Thursday, 14 June 2012


Last Saturday I went to Cranmore with my boyfriend and his mum for some lunch and a ride on the steam train!

I thought it was good fun, but Rob was less impressed!

I was a fool and didn't put suncream on as I didn't think it was going to be sunny...

Awkward tanline is awkward! Note to self - shorts, suspenders and OTKs are not a good idea! Now I'm stuck with this on ONE leg. And my short-wearing is ruined for the rest of the Summer (but oh well).

Also this week I saw a cat on a motorcycle!

I am currently staying at my friend's house and she's coming to stay over mine tonight. Hoorah, contact with humans! Although we spent all last night watching Fringe, are currently on our laptops in silence, and will probably spend tonight watching Pretty Cure. But oh well, I like this =3

And finally, not this weekend but the next I am meeting with my frilly friends! It feels like forever since I got loli-ed up to see them. I also have a new lolita dress (the first in a long while) waiting for me back in Bath, although I'm unlikely to go back this week. But I'll post about it when I do get back.

1 comment:

  1. The steam train looks nice! I want test it's ride too x3
    Sounds you have had very fun : >

    Ahahaha, and the motorcycle cat is so sweet♥ xD