Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Dr Martens!

Up until this point I've only owned one pair of Docs, and they were a second hand pair from Ebay for £40. They rubbed my ankles a bit, were a little narrow, and my 'very pale lavender' phase came and went awfully quickly. However I fell in love with some pairs online, and figured I'd give the brand another go! The 15% discount code I found was definitely persuasive.

First up, wellies! These were supposed to be £40 in the sale before discount. These are actually going to be a Christmas present from my parents so they've gone into storage now, but I was worried about them selling out so I swooped in and bought some straight away. I wasn't sure about the colour when I saw them in person (I wanted the black ones really but they were more expensive/BORING), but they're growing on me already. I'm definitely glad I read the reviews and sized up to a 5 as they still aren't terribly roomy! But they're just about big enough to wear my thickest socks with without too much toe cramping, and getting a 6 seems ridiculous, so they'll serve. They are fleece-lined for comfort which I think is a nice touch. Hope festivals don't ruin them too instantly!

My other buy was my reason for looking on the site in the first place, as they match the most recent IOD with the Hell portion of Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights. These boots were £90 before discount which put me off at first as I never really spend a lot on shoes (my most expensive pair before these were my New Rocks which I got second hand for £60 when they were still £180 in store), but I convinced myself they'll match a lot of my clothes while not being as boring as plain black. They look amazing, and I hope they're a good match with the IOD. As these are mens size, they are bigger than my old Docs despite also being a 4, and they fit much better as they are actually wider than my feet! If anything they are a bit big, but since I'm practically a half size I don't think I could have gotten away with a 3. The material isn't as stiff either, so hopefully they'll be nice & comfy.

Definitely no more shoes for a long time now...

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