Saturday, 8 November 2014

Crazy day!

Yesterday was super crazy! I booked the day off work as there was supposed to be a lolita meet/ghost walk which was cancelled, so I found myself with a free day and needed to fill it.

After a delay (mum wanted to go out and I figured I'd have lunch early) I headed to the bus stop in the pouring rain and got super cold!

I only had time to go in Primark in Bristol, but I picked up a huge cosy shirt, more pony pants, a bunch of warm legwear, and a reduced Halloween tee that matches all my Death By Disco stuff! Also picked up some little Christmas gifts and wish I'd got doubles as I love them haha.

Here are the shirts when I tried them on! As you can see, the shirt is way too big. They only had 8, 12, and 20 though and I wanted it so I snagged a 12 even though I'm a solid 10. I loooooove the jeans on, but didn't realise when I picked them up that they had zips at the ankles which would make altering them to fit my short legs an impossible task.

And rejected tops! I want the sweater real bad but I already have the t-shirt exactly the same, so couldn't justify it. And the other shirt I think I'd want a bigger size and was too lazy to go back and pick one up =P

I was already running out of time so I hopped on a bus to Bath. I had a tattoo booked for 16:30 so I only had time to track down some cheap Bepanthen before heading to Imperial Tattoo Company. I got there a little early so I warmed up in the pub with a half before going in. The counter was in the process of being moved so it was a little hectic in there, but my doubts about the tattoo disappeared once the stencil was on.

It was a design from Amy's Halloween flash that I hadn't been able to get on the day due to work and more work. I was initially torn between the flower and the planchette, but since several other tattoos I'm considering involve flowers I went for the latter.

I was super worried about the pain and stuff, but staying still was more painful than the actual tattoo in the end. This was as I got it on my inner left ankle and my left leg is somewhat deformed haha.

The day-old result! It looks adorable and already looking forward to showing it off with ankle socks in Summer. That said, that's one day's stubble growth, so maybe I didn't choose a good spot haha.

I had intended to get a piercing too, but I couldn't decide in time to get it as I was going to meet Rob at Friday Night Magic but wussed out and then didn't fancy rushing all the way back up to Broad Street. Boo. And then I couldn't figure out which bus I was supposed to take, and it turned out a gas leak has clogged up Hicks Gate so I couldn't actually get home without forking out for a train, so I had to get a bus to Norton and get my dad to pick me up. Luckily he needed to go to the shop anyway, but wow that was pretty stressful thinking I was going to have to walk several miles in the dark with no pavements to get home!

When I finally got home I found that the matching shirt for my tattoo from Killstar had arrived! I didn't realise it had a swear until it got here, oops!

Now to figure out if I should get more tattoos! I would love to cover my legs but all my tattoos are so tiny and I'm not sure I could face long sittings. I was in the shop for less than half an hour in total for this one!

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