

I caved and bought Last Judgment Leggings randomly (I should stay away from BSS!).

I scored a cheap pair of Cross Of St Peter Black Leggings on Ebay.

And some Wallpaper Shiny Shiny (And High-Waisted!) Leggings from a lovely Sharkie. I hadn't tried these sweeties before!

Unsurprisingly I bought a bunch of things in the Cyber Sale, but they will probably take forever to arrive due to Christmas post! Here's hoping they get through customs like these orders did.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Pumpkin Patch

Belated post, but this year I finally got to carve a pumpkin myself! Rob and I bought and carved them together. He'd never carved one before!

The pumpkins! I chose the greenest one I could see in the store.

Carved! I did Gunter from Adventure Time and Rob did Isaac from The Binding Of Isaac. I ended up using a flat-headed screwdriver to shave the pumpkin after transferring my design from paper to the pumpkin by punching holes into it with a drawing pin.

Lit up!

My poor Gunter ended up going mouldy really quickly, but I'm still really pleased with how it turned out. I'm already planning next year's! And I want to eat some pumpkin next year too (mum used it in a dish which also contained mushrooms this year, so I didn't get to eat any!).

What did you carve into your pumpkin this year?

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Crazy day!

Yesterday was super crazy! I booked the day off work as there was supposed to be a lolita meet/ghost walk which was cancelled, so I found myself with a free day and needed to fill it.

After a delay (mum wanted to go out and I figured I'd have lunch early) I headed to the bus stop in the pouring rain and got super cold!

I only had time to go in Primark in Bristol, but I picked up a huge cosy shirt, more pony pants, a bunch of warm legwear, and a reduced Halloween tee that matches all my Death By Disco stuff! Also picked up some little Christmas gifts and wish I'd got doubles as I love them haha.

Here are the shirts when I tried them on! As you can see, the shirt is way too big. They only had 8, 12, and 20 though and I wanted it so I snagged a 12 even though I'm a solid 10. I loooooove the jeans on, but didn't realise when I picked them up that they had zips at the ankles which would make altering them to fit my short legs an impossible task.

And rejected tops! I want the sweater real bad but I already have the t-shirt exactly the same, so couldn't justify it. And the other shirt I think I'd want a bigger size and was too lazy to go back and pick one up =P

I was already running out of time so I hopped on a bus to Bath. I had a tattoo booked for 16:30 so I only had time to track down some cheap Bepanthen before heading to Imperial Tattoo Company. I got there a little early so I warmed up in the pub with a half before going in. The counter was in the process of being moved so it was a little hectic in there, but my doubts about the tattoo disappeared once the stencil was on.

It was a design from Amy's Halloween flash that I hadn't been able to get on the day due to work and more work. I was initially torn between the flower and the planchette, but since several other tattoos I'm considering involve flowers I went for the latter.

I was super worried about the pain and stuff, but staying still was more painful than the actual tattoo in the end. This was as I got it on my inner left ankle and my left leg is somewhat deformed haha.

The day-old result! It looks adorable and already looking forward to showing it off with ankle socks in Summer. That said, that's one day's stubble growth, so maybe I didn't choose a good spot haha.

I had intended to get a piercing too, but I couldn't decide in time to get it as I was going to meet Rob at Friday Night Magic but wussed out and then didn't fancy rushing all the way back up to Broad Street. Boo. And then I couldn't figure out which bus I was supposed to take, and it turned out a gas leak has clogged up Hicks Gate so I couldn't actually get home without forking out for a train, so I had to get a bus to Norton and get my dad to pick me up. Luckily he needed to go to the shop anyway, but wow that was pretty stressful thinking I was going to have to walk several miles in the dark with no pavements to get home!

When I finally got home I found that the matching shirt for my tattoo from Killstar had arrived! I didn't realise it had a swear until it got here, oops!

Now to figure out if I should get more tattoos! I would love to cover my legs but all my tattoos are so tiny and I'm not sure I could face long sittings. I was in the shop for less than half an hour in total for this one!

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Dr Martens!

Up until this point I've only owned one pair of Docs, and they were a second hand pair from Ebay for £40. They rubbed my ankles a bit, were a little narrow, and my 'very pale lavender' phase came and went awfully quickly. However I fell in love with some pairs online, and figured I'd give the brand another go! The 15% discount code I found was definitely persuasive.

First up, wellies! These were supposed to be £40 in the sale before discount. These are actually going to be a Christmas present from my parents so they've gone into storage now, but I was worried about them selling out so I swooped in and bought some straight away. I wasn't sure about the colour when I saw them in person (I wanted the black ones really but they were more expensive/BORING), but they're growing on me already. I'm definitely glad I read the reviews and sized up to a 5 as they still aren't terribly roomy! But they're just about big enough to wear my thickest socks with without too much toe cramping, and getting a 6 seems ridiculous, so they'll serve. They are fleece-lined for comfort which I think is a nice touch. Hope festivals don't ruin them too instantly!

My other buy was my reason for looking on the site in the first place, as they match the most recent IOD with the Hell portion of Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights. These boots were £90 before discount which put me off at first as I never really spend a lot on shoes (my most expensive pair before these were my New Rocks which I got second hand for £60 when they were still £180 in store), but I convinced myself they'll match a lot of my clothes while not being as boring as plain black. They look amazing, and I hope they're a good match with the IOD. As these are mens size, they are bigger than my old Docs despite also being a 4, and they fit much better as they are actually wider than my feet! If anything they are a bit big, but since I'm practically a half size I don't think I could have gotten away with a 3. The material isn't as stiff either, so hopefully they'll be nice & comfy.

Definitely no more shoes for a long time now...

More Halloween-y Black Milk

The neverending stream of Black Milk continues! But I love Halloween themes so it was kind of impossible to not go back for more.

This was my order from the last collection, Hot Mess! I got the Dark Mark Reversible Crop as I wanted more Harry Potter stuff, and after um-ing and ah-ing I figured I should continue to collect the IODs. This one, the Unearthly Vs Earthly Delights Inside Out Dress, really grew on me! I'm not sure about the naked people on it, but I love the colours. I even got Dr Martens to match the Unearthly side as I love the colours! This order arrived over two weeks after being placed and it felt like forever, especially since I accidentally sent it to the wrong address.

Then the Matte Evil Zip Dress finally restocked, and I decided to take the plunge and buy the Muscle and Bone 2.0 Catsuit!

I probably should have sized up for it as it's super tight on the chest, and it's not very wearable, but it's so awesome!

I snatched up this Awesome Pocket Skater Skirt when I saw it on BSS as it looks super practical. It feels a bit big, but doesn't fall down even when I put my phone in the pocket, so it's definitely worth it!

I also made another US order as I saw that Death By Disco Leggings and Merboy Straps Skater Dress were still in stock there. So much shiny! I wasn't sure I'd like Merboy but all the UK Sharkies said it was awesome, and they were right. No customs this time, and my order arrived in 6 days despite having to go via hopshopgo.

Now I have 11 days left to save up for the Christmas release! Thankfully there are only a couple bits I like/would wear enough to warrant buying. I'm still not sure about the IOD but collectionnnn haha.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival: Your Lolita Halloween Style

Our Halloween meet isn't until November, but I haven't participated in the Lolita Blog Carnival for a while now and I figure this gives me a chance to start thinking about my outfit for it!

I have only one Halloween-specific lolita piece, and that is Baby, The Stars Shine Bright's Halloween Alice from 2007. It's a dress I've had for a good few years, and it was one of my dream pieces when I bought it. While not too wearable, I doubt I'll ever sell it as the cut is so unusual.

This is a coordinate I made using this dress from way back in 2011. Since the meet will involve a ghost walk, I imagine I will coord it in a more practical manner this year. But we'll have to wait and see!

What kinds of themes do you like to bring into lolita at Halloween? I'm really not adventurous with it at all!

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