Friday, 20 November 2015

Spirithoods Galaxy Fox

Since I was fool and didn't get the Galaxy Wolf when I had the chance, I decided I had to have the Galaxy Fox even though I wasn't sure about it at all! I wasn't going to risk a change of heart when the prices could go crazy like before. Plus I'm a sucker for anything Black Milk related...

The pre-release for people who signed up was on Monday, so I ordered at 4pm on the dot when the page went up. The hood was shipped the same day and arrived to me in the UK from California today (Friday). So quick! I will probably get a letter from FedEx soon demanding customs payment though, which sucks.

I delayed opening it when it arrived as I wanted to do an unboxing video. Which I did. But it turns out shitty Windows 10 doesn't have any video editing software and my laptop refuses to download anything, soooo yeahhh haha. Epic Fail.

All-in-all, I don't think I got a bad hood. I'm a little disappointed that the paws aren't brighter, and I'm not really a fan of the red sleeve...but some were entirely red, so it could have been a lot worse! I'd have preferred more green/blue bits, as the only parts I have in those colours are the ears (and I'd have preferred mismatched ears, really). But I do like the more colourful sleeve. And usually I hate things and end up loving them, so since I don't hate it I ought to end up really loving it!

I do wish that Spirithoods would provide photos of more than one placement on their website, as mine isn't like the stock photo in the slightest! At least I was forewarned that placements would vary wildly. It seems like a lot of people are wanting the part that looks like a sloth face on their hoods, which mine appears to be lacking.

While I'm happy with the liner, the fur is a different story. It's really soft and beautiful (although will need a vigourous brushing until the moulting stops), but I don't think it suits me at all. I look like I have a massive bleached mullet. Not really what I was going for! At least I know to stick with darker hoods from now on...and to never bleach my hair.

I'm very happy I decided to take the plunge with this hood though. I'm sure I'll warm to it even more once I get some Galaxy Rainbow Black Milk pieces back in my life (kicking myself for selling my suspenders! I sold them so cheaply as well...).

These are still in stock HERE, although it looks like they won't sell out any time soon (I suppose people are waiting for Cyber Sale!).

Friday, 6 November 2015

Bat Royalty Boots

When saw Iron Fist's bat boots, I fell in love. Sadly, getting my hands on a pair that fit was a nightmare!

I was advised to size up as the brand apparently runs narrow and I have wide feet anyway. The size 5s were too big. I ordered a size 4 which were marked as shipped...but they were actually out of stock. I had wanted to try on the 4 before sending my 5 back, but that never happened.

However, my refund came through quite quickly when I emailed to ask where my boots were, was linked to a site that had my size in stock, and I was given a 50% discount code in apology which I used on 3 dress (all of which I had to bloody send back as they were massive even though I'm actually bigger than the listed measurements for the size...ughhhh).

So yeah, already I'm thinking I'm not going to bother ordering anything Iron Fist ever again as their sizing is pants and the don't cover returns so I lost £15 just sending back things that didn't fit.

But yes, the boots! Finally got my size 4 pair yesterday from Attitude Clothing after placing my first order for a pair from Iron Fist on October 21st. In the end they were cheaper from this site anyway as first orders get 10% off! But still crazy expensive.

They definitely aren't worth the price tag in terms of quality. The plastic is hard and digs in at the ankles, and the foam on the bottom hasn't been filed down. And they STINK!

But who can resist bat wings? I definitely couldn't. I'm just hoping they give a little with wear to be more comfortable on the ankles and squish my little toes a little less (although they're only very slightly too narrow - I'd say they run pretty true to size, maybe a little long if anything!).

Intending to wear them with Holy Lantern tomorrow, but not sure I'll go out after all due to rain!

Monday, 2 November 2015

Yankee Candle Haul!

Since Halloween was just around the corner, I thought I'd treat myself. I treated myself too much and made 3 Yankee Candle orders despite having no places in my room to use candles. Oops! And only getting around to posting in November...double oops!

A bunch of cat cuties! I'm still tempted by the wax melter too, but man I spent so much money.

Spidery things!

I wish I could get a whole bunch of these pumpkins. There are frankenstein and skull ones too, but I'm not as fond of them. Although if they make it to the sale I will be tempted! And the Pop vinyl figures I got in London.

I also got a bunch of little votive candles as they were a must for my various new holders! But I forgot to take a photo. I went for Vanilla Cupcake (I have an old room spray of this scent so I knew it was yummy), Fresh Cut Roses (roses are my all time favourite scent), Candy Corn, and Witches Brew. They all smell really nice, even before lighting them.

And despite the expense, both Halloween jars to go in the big holders. So yeah, I spent a ridiiiiiculous amount on these things! But they will last me a very long time, and I'm unlikely to be tempted by any of their stuff until next Halloween, so I'm trying to justify it that way!

What are your favourite Yankee Candle scents? I guess I could get a few more votives...

Thursday, 29 October 2015

BMC: Lady Anarchy

Bit of a delayed post as it took me while to get around to taking worn photos, but here are! The releases everyone seems to look forward to the most are the Halloween releases, and I'm no exception here.

This year's collection followed the story of Lady Anarchy.

I'm pretty gutted that the Lady Anarchy concept outfit wasn't part of the collection, because it's totally babein'.

Post cards have returned!

Naturally, the first item on my hit list was the Dark Moth Vs Play With Me Inside Out Dress. The baby side is super creepy, but I regretted not buying the Dark Moth Leggings, so it would have been a must even if I wasn't trying to collect IODs! Play With Me also came in HWMF leggings and play dress, which are both still available at time of writing.

Next up, buckles galore! Here we have the Buckled Bolero, Ultra Buckled Bralette, and the Buckled Suspenders. I'm a little disappointed with the bolero as the silver buckles don't match the other items, and I figured I'd be fine with my regular size. I think I should have sized down as I have to tighten the buckles fully and that takes away from the buckled aesthetic. Also I had assumed that they would be attached by poppers or slip clasps so you wouldn't have to undo the buckles to put on or remove, but sadly this isn't the case. The suspenders are super comfy though, if a little loose on the legs.

Also snagged was the Buckled Bralette and Spellbound HWMF Leggings. The bralettes...I should have sized down. I don't fill the cups at all, and I had to fully tighten the buckles on both items to make them fit which, again, takes away from the buckled look. I'm hoping they will be okay for layering over skater dresses though, as a bra will probably help them fit me better (this one is fine, but the ultra looks so awkward due to being big!). It is worth noting that I am between sizes though, so if you match a size better than me you should stick to that! The leggings are great, so my worries about the HWMF sizing changes were unfounded.

The Raven Pocket Skater Skirt finally gave me another chance to nab the ravens print, so that made me happy! I wasn't at all sure about wearing white, but turns out I love the skirt. And pockets make anything better, right?

The last piece I got from this collection is easily my favourite - the Spellbound Reversible Skater Dress. The print is awesome, and black is my favourite colour. Win-win!

I'm hoping the pieces that haven't been made limited stick around a good while as I'd love to own a Mechanical Bone Catsuit 2.0 but definitely can't afford one right now after the £90 customs I had to pay on this lot!

Thursday, 15 October 2015

A Decent Cup Of Tea

Last Friday I ended up getting a somewhat last minute tattoo at Imperial Tattoo Company in Bath.

I wasn't too sure about the design at first, but thankfully I love it! It is in a rather awkward place for photos, but I'll probably get a better photo once it's healed!

It's another addition to my Frank Turner leg, and I really hope I can add more to it soon as I have a lot of ideas! Matchy-matchy leg yayy.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

BMC: September

Wow, September went so quickly! And it also brought the much anticipated return of bigger, less frequent releases. There were actually two releases this month, but hopefully they will go back to being just monthly (my bank account would very much appreciate it...). It also saw the return of the customs fairy, so I got a few packs customs free which obviously saved me A LOT of money.

Due to the decreased release frequency, it seems appropriate to go back to a post per release rather than posts by month in future. But for now, I'll stick to the old format.


The first release of the month used old prints in new forms.

The first item of the month for me was the St Vitus Vs Teal Galaxy Inside Out Dress. I loved the St Vitus print since the play dress was released but the cut wasn't for me, so I was very excited when this one was announced! The teal is also just such a gorgeous colour, although I feel I need a belt for break it up a bit. Still think I'm buying a size too big in IODs, but sticking to it anyway since I already have all the others in that size...

Second was another piece I'd been looking forward to for ages - the Black Lace Skater Dress. I bought the Lilac Lace Skater Dress last year and found it a bit baggy, so I sized down for this one. Sadly the cut seems a bit different and the material is nowhere near as stretchy, so it's a tad tight on my bust. Looks much better on the waist, though!

You may also notice the legwear in both of the above photos as being new too. They are the Barcode Hosiery, and I must admit I'm not sold on them. My legs aren't big/long enough so they make my legs look lumpy where the gap sections aren't stretched out enough!

Next, another addition to me Galaxy Blue Collection, this time a Galaxy Blue Shooter. I feel as if the shooter cut has been made narrower on the hips, although BM denies this. It feels a bit too tight there though, while still being hugely baggy in the middle so sizing differently isn't really an option. I'm not 100% about this piece as it seems a bit washed out, but shooters are so comfortable on warm days!

Also more new legwear here, some Sporty Stripes Hosiery 2.0 since my 1.0s are starting to wear through in the heels. They're just perfect for shooters and touchdowns! I'm pleased to see that the new filled-in top section isn't long enough to show with this kind of outfit, although they aren't as comfortable as the old ones are they are slightly more restrictive.

To go with Aurora Kitty, the Aurora Skye Touchdown was a must. Unfortunately I didn't realise before ordering that they would be matte rather than checkered, so I ordered a sized down. This means it's a bit too snug on my hips to wear with shorts and yet not long enough to wear as a dress, which is a pain in the butt. However, this material isn't very flowing, so in my usual size I look like a tube. I just hate this fabric, it doesn't work for me! Which is a shame, because I'd wear the crap out of it if it had been checkered fabric!

The next two pieces were also from this release, but I bought them during the second release.

Can never resist pockets or tartan, so the Tartan Lavender Pocket Skater Skirt was always going to fall into my basket eventually. The pockets do kind of show from the front which is a shame, but I love it otherwise!

And again with the tartan, some Tartan Navy Toasties since I wear my red ones all the time. Definitely a bit sheer on the ass, but nothing I wasn't expecting and it shouldn't be noticeable if I cut out the tag.

Other interesting pieces in this release included the Disco Cube Evil Skater Skirt & Crossing Over Crop, Bootleg Lace Leggings, and Tartan Red Hoodie.


The second release of the month brought back museum pieces from weekly releases alongside some super old ones, as voted for on the Facebook page. This meant a second chance for me to grab the slouchies I wanted from the weekly releases, since I wear my Galaxy Blue Slouchy far too much!

Galaxy Purple Slouchy was the first one I went for. It's maybe a bit colourful for me, but this was the first print that caught my attention before I knew about Black Milk properly. However, I'm not a fan of this slouchy on me at all - I think it's maybe too pink?

And I seem to be developing a bit of a teal collection since adding the Galaxy Teal Slouchy. I prefer this to purple, but nothing will ever beat blue. Not sure where I'm going to find room to store these beauties!

In future I am tempted to pick up the Foxy HWMF Leggings as they're beaut, but I'm not sure how I'd deal with keeping white clean! I'm thinking I'll hold out for toasties in the same print.

Thursday, 1 October 2015


I made a fail of an H&M online order a week or so ago, so I had to return pretty much everything (the XS top was too small, the S top was too big, the Pusheen nightie was just vile). But it was a good excuse to out for the day by myself!

Couldn't resist grabbing a sharkie drink before getting the bus.

After returning the stuff to H&M in Bath and popping into Topshop, I got my tragus changed to a shorter bar and a cheeky rook piercing from Broad Street Studio. Most of my reason for this trip was that I need an old piercing checked out, but apparently it's fine!

Then it was chill time while I ate lunch at my favourite spot in town - Norfolk Crescent. After a few chapters of Goblet of Fire I hopped on a bus to Bristol.

Tried on such a pretty dress in H&M!

And silly little boy's pjs in Primark. Not sure about keeping them as the bottoms are too short and have...erm..."room" in the crotch haha.

Full haul! Jeans from H&M, blood necklace from Topshop, the rest from Primark. I had intended to get some Yankee Candle Halloween stuff but felt uncomfortable in the store, so I ordered some online instead!

I'll admit, I did more sitting and reading than shopping on this occasion!