Friday, 28 October 2011

Last Few Weeks

I've been pretty lazy blogwise, and for that I apologize!

We had a casual meet-up in Bath last Saturday, which a lot of fun! It's always great to see everyone again =3 I wore a Hallowe'en-y coord as I don't think I'll be doing anything fun on Hallowe'en (I have a meeting...funsies).

My research plans have been coming along quite a lot...I hate them! It's hard enough to get someone to do a 10 minutes questionnaire, but this will be a longitudinal study requiring 12 hours of participation per person!! It also involves violent video games that I'll have to witness, which I hate as they give me nightmares (really can't handle gore or violence). I'll also have to use an EEG, which looks really complicated, impossible to understand and I'll have to touch people's heads. And I have issues touching people I don't know. Or even people I do know. Just...uncomfortable. I like personal space thanks haha.

But, hopefully it all goes well. I really really REALLY hope we get good results, as it's pretty new stuff that no one else has done before so we could get published in a really good journal! I might not be that interested in doing Psychological research again, but it has always been a kind of dream to have my name on a paper.

Not much else to report really! Although after I made the decision to cut all my hair off people have been saying how nice my hair is long and I've realised just how cold I'll be over Winter...don't know what to do!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

I'm the spirit of my hair

Right, so I’ve pretty much decided that the only way I can get my hair to look nice and be healthy is by cutting it really short and starting from scratch.

The trouble is, I’m a total long hair person. I may like short styles on other people, but I like having long hair. I like tying it all up on top of my head for bed and using it as a scarf in the winter.

Yes, it will grow back. But I hate having medium length hair! And I’ll probably have to have a bob at some point, and I just hate them (just reminds me of the Spice Girls from when I first got my hair all cut off to look more like Posh …shudders

And it’ll completely stump me lolita-wise. Most head/hair accessories look dumb enough on me anyway as my hair is so flat and straight…making it short too means Angelic Pretty headbows will be pretty much off the cards.

But maybe the change would be a good thing. I’m really stuck in a rut at the moment and am bored stupid by pretty much everything. I’m bored of being lonely and having no friends, so I’m going to be more outgoing and MAKE people hang out with me. I’m bored of my relationship, so I vow to be more spontaneous. I’m bored of my placement, so I intend on giving it my all to try to get the most out of it.

So maybe I can make my drastic haircut signal a new start.

I hope I’ll do better this time.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

More Music

Second installment of awesome songs!

Frank Turner's 'I Am Disappeared'. This is my favourite song at the moment, and when he played it live I may have gotten a little over-emotional...but it just gives me goosebumps!

HIM's 'Funeral of Hearts'. This was my favourite song for a while, back when I first discovered HIM! Back when I was 12 and found Ville attractive. I really don't see it anymore though ^_^' The video is pretty though, and DAT KEY CHANGE.

Muse's 'Space Dementia'. Muse are currently my favourite band, and this song gives me chills. I thought I'd give the live from Leeds version since BBC couldn't be arsed to televise this song (how did that person get such a good recording? During Muse at Reading I was having a hard time staying stood up...).

Jindou's 'Kaisei Joshou Hallelujah'. Such a short song, but it's so fun! I always rap along xP

Buono!'s 'Gachinko de Ikou!'. I feel I should put some Buono! in here as I really like them! I don't have a favourite song of theirs in particular, but I love to dance along to this one (I know all the a boss!). It's thanks to Buono! I got really into J-fashion too =3

And so there we go! Who knows, there may be another installment in the future (although I must say, I am running low on songs haha).

Thursday, 13 October 2011

My Little Pony Collection

Oh has happened. I have become a collector of My Little Ponies!

My collection is very small since I only started buying them earlier this week! I hope to keep adding to it though and get a nice sized herd. My focus is on the G3 ponies as they look like nicest in my opinion...and they seem to have the most glitter =3 And also Pinkie Pies, as she is my favourite character in Friendship Is Magic.

I really wish I hadn't gotten rid of my old McDonald's ponies, but my mum made me before we moved =[ booooo!

The first lot that arrived! Could have bought a bigger lot but these were in better condition - going for quality over quantity. These are G3s called Razzaroo, Sparkleworks and Pretty Parasol (she's my favourite, it's the glitter that does it. And her cutie mark is practically rori =P).

G4 and G3.5 Pinkie Pies.

G3.5 Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash (I love Dashie's hair so much!).

I also have a plush toy of Rainbow Dash that's a bit worse for wear and a mini pony that came with some lolita I bought once. I hope to add to my collection as time goes on though...hoping I can convice my other half to buy me some for Christmas (there's no way my family would buy me any).

Do you guys collect anything?

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Frills of Bath

Yesterday was the Bath meet...finally! I had been looking forward to it for ages as I haven't had many opportunities to dress up over the Summer.

I ended up missing my bus though...and walking 2 miles in rocking horse is rather hellish. As it happens, I got to the meeting point at the same time as the bus anyway, but I'd have rather saved my feet a little! As usual got stares and comment on the way. Some girl made her mum come OUT OF THEIR HOUSE to point and stare at me. I was stared at by a dog. Honked at. 'You don't see many of those'. And later in the day when I was alone again, I was outright laughed at by some shitty little preteens. It would have gotten to me more, but I was really happy with my outfit so I could ignore it a little more that day. Still so rude though =/

Anywho, we met at the station before going to the tea shop! That's the best group picture I could find so far (not many people have uploaded their photos yet), but not everyone was in the photo...and I look forever alone in it because I don't like standing too close to other people!

My outfit! Mostly Wonder Story series. Pretty much everything is Angelic Pretty apart from the BTSSB cardigan, H&M hair roses, Metamorphose locket, Bodyline clock necklace and Antaina Shoes. I love my cardigan (the hood has bunny ears!) but it doesn't stay on my shoulders at all, which is why it looks so untidy!

We spent a long time at the tea shop for lunch, although we had to sit outside as there were too many of us to fit indoors! I was boring and had a Diet Coke instead of tea, since I needed something chilled for my throat (still a little bit ill).

Afterwards we went to the Holburne Museum for a look around! It was a nice place, but I was really not in a museum mood that day so I got a little bored...I'll have to go back another time though.

We ended up going into a fabric shop on the way back, and I wish more than ever that I had a sewing machine! I was drawn to all the Christmas ones, mainly because I love the colours and some of them had glitter =D I'm pretty sure I'm going to go back for some forest animal fabric as it was so beautiful and would make a lovely classic lolita skirt. I need to find a tutorial for making one first though...and man up because I'd need to hand-sew it!

I had to go home after that and miss out on going to the Hob because I didn't want to miss my bus again and my feet we in agony! I managed to twist my ankle getting off the bus and now my knee feels funny =[ Other than that, it was a good day though!

Now I need to decide whether to go to the South lolita meet next week or not. Train & entrance fee alone will cost £30, and that's before any food or drink. And the fact that I'll miss out on going home again...and I miss a quiz my family is going to. I love quizzes =[ HELP MEEEEE why can't I be in two places at once?

Friday, 7 October 2011


I thought I'd share five of my favourite songs and songs I think are well-written with you all! A lot of these I haven't heard in a while or have never watched the music videos, so this'll be fun for me =3

David Bowie's 'Space Oddity'. It isn't my favourite Bowie song ('Ashes to Ashes' is my favourite!) but I think it's probably the best-written song EVER. When I first heard it I was completely blown away.

System of a Down's 'Chop Suey'. It's their best song, and it's fun to jump around to and the extended chorus and the ending are beautiful in my opinion. And I used to listen to them a lot so it brings back a ton of memories too.

From First To Last's 'Ride the Wings of Pestilence'. This was my favourite song for years and I still love it, despite the massive disappointment of Sonny leaving just before I was supposed to see them live...and then the solo project turning out to be that Skrillex crap. But they were an awesome band (and maybe they still are, I haven't heard any of the post Sonny stuff as my music tastes changed).

Elbow's 'Grounds for Divorce'. I can't hear it without singing and dancing.

Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance'. Okay, so I can't take is as seriously after hearing 'Leather Pants', but it wasn't until this song that I finally admitted to liking Gaga.

That's all for this time! I'll do another five songs some other time probably, since I didn't even cover any songs from my favourite bands!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

12 kilos of lolita!

I've been winning auctions like a boss for about half a year, and since I wanted my Wonder Story bag for the Bath meet on Saturday I decided to finally ship it! Still waiting for a few items though, but looks like one of them may never get to me as I won the auction 2 months ago =[

Anywho, Celga is very hit and miss. Their site and bidding system is really easy to use, which is pretty much the only reason I use them. The fees are harsh, their bid ID is frequently rejected, they forget to place bids sometimes so you have to remind them. But this time, they sent my package to the wrong address! Thankfully my housemates still live in that place, but since I changed my address on Celga when I moved, that's pretty damn poor. Also while I asked them to mark down the value to quarter, they marked it at $45...which is way less. If it had gotten lost I'd have received no money back at all. Kinda good as it skipped customs, but a value that low looks REALLY suspicious on such a huge parcel! So wasn't too impressed by that.

First up, Angelic Pretty webshop purchases! With these came some stickers, AP plastic bag, sheets detailing the latest releases, La Foret Fashion Week posters and...

a cute tote bag!

Dream Sky skirt and socks! So adorable, wrapped in the trademark pink tissue paper. Probably have to sell this skirt though...originally Celga said they couldn't get me the skirt so I ordered the pink from the USA website. Then they bought me this. Ugh. It's so cute though Dx

Wonder Story bag! I've wanted a book bag for ever, and this is so well made, it's spongy and lush! Only problem is due to the strap placement I have to wear it across my body the 'wrong' way which will take some getting used to. Love it so much though!

Other Angelic Pretty purchases now!

Whip Magic skirt and socks. This print just keeps growing on me, so when I saw it for cheap I snapped it up. The back is odd, the zip is in the centre of the back and the elasticated bits are on the sides at the back! The details are lovely though...I love the pearls on the ends of the waist ties.

Candy bag. One ribbon is missing =/ it was there on the proof photos on the listing, albeit wonky. But it isn't here at all so I can't even stick it back on. Not really sure what I can put on in replacement. It's also a bag that's impossible to use. The zip will barely move and I can't squeeze my hand in very easily. It's a really cute bag though ^_^'

Star bag, to go with Dream Sky! Zip on this a little difficult too and all the corners are bent, but I LOVE IT!

Pastel Pearl skirt in blue. It looked totally different in the photo, but after the initial shock, I love it! Although it is too short to wear a petti with unless I pull it down a little, but then my blouse won't stay tucked in. It has elastic in the back which I had to tighten to hell, so it looks kinda bunched up.

Bunny hood bolero =3

Bobble that came with the bolero.

Hoodie, it fits like a charm!

Cutsew that came with a big lot (I'll explain later). Needs a button to be sewn on.

Lyrical Bunny headband as it'll be soooooooooo useful for casual.

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright

Merry Sweet Castle JSK and headbow. Just fell in love with the colour, and fell in love with the print upon seeing it in real beautiful! Hoping to gradually move more towards this kind of sweet as it's a little more mature.

Usakumya-chan's Stylish Sweet Time JSK...I love scallops! This JSK is a bit big though as I bought L size (it was cheaper!).

Swan Lake skirt. Have you gathered how much I love this colour yet?

Lovely Sweet Room JSK, quite tea-stained but won't notice when worn.

Alice's Garden JSK, MINT!!

Capelet. Love the chains on it.

Now, the set I mentioned earlier! I always wanted a heart apron in white, but for the same price I saw this:

a pink one which came with...

a JSK (don't like the shirring, but beautiful lace),

a cardigan (some red stains, but mostly on hood where it isn't visible)

and this headdress (one ribbon is falling off, but easily stitched back on).

Bonnet and socks which came in a set with a petticoat. Bit scabby and off-colour though, much worse than the seller made out. I'm not sure if bonnets suit me anyway...thoughts?

Alice And The Pirates

Kuroneko no Dance! I loved this print so much from the second I saw it. This is my first big AATP piece, although my first ever brand piece was a cardigan of theirs. I actually thought this skirt was black, but it's a beautiful dark emerald green...that looks black haha. However it seems to have had a bleach incident as there are some orange bits on the back, which isn't noticeable in the print but is on the green. It isn't too bad though, hoping it doesn't show too much when worn. And obviously the price reflected this flaw.


Swan Lake! The print that made me a lolita pretty much. Came without the sleeves and collar, but not too bothered. Just hope I wear it as I don't really like OPs, but I couldn't pass this up as it was my first dream print and it's stunning.

And some other random stuff...

Free Kera magazines from Celga (the packaged ones, the other I bought from a British seller recently), two Kanon Wakeshima singles, two Moon Kana albums (Spade is signed!). Also got a Maximum The Hormone album for Rob, but he already took it.

Pikachu kigurumi! It's so massive on me as it's meant for someone taller than me...but it's so warm and snuggle-y and I wish I could wear it everywhere (well, not really. It's so unflattering).

That's everything! Sorry it was delayed in posting, my camera batteries died and I didn't have any more. Now the only items I'm waiting for from Celga are ETC's Present Box skirt, a pinkXbrown split wig and ETC's Mermaid print!

Needless to say, I won't be buying anything new for an awfully long time now.

In other news, been ill for almost a week now. Started with a sore throat, and now with intermittent runny nose and coughing. Haven't been able to sleep very well because of it, so my work has been suffering and I will look like hell at the lolita meet because I haven't had the energy to make myself pretty...but hope I'm well enough to go! I've been looking forward to it for ages.