Tuesday, 4 November 2014

More Halloween-y Black Milk

The neverending stream of Black Milk continues! But I love Halloween themes so it was kind of impossible to not go back for more.

This was my order from the last collection, Hot Mess! I got the Dark Mark Reversible Crop as I wanted more Harry Potter stuff, and after um-ing and ah-ing I figured I should continue to collect the IODs. This one, the Unearthly Vs Earthly Delights Inside Out Dress, really grew on me! I'm not sure about the naked people on it, but I love the colours. I even got Dr Martens to match the Unearthly side as I love the colours! This order arrived over two weeks after being placed and it felt like forever, especially since I accidentally sent it to the wrong address.

Then the Matte Evil Zip Dress finally restocked, and I decided to take the plunge and buy the Muscle and Bone 2.0 Catsuit!

I probably should have sized up for it as it's super tight on the chest, and it's not very wearable, but it's so awesome!

I snatched up this Awesome Pocket Skater Skirt when I saw it on BSS as it looks super practical. It feels a bit big, but doesn't fall down even when I put my phone in the pocket, so it's definitely worth it!

I also made another US order as I saw that Death By Disco Leggings and Merboy Straps Skater Dress were still in stock there. So much shiny! I wasn't sure I'd like Merboy but all the UK Sharkies said it was awesome, and they were right. No customs this time, and my order arrived in 6 days despite having to go via hopshopgo.

Now I have 11 days left to save up for the Christmas release! Thankfully there are only a couple bits I like/would wear enough to warrant buying. I'm still not sure about the IOD but collectionnnn haha.

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