Saturday, 30 June 2012

Recent merch buys!

I thought I'd share a few recent 'normal' clothing buys that I'm happy with!

I've been really getting back into music again recently, and so I have started buying band tees again with mixed success.

A while back I bought a ton of Frank Turner merch. This was a Wembley set I bought which included...

a tee,

a scarf,

a poster, and a book.

I also bought this badge set.

Annoyingly despite buying the smallest tee size, it's massive and is essentially useless for girls because it's a total man shape. Haven't decided whether to alter it or sell it yet.

These two tees were from ebay and I love them both!

I already own a plethora of Muse tees, but this is my first hoodie (appears to be a Knights of Cydonia one). Sadly it also suffers from chronic hugeness and man shape. It almost comes down to my knees and my hands don't even reach the cuffs...but it's really snug and warm! However, Muse has somewhat fallen out of my favour recently. I just spent £130-ish on two tickets to see them later in the year, but the album teaser was crap and the Olympics song is crap too. Damnit!

My Jimmy Eat World tees! I wasn't too sure about ordering them at first as the website had no sizing chart and no contact emails or anything, plus shipping from America (plus customs and Royal Mail handling fee) was expensive. But they're one of my favourite bands, and the lilac tee is so my style anyway! I got the blue one too as it was only a few dollars and the shipping fee was flat anyway. Thankfully they fit me perfectly despite the fact that I had to completely chance it.

As for band merch I want...I still want the Frank Turner zip-up hoodie as I wear my pullover one an awful lot. I would like a Million Dead tee although obviously they're few and far between since the band split it 2005 and so seem to be either crap condition or overpriced. I'd also like a Biffy Clyro tee as they're one of my favourites at the moment!

And I couldn't resist this Avengers tee from Qwertee.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Small Lolita & Fairy-Kei Haul!

I have pretty much stopped buying lolita clothes as I don't really get many chances to dress up at the moment, and I have far too many clothes anyway. BUT when I saw one of my dream dresses at auction (one I'd narrowly missed buying in the Angelic Pretty sale) I couldn't resist buying it!

My gorgeous Moon Night Theater pleated JSK in wine!

The details are amazing, from the custom AP lace to the glittery golden thread and soft ribbons.

My only problems with it are that the pleats mess up easily (this dress already needs an iron after wearing it just once), and I also max it out as there is no shirring. So I guess I should cut down on the cakes.

To make my order with my shopping service seem more worthwhile, I bought a few other things too. Unfortunately I got scammed on one item (a cotton candy sweater from Milklim - gutted as I've always wanted one of those sweaters!).

A silly OTT furry jacket from Angelic Pretty! I have no idea what I'll wear it with, but the price was good and it's just so silly I couldn't not buy it. All the lace is detachable and amazing quality. I'd love to try a hime outfit with it, but that would require doing my hair and make-up properly xP

Swimmer shoes! I haven't tried them on yet, but they should be fine. I thought they'd be cute for fairy-kei style outfits.

And lastly, a long Milklim top. I wasn't majorly keen on it when I bought it, I just really wanted to own some Milklim as it's easily one of my favourite clothing brands. However upon seeing it in real life, I love it!

The colours and details are so cute. It's more shapeless than I'd thought it'd be though, but I'll have fun making some coords with it.

Not from Japan, but I figured I'd add these here anyway - a cute panda purse from New Look. It's pretty tiny and a bit crushed already, but pandas are so cute xP

And these were from Asda. The Hello Kitty pencil was 37p and the Monster High case was 75p! I was annoyed though as there was supposed to be a 75p MH notebook too, but they were sold out. And Asda had tons of cool stuff I wanted but couldn't buy as I was with mum (they had dollymix ponies (the G3 kind!), and Cupid).

I also have a few non-cutesy clothing purchases I'll share in a seperate post tomorrow =]

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Cake & Cider!

It seems like a really long time since the last meet, so needless to say I was really looking forward to seeing all my frilly friends. Low on photos as I didn't use my camera at all and so have pilfered these from other people!

I wore my new Angelic Pretty dress that I only unpacked just before leaving the house (had a stressful morning and ended up being late as the car broke down halfway up a hill so I had to wait to make sure Rob would be okay and then get a bus to town and then out to my house to change and then back to town!). It's called Moon Night Theater and while the pleats are a pain, I absolutely adore it.

We went to Sydney Gardens for a sheltered picnic. I took the muffins I made (I left a few and the cupcakes at my house for my housies to eat), and my finished cupcake-shaped cake.

It was really good to see everyone and meet some new people too! Here's a photo of the group:

After the picnic we went to Number 1 Royal Crescent, a restored Georgian town house. It was kind of interesting, but I was really tired so I struggled to focus on the history.

After all that, we went to our favourite pub - The Hob. Beestings all round! I ended up drinking far too much (and apparently Rob had planned on surprising me with a romantic dinner, but I stayed in the pub and then missed my bus. So he wasn't too happy when he came to pick me up Dx apparently he'd wanted to get McDonald's instead, but he had to practically carry me to the car so we didn't go. Oh dear!).

Can't wait for the next meet, although since I probably can't afford to attend the Alice Day one (partially due to forking out for September's super-meet with J et J in attendance!) so the next one isn't for a whole month. Boo!

Friday, 22 June 2012

Baking up a storm.

Tomorrow is the first lolita meet in a while and we should be having a picnic, so I wanted to make something yummy! I couldn't decide between muffins and cupcakes, so I figured: why not do both?

Turns out we only had 5 cupcake cases, so the rest of the cupcake mix was used to make a cupcake-shaped cake! As for the muffins, blueberry was the obvious choice as my parents went away for a few days and left a fridge full of the things, and I'm not overly keen on them. There are still some left!

The cakes before they were baked!

And on the cooling rack. My muffins went soggy-bottomed to they're now upside down. Not sure if it will save them or not though Dx

Between baking and washing up afterwards, I spent almost 3 hours in the kitchen! Wao. If that seems like a long time, it's because I mix everything by hand. Don't need no mixer.

I'll post photos of them fully done after the meet as I don't want to spoil the surprise! I don't even know how to decorate them yet, so I'll be spending another hour or so in the kitchen this afternoon. I'm off for a long soak in the bath (complete with purple glitter and bubbles) first though!

Here are some songs about baking! I feel like this when I'm making cakes haha.

Yes, I'm a big child. I ain't even mad.

Also the other day I made veggie spaghetti bolognese with my mum.

I love food, so getting into cooking it is a good idea ;]

Don't you think cooking is fun? What are youre favourite things to make?

Thursday, 14 June 2012


Last Saturday I went to Cranmore with my boyfriend and his mum for some lunch and a ride on the steam train!

I thought it was good fun, but Rob was less impressed!

I was a fool and didn't put suncream on as I didn't think it was going to be sunny...

Awkward tanline is awkward! Note to self - shorts, suspenders and OTKs are not a good idea! Now I'm stuck with this on ONE leg. And my short-wearing is ruined for the rest of the Summer (but oh well).

Also this week I saw a cat on a motorcycle!

I am currently staying at my friend's house and she's coming to stay over mine tonight. Hoorah, contact with humans! Although we spent all last night watching Fringe, are currently on our laptops in silence, and will probably spend tonight watching Pretty Cure. But oh well, I like this =3

And finally, not this weekend but the next I am meeting with my frilly friends! It feels like forever since I got loli-ed up to see them. I also have a new lolita dress (the first in a long while) waiting for me back in Bath, although I'm unlikely to go back this week. But I'll post about it when I do get back.

Sunday, 10 June 2012


Soooo on Thursday I made the rather last minute decision that I wanted to go see Biffy Clyro on the Friday in Swindon's Oasis, even if I had to go on my own! I had to buy my ticket on Ebay, but luckily it only cost me £35 (which once booking fees and postage were added onto RRP isn't too far off the price it would have cost originally).

My ticket (photo to come later, forgot to take one Dx lol)! In the end I didn't get it until a few seconds before entering the venue. I thought I was meeting the seller there (and I got badly lost on the way...stupid Swindon and lack of road signs!) but they'd been waiting for me at the station and I was freaking out! But it all turned out fine, thankfully. The wait wasn't nice as I was stressing out and it was cold and a bit wet and everyone else was in friendship groups. Need to find friends with the same taste in music as me Dx

I found a spot at the side of the hall and stuck there for most of the time, although I got a Bulmers from the bar when I first went in. I didn't have enough money to buy a t-shirt...I'd wanted the 'Biffy says relax' one.

The support band was called Pure Love. I'd never heard of them before, but apparently the singer was in a band called Gallows before who I have heard of. They were actually pretty good!

And then Biffy Clyro themselves! This was my third time seeing them, but first time in a small venue and with them as headliners. They were brilliant \(^u^)/

More photos!

Very much looking forward to their new album(s) later in the year now. Should be good!

Quick snap of my outfit I took on the way out of the venue. I love these boots, but my feet were already sore and rubbed from earlier in the week and I now have a really REALLY bad foot (I had to walk almost 2 miles to the train station, the venue was almost a mile from the station there and on the way I doubled that or more from getting lost, standing for the whole thing, and then the same back...)

And I did my nails to say 'MON THE BIFF' although I did it in a rush and made a mess of it.

Sorry about all the music posts recently, I am really into my music again at the moment! I'll try to get back into making lolita-related posts it's just that it hasn't held my interest so much recently OTL.