Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Monika's Birthday Karaoke

On Saturday I visited Monika in Bristol!

She has the cutest bengal kitties...they were so huge and shy.

I ended up borrowing one of Monika's gorgeous BTSSB dresses for the night out!

Here's the pair of us by a tiny door we found in Bristol.

Aaaaaand karaoke!

Maria made adorable cupcakes, but I was too full of pizza to eat one D=

Afterwards we went to a pub where some jerk decided to look up dress. I slapped him (I was really annoyed as obviously the dress wasn't mine and I was holding a full pint of cider and black which would have stained badly had he been any rougher). Apparently my reaction made me 'fiesty' or something, as then his friend decided to have a go too? Like are you serious? Next guy who tries it is getting a black eye!

We went to an 80s club night for a little bit where they looked down upon me for requesting Duran Duran...and we took silly selfies, of course!

Overall I had a great time, and the highlights were duetting with Kath to Jimmy Eat World and dancing the Macarena with Kyra to Metallica!

So refined and elegant~

Musée du Chocolat

After quite a saga, Musée du Chocolat is finally in my arms!

This series was released at the end of August, if I remember correctly. I liked the print immediately but wasn't sure whether to buy anything or not for quite a while as it isn't my usual style due to the more classic feel, but in the end I decided I had to have it!

I had difficulty deciding what to get as there were things I did and didn't like for each piece and had mixed feelings about the colourways. Despite preferring the chiffon and knotted trims on the OP I decided on the switching JSK as I liked the tuxedo-esque front and laced back, and had mint as my first choice.

Kyra bought it for me in a store in Japan to save megabucks on shipping and customs, but they were sold out of my first choice and I ended up with brown. Brown was a last minute second choice to be honest, but I thought it had more coordination options if it had less colours in it to begin with! I also decided on the headbow rather than the bonnet due to cost, although I'm regretting this a little now.

My items!

First up, the JSK (¥27,090). The print is a really nice colour which is great as I was a little worried about how brown would look. I just have to hope that my brown hair and eyes don't clash or make me look washed out!

I didn't notice how cute the buttons or pintucks were in the stock photos! Although really the buttons would have benefitted GREATLY from being gold. The bow at the waist has a loop and a pin on the back. The rope is held up with really thin belt loops.

Sadly there is none of the brown knotted trim that is on the other version, but the lace looks much nicer in real life and I love the golden tassles! My main criticism here is that black thread has been used to attach the lace, which is slightly visible if you look reaaaally closely. The print is much more detailed than is evident in the stock photos though; I love those drips of melting chocolate on the frames! And the gaps above the little frames are less irritating when seen on an actual garment.

Next up, the headbow (¥3,570). I'm not too fond of this as I don't like the gold trim and it just sits really awkwardly, but it does have that knotted trim I was talking about. I'm hoping to buy the bonnet eventually, which originally cost ¥8,295 (aka A LOT).

Tights in ivory (¥4,200). I thought ivory would balance the outfit better as I'm likely to wear a white blouse. Plus this way they might go with more of my stuff!

Ankle socks in brown (¥2,625). They don't match perfectly (there were several brown versions of these socks) but they'll still look super cute! They don't feel as soft as I was expecting, but the ribbon and lace are very nice and Japanese socks always fit my feet perfectly. Hope to find some gold tea parties for a reasonable price to print out those little gold details.

I was starting to regret this purchase, but now that it's here I don't regret it at all! Really looking forward to doing triplet coords with Kyra and Monika as they have this series in brown too!

Friday, 18 October 2013

Holy Lantern

As soon as I saw the Holy Lantern series, I knew I wanted this JSK. I wasn't sure about buying it because of other purchases I wanted to make and customs worries, but in the end I decided I needed it! I have been wanting something with a bit of a gothic twist to it for some time.

Buying it was a real pain as I got up at 4am on the 5th (12 noon JP time) for it. I refreshed the international page for 3 hours before giving up, as the shop was still down. I fell asleep from 7-8am, checked as soon as I woke up and I'd completely missed it! With some luck I managed to score the JSK on a restock as I'd done a last sad refresh before getting up and caught it at just the right time! I didn't manage to get any accessories though.

Packaging was same as before (AP bag in bubblewrap, came with another bag, care instructions, and sticker). It was shipped on the 10th and arrived today (the 18th). I got hit by customs, but the overall charge including Parcelforce fee was only £20. Not sure what's going on with customs, but definitely can't complain!

My first impression was a shocked one, as the colour isn't what I was expecting. It seems slightly darker/browner than I expected, although looking back at photos and print sample I don't know why I was expecting that. I guess because other AP reds are a bit brighter? I'll have to compare it to Moon Night Theater and Wonder Story later. Hoping it's not as different as I think as otherwise the headbow I have won't match!

This is what it looks like with flash. It reflects the light a lot. The over-fabric is sheer, with nice shiny lining and a small amount of built-in petti as usual.

The front lacing, zips, and sweetheart neckline add points of interest on the bodice.

The lace has lanterns on it to match the flocked print, and the hem is actually slightly scalloped.

I was a little disappointed to find chiffon fluff on the front! Luckily I could just tuck it in. There were threads coming from the top frill too, which will have to be trimmed.

The cross-shaped zipper pulls are just the cutest...

...and there are crosses on the waist-ribbon too!

However I'm not fond of these buttons, nor of the fully-shirred back!

Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase. I haven't tried it on yet, but it looks like it's quite short and therefore ought to be a nice length on me. I just have to hope I can find the bow and wrist-cuffs in future! I hope to get my hands on the black JSK one day too!

Friday, 11 October 2013

Mini Angelic Pretty Haul & FromJapan Review

Since getting ACNL and having the Milky Planet OP on there, I suddenly felt I needed to own the dress in real life. It seemed it was time for a new shopping service, and at the recommendation of some friends, I decided to use FromJapan. Their ordering forms were pretty straight forward for Mbok and the tracking of status was really good too. Bidding on Yahoo was a little more fiddly as you have to add deposit to your account as opposed to paying directly, but fine once you get used to it! I have nothing bad to say of their service at all.

Onto the loot!

Everything was boxed up securely. I got hit by customs and had a panic when tracking showed that I would be charged an altered amount which I assumed meant they saw through my mark-down, but I got charged for what I marked as far as I can tell (more than half of my charge was Parcelforce fees *grumble*).

My items!

The Milky Planet OP that prompted my fated return to auctions! I paid quite a lot for it (around retail), but it turned out to be brand new with tags, so can't really complain.

The collar and apron are both detachable, and it's covered in adorable glitter! I'm not sure about white lace, though.

Next up is the Jewelry Jelly miniskirt! I've been wanting a print one for a while, and I figured 'why not!'. That said I would like to trade it for something black...

More adorable glitter, and colourful built-in flouff that I love so much about this series!

I got this Jewelry Jelly hoodie in the auction too. The pink matches Milky Planet print really well.

Adorable embroidery and lace, and cute charms too!

And a photo of my Jewelry Jelly collection as it stands...u jelly?

I'd definitely use FromJapan again, although I'm going to try hard not too as my lolita collection is pretty ridiculous at the moment! More stuff on its way to me too, so look forward to it.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Jim Lockey & the Solemn Sun

Last week I saw JL&tSS again in Bristol! The gig was originally supposed to be in the Louisiana again but was moved to the Exchange due to popular demand. We got lost finding the venue, but somehow we didn't miss anything! I also felt stupid coz I was talking about Oxygen Thief and then realised that he was stood right next to us at the time...*cringe* Also I only had my phone for photos, and it wouldn't focus properly for some reason!

The first band was called Armchair Committee and they were pretty good. I thought the bassist kinda looked like a young emo version of Graham Stark which was odd haha.

Next was Oxygen Thief. I'd seen him before a while ago but this was a full band set. While I enjoyed him last time, I enjoyed this time even more as it was heavier and suited the songs better in my opinion.

And then was Jim Lockey and the Solemn Sun!

They sounded great, there was a lot of singing along from the crowd, and as usual they stood in the middle of the crowd for Boat Song.

I bought their first album after the show from Jim as I hadn't bought it yet, although sadly the merch I wanted wasn't in stock in my size! I wish I'd bought something now anyway as there is no merch online right now, which is a shame.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Japanese Lolita Baton

I am bored and wide awake, so I decided to this Japanese lolita baton that I found here. It's pretty long though!

(1) HNと生年月日、出身を教えて下さい。(Screen-
name and DOB, please tell me these~.) fireextinquisher (also with_a_zacky, Suppie, mizuiro depending on site)

身長・体重・服のサイズ・靴のサイズは? (height, weight, clothing size and shoe size) 158cm, 116lbs, UK10, UK4.5

ロリィタファッションをするようになったキッカケは? (why did you start to dress lolita?) I don't really know. I guess I just wanted to look kawaii (I was a weeb).

好きなロリィタのジャンルは? (which style of lolita do you like) I like most styles, but feel most comfortable in sweet (often with a twist though, such as bittersweet).

上記に対する拘りや、自分なりの定義などあれば、教えて下さい。(express in your own words, the ideal your above answer) Oh that's pretty difficult! I suppose punky, unconventional coord with huge boots and AP print dress.

ピアスは開けていますか? また、いくつあいてますか? (Do you have piercings? Where?) Ear lobes, one top of ear, and nose. Considering snakebites but need a job first.

好きなブランドは?(Which brands do you like?) Angelic Pretty & BTSSB mostly. I go mad for AP but I have a strong, more understated love for BTSSB.

アナタの一番お気に入りのお洋服はどんな服ですか?(Which are your favourite clothes you wear?) Sugary Carnival skirt is a favourite as it doesn't have to be worn super sweet, but I love most of my stuff really.

ロリィタ友達は何人くらい居ますか?(how many lolita friends do you have?) Loads! Only a couple close ones though I guess.

ロリィタをした上での一番良かったことは?(What do you love most about lolita?) The community. I would have no friends if it weren't for lolita!

逆に一番一番嫌なことは?(What do you hate about it? Pet peeves??) Public reaction.

愛読雑誌は?(Magazine you read?) Kera is my favourite, but I read GLB too.

ヘッドドレス派? ボンネット派? リボン派?(Headdresses, bonnets or ribbons/katsushya?) Generally wear katsushya but I have a growing love for bonnets.

ドロワーズは穿いていますか?(Yes to Drawers/Bloomers?) Yes! Unless wearing shorts for quick change.

ヘッドドレスは前で結ぶ派? 後ろで結ぶ派?(do you tie headdresses at the front or at the back?) Front, my hair just gets way too tangled otherwise.

好きな音楽のジャンル・バンドなどはありますか?(Who is your favourite band/type of music?) Currently loving Enter Shikari but my favourites change often. Rock music of many types.

携帯の着メロは何ですか?(What is your phone ring tone~?) Biffy Clyro's 'The Captain'.

ライヴにはロリィタで行きますか?(Do you go to concerts in lolita?) Noooooooooooooo. I'm fearing for my life already at Warped, as if I'd risk fancy clothes when I'm likely to get kicked in the face.

ライヴに行く方はライヴ中にヘドバンしますか?(For people who attend concerts: Do you headbang there?) No, it risks my glasses.

何色が好きですか?(What colours do you like?) Wine red is current favourite, and black.

趣味は何ですか?(What are your hobbies?) Cross-stitch (must replenish supplies and get back into it), Tumblr, gaming, eating lots of pizza with my bf.

愛用の香水があれば、教えて下さい。(If you have any favourite perfumes, please tell us.) LouLou is what I tend to use, but my favourite scent is roses and I'm still hoping that my bf will get the hint and buy me some Westwood perfume eventually!

ロリィタする上での「コレだけは気をつけている」ということはありますか?(Is there anything you are careful of in lolita?) I make more effort to not spill drinks and food...I don't tend to care too much out of lolita.

主によく出没する所は何処ですか?(Do you have any favourite haunts to go to in lolita?) Hob! It's the best pub and we don't really get odd looks in there as everyone is odd.

週に何回くらいロリィタですか?(how many times a week do you dress lolita?) Zero...I need to move out.

ロリィタ初心者時に仕出かした恥ずかしいエピソードを教えて下さい。(Please tell us an embarrassing story when you were a beginner in lolita.) I just looked awful. Probably still do, but at least my clothes are nice now.

アナタの今の髪型と色は?(Your current hairstyle and colour.) Long and brown, usually in twin braids. No bangs.

ロリィタ歴はどのくらい?(What is your lolita history?) I don't really know what this means.

専用の衣装収納場所がありますか?(Do you store your clothes in a special place?) Wherever I can shove them...

今までロリィタを止めようと思ったことはありますか? また、その理由は?(Did you ever think about stopping Lolita? What was the reason?) Lots of times. I have problems with shopping addiction, my mother hates it and bullies me about it so I can't even wear it, friends quitting.

あなたのモットーは?(What is your motto?) Feel the fear and do it anyway.

将来の夢は?(Your dreams of the Future?) I just want a job right now...

この人は絶対ロリィタ似合う! と思う有名人の方はいますか?("This person is so perfect for lolita!" - Do you ever think that about certain celebrities?) lolno. Unless ones that are already lolitas count (Kanon Wakeshima, for example).

一番思い出の詰まったお品とその思い出を教えて下さい。(Any products/items you have with a fond memory?) My AP hair ties that Sophie gave me as a gift.

一番最初に手に入れたお品は?(What was your first item?) A poodle print skirt from Bodyline.

写真を撮る時の決めポーズはありますか?(Have you got a pose for photos?) Generally one foot in air and hand by face, but trying to use the Malfoy pose more.

アナタの心のバイブルを教えて下さい。(本・雑誌・CDなど何でも)(What is your heart's bible? [book/magazine/CD/etc]) Maybe Kamikaze Girls or something like that...I love the book and hope the sequel gets translated eventually, even if not professionally.

一番高い踵の靴は何cmありますか?(what is the best cm for heels?) Small. Platforms can be sky high though.

ティアラはつけたことがありますか?(Do you wear tiaras?) They don't suit people without bangs =[ I'd love to wear them though!

たまには王子をやってみたいと思いますか? また、どんな王子? 暗黒系? 白馬系?(Do you think you want to try prince style? What kind of prince? Ankoku-kei [Gothic/dark prince]? Or "prince on a white horse" style?) No. Wouldn't suit me I don't think, and it usually looks horrid. Maybe if it was very cute.

レースはどんな種類が好きですか?(What types of lace do you like?) AP has the best lace, soft and patterned.

お人形さんを所有していますか? 持っている方はその子に対する思いを熱くどうぞ!(Do you own a doll? Does it give you fun, childish feelings?) I have Monster High, but I guess that doesn't count. And no, I just like them.

ロリィタ時の鞄の中身は?(What is in your lolita bag?) Currently probably a mirror and nothing else, but usually also phone, keys, purse, camera, emergency food and drink, lipstick, extra accessories, maybe a handwritten timetable if I'm travelling to a meet.

好きな花は何ですか?(What is your favourite flower?) Daisies as they are simple, but I love the scent of roses.

今、一番のお気に入りアクセサリーはどんなもの?(Right now, what is your favourite accessory?) Cat beanie! Not very lolita but it has been really rainy recently and I need it to keep my hood up!

お気に入り・お勧めの化粧品を教えて下さい。(Please recommend us some cosmetics.) I don't really use anything specific, only cheap crap people gave me. I am fond of my Mac Hello Kitty blush though.

パッチリお目目はお人形さんの証! ということでつけまつ毛は使っていますか?(With Eye-tape your eyes look like a Doll's! What eyelashes will you wear?) lol but I'm white. I don't wear lashes, just mascara. And that's if it's a big event.

アイメイクの拘りをどうぞ。(Your eye-makeup for these eyelashes?) Usually pink shadow (maybe with other colours blended on outer corner), white liner around inner eye, and black liner on top lid and waterline and under outer corner. I am bad with explaining.

口紅は赤? ? ? ピンク?(Red Lipstick? Blue? Black? Pink?) Usually just a light gloss, but I love bright or dark red lipstick if it matches my outfit.

マニキュアは何色を使うことが多いですか? (Or which nail polish do you choose normally?) Black, sometimes colour tips to match outfit.

駅のトイレでコッソリ着替えたことありますか?(Have you ever changed in a train station bathroom?) I've changed on the platform...

双子ロリ、三つ子ロリしたことありますか? 感想は?(What do you think of 'twinning' and 'triplet' lolitas?) I think it's cute, as long as it's intentional. If it's not it can be a bit cringey, especially if one is wearing a replica.

体型をキープ(もしくはダイエット)するためにどんなことをしていますか? お勧めは?(How do you keep in shape for lolita? Recommend us something.) I'm failing at that, but I have lost almost half a stone by keeping track of calories, cutting out some snacks, and I just started indoor cycling to try to tone up my legs.

独りでロリィタは平気ですか?(Do you keep calm when by yourself in Lolita?) Only if people aren't giving me shit. Sometimes I just feel badass and don't care.

月々にかかるお洋服・小物代はどれくらいですか?(How much do you spend per month on clothes/accessories?) Far too much! Although depends on the month. Last month I bought 2 new dresses and a skirt which probably came to £500+ but usually I don't buy anything.

ロリィタファッションを知ってから、実際にするまでのタイムラグ・抵抗はありましたか?(Was there a time lag between you knowing about Lolita and dressing?) Definitely. I couldn't buy things online until I moved out of home, and it took a while to talk myself into spending more than £5 on an item!

今まで買った中で一番高い物は?(ロリィタ関係で)(What is your most expensive Lolita item?) Probably Sugary Carnival JSK in pink. It cost £350 before postage and customs...

ロリィタって本当にお金かかりますよね。ロリィタ費用をどうやって捻出していますか?(It takes a lot of money to do Lolita. How do you save?) I just spent my student loan mostly...

ココだけでコッソリ。今までかけた総費用は大体いくら?(Just a little secret here...How much have you spent so far on Lolita, roughly?) I have no idea, but it must be around the £10,000 mark by now? Maybe not...but I don't know. I don't wish to know.

近くに出来て欲しいお店はありますか?(Is there a Brand you want near where you live?) Well it'd be nice to have an AP here so I could afford to buy the little things, but I'd end up buying so many dresses!

ココだけの話、あそこはボッタクリやろ! と思う店はありますか?("Man, what a rip-off!!" Have you ever thought that about a store?) All of them! I never thought I'd spend more than £20 on a dress so I thought it was a rip-off when I started.

ネットショップは利用したことがありますか? ある方はその良い点・悪い点など、これからの方への助言をお願いします。(Do you shop online? If so, put the good & bad points here to advise others.) Always. Good points are more choice, bad points are not knowing if things will fit, stress at battling with others for items, post risk, and dodgy sellers.

ちょっと秘密にしときたいけれど、私だけにコッソリな個人 製作サイトさんを教えて下さい。(You can say if you want, but is there a Secret person/shop that you have ordered a dress solely for you from? [I guess commissioned/replicated]) No.

絶対に手が届かない〜! でも、滅茶苦茶欲しい! あのブランドのあの商品ありますか?("I can never have that/see that happening!! But I will always want it!!" Is there a brand you think this of?) Juliette et Justine. I am smack bang between their sizes so nothing would fit me.

飽きちゃったお洋服はどうしますか?(What do you do with the clothes you don't want anymore?) Keep them anyway! Occasionally sell on Ebay, and I have friends who want first dibs on anything I decide to sell too.

一番最近に買ったアイテムは?(ロリィタ以外でも)(What is your most recent purchase? [Even non-lolita]) Well my most recent purchase was a shirt for my bf which is boring, but last lolita purchase was Musée du Chocolat which should hopefully arrive this week. Also hoping to get Holy Lantern on Saturday but I think it will be crazy stressful.

もう二度と手に入らないだろうけれど、忘れられないものはありますか?(Is there an item which you love that you can't buy/seem to find?) Yes! My two dream items. Glass Doll OP in pretty much any colour (mainly black, white, lavender) and Gloria skirt in wine red.

ライヴなどの時だけロリィタの格好をすることをどう思いますか?(What do you think of people who only wear lolita to concerts?) Well this isn't Japan. I'd think they were crazy. Sweat and booze everywhere.

すっぴんロリィタさんをどう思いますか?(what do you think of lolitas without makeup?) I am often one. I don't think it matters if you wear make-up or not. Obviously it looks better with, but then so does every day. But life's just too short.

アナタとまるっきり同じ格好のロリィタさんが! どうします?(Another lolita is wearing the same coordinate/clothes as you!! What do you do?) Laugh about it and then cry in private if they looked way better than me.

ロリィタは何歳から何歳まで許されますか?(What age should you stop Lolita?) Whenever you feel it is no longer for you.

どういう状態になったら、ロリィタは卒業すべきと考えますか?(ずっと続けて良いも、アリです)(When do you think you should graduate from Lolita? And why?) When you don't want to wear it anymore. And you can always come back to it.

コレだけは止めてくれ! というロリィタファッション上の注意はありますか?("You should stop that!!!>_<;" What must you not do when dressing lolita? Can't think of anything.

ロリィタとはこうあるべき! というような考えはありますか?(A lolita should be 'this'! What do you think that should be?) A lolita should be herself.

(75) 73
以外で、ロリィタさんにコレはして欲しくない! ということがあったら、どうぞ。(Excluding #73, is there anything you should definitely not do in lolita?) Mud-wrestling or something?

男の方のロリィタファッションについてどう思いますか?(What do you think of men in lolita?) I feel a little uncomfortable at first because you don't know if they'll be creepers but I think as long as they are dressed well there is no problem.

ロリィタをして、それ以前から何か変わりました?(Did you change yourself for dressing lolita?) My budget got bigger, and I didn't wear dresses or skirts before. Or pink.

周囲の人はアナタがロリィタをすることについて何と言っていますか? 受け入れてくれてますか?(What does your family and surrounding people think of you dressing lolita? And do you accept it?) My mum hates it and verbally abuses me whenever the topic comes up. Rest of family just says it's not for them. My gran loves AP's fabrics though as she's a seamstress and can appreciate the quality.

真夏の暑い祭にアナタはどんなロリィタファッションをしますか?(How do you dress Lolita in the boiling mid-summer?) Shorter AP skirt like Dream Sky, vest, no socks.

学校・職場などにロリィタで行っていますか?(have you gone to School or Work in lolita?) I wore lolita every day in my second year of university!

普段の服装の系統は?(How do you dress normally?) Hoodie, vest, shorts, tights. Mostly black.

中古品に対する抵抗はありますか?(Do you think twice about buying second-hand clothes?) Not really, as long as I can judge the condition reasonably accurately.

彼(or 夫)はいますか? また、理解はありますか? (Do you have a boyfriend? [or husband?] Does he understand Lolita?) Bf, and he likes it. I wouldn't say he understands it, but he can recognise brands and some prints! I think he only likes it coz he likes me and pretty much everything I do.

理想の男性像を教えて下さい。(Please tell us your ideal man.) I would say Simon Neil but he has tattoos on his fingers now and it's no kawaii at all.

今まであった中で一番印象に残ってるロリィタさんはどんな人?(What lolita has left a big, shiny impression on you so far?) Probably Michaela as she always seems really positive, and she recognised me from LJ the first time we met!

自分で服を作ったことがありますか? それはどんな服?(Have you made your own clothes? What are they like?) No. I tried to make a bow once, but I gave up.

自分で小物を作ったことがありますか? 何を作りましたか?(Have you made your own accessories? What did you make?) No. I'd like to make some bead bracelets though.

今まででの自作アイテムでコレは大成功! というものはありますか?(The best item you have made! What is it?) Dude I don't make things.

理想のロリィタ服やコーディネートがあれば、語って下さい。(Please say your most perfect lolita coordination you wear.) I think my erololi one was a favourite. No blouse, Bodyline Alice In Wonderland JSK in blackXpink, red Vivienne Westwood bustier, red tights, black headbow with red ribbon around, and black heels.

憧れの方はいますか? どんな人ですか?(Do you admire someone? What are they like?) No one in particular, but I do adore Noor as she always looks so fashionable and seems like a lovely person.

(91) 1
日大好きなあの人とデートが出来ることになりました。相手も自分の好きな格好をして来てくれます。(One day I will go on a date with that person. What would you like to wear for him?) I want to wear Musée du Chocolat! Hope it gets here before out anniversary!

アナタが将来お店を開くとしたら、どんなお店を持ちたいですか?(If you want one, what type of store would you open in the future?) I'd just open an AP store, and I'd like to have a little café attached. And maybe some second hand vinyl too coz why not.

ついついコレに目が行っちゃうのよね〜。というモチーフはありますか?(Your eyes get attracted inadvertently to something. What is this motif?) Carousel ponies.

自分の子供もロリィタにしたいと思いますか?(Would you dress your child in lolita?) No. I don't want kids anyway though.

一着のロリ服にいくらまでかけられますか?(How much do you spend on one outfit?) Most probably £200-300, but I have some cheap ones too.

これぞロリィタ! という仕種があれば、教えて下さい。("This is Lolita!!" Please say what you would say this about.) Cupcake-shaped skirts.

一度でいいから着てみたい! ロリィタ以外でそんな格好ありますか?("I have always wanted to try that once!" What, in the Lolita world, have you wanted to try wearing?) Cage skirt!

自分のロリィタを見て、一言で表すとしたらどんな言葉だと思いますか?(Look at you in Lolita. In one word/phrase, how would you express your style/image?) Kawaiiiiii! lol

アナタの理想のロリィタ像とは?(What is your ideal of lolita?) Cute and elegant.

大変お疲れ様でした! 100答えてみての感想をどうぞ! (Thank you for taking this Baton!! Please state your thoughts on it!)