Thursday, 13 October 2011

My Little Pony Collection

Oh has happened. I have become a collector of My Little Ponies!

My collection is very small since I only started buying them earlier this week! I hope to keep adding to it though and get a nice sized herd. My focus is on the G3 ponies as they look like nicest in my opinion...and they seem to have the most glitter =3 And also Pinkie Pies, as she is my favourite character in Friendship Is Magic.

I really wish I hadn't gotten rid of my old McDonald's ponies, but my mum made me before we moved =[ booooo!

The first lot that arrived! Could have bought a bigger lot but these were in better condition - going for quality over quantity. These are G3s called Razzaroo, Sparkleworks and Pretty Parasol (she's my favourite, it's the glitter that does it. And her cutie mark is practically rori =P).

G4 and G3.5 Pinkie Pies.

G3.5 Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash (I love Dashie's hair so much!).

I also have a plush toy of Rainbow Dash that's a bit worse for wear and a mini pony that came with some lolita I bought once. I hope to add to my collection as time goes on though...hoping I can convice my other half to buy me some for Christmas (there's no way my family would buy me any).

Do you guys collect anything?

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  1. What a cute collection! I never saw very much of the original My Little Pony series and, to be honest, have yet to see an episode of the new one, but the figurines are adorable! :3

    I guess I could say I collect keychains and mobile charms (even though I have no phone!) because my room/DS has been bombarded with them! >.<;