Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Spirithoods Aurora Kitty

I finally caved and got my hands on one of the SpirithoodsxBlack Milk collabo hood - the Aurora Kitty!

After agonising over it, I went for the one with built-in hb3 speakers. I'm not sure this was the best choice as you can definitely tell the speakers are there and it detracts from the comfort, but it was a worth a go for only an extra $10.

I placed my order as soon as it was released on the 24th, and got my shipping notification the same day. My package arrived on the 29th. So speedy!

I thought the shiny black looked cheap in stock photos, but in person it looks lovely and feels gorgeously soft. I wasn't keen on the Aurora Skye print anymore either, but in person I love it. The colours are so bold!

The pocket contains the cable to plug in your music. It feels a bit bulky in there which is a shame, but since untying them it isn't so bad.

The music doesn't sound muffled like I had feared, so definitely usable. I kind of worry about how loud it sounds to outsiders though as I'd feel rude inflicting that on others on the bus, but dangit I'ma do it anyway!

Now I want to get the leggings to match! And definitely hoping to buy more collabos in future, along with the elusive Galaxy Wolf eventually.

Bring on Winter!

Monday, 29 June 2015

Download Festival Part 4

Sunday started bright and early with Sirens In The Delta as heard from the covered bench area near Jake's whilst eating cheesy curly fries. Afterwards it was off to main stage for a little sit down for 36 Crazyfists (I apparently only know one of their songs and they were shoutier than I had expected) and Cavalera Conspiracy. We also caught a bit of Evil Scarecrow (which was an experience...CRABULON, CRABULON) before heading to see We Are Harlot in yet more rain.

Our wildcard of the day was Trashboat. We'd laughed at the name as it was on Regular Show...and apparently they did literally take their name from that! They were actually pretty fun pop punk.

Billy Idol was one of those sets where I knew most of the songs despite only being able to name two off the top of my head. Rebel Yell was definitely worth sticking around for!

In Flames were a band I knew of, but didn't know any songs. Rob wasn't expecting them to be good live, but they were brilliant!

I only knew one Yellowcard song, but I really enjoyed their set and really need to invest in some of their CDs at some point. Couldn't see as there was a post in the way, but that means dancing room!

And the only reason I went...Enter Shikari! Such a shame their set was so short and that it was still really light out.

I think I annoyed just about everyone around me. They were all just stood there not doing much but I was dancing like crazy, singing like a gangster, and swigging from a hip flask of Jagermeister, as one does.

This is only decent photo I managed to get as I couldn't stand still long enough to take any better ones!

Nice to see Sorry, You're Not A Winner back, but an entire predictable setlist aside from There's A Price On Your Head. Not that that makes it a bad setlist! The set didn't seem as energetic as usual, but I'm guessing that was at least in part due to Rou's hospitalisation earlier that week.

We left as soon as they finished as Harry and two others were already waiting at the car as they left after Lamb Of God. Thankfully I fell asleep on the way home as 5 people and tons of camping gear shoved into a 3-door Micra wasn't too comfortable. It was definitely a relief to crawl into a real bed at 3am, even if we were still smelly and dirty!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Download Festival Part 3

The weather on Saturday was horrid! It rained all morning so none of us could really bothered to leave the comfort of our slightly leaky gazebo. However, I've managed to miss seeing FFAF repeatedly so I dragged poor Rob out into the rain with me and we caught the very end of Heart Of A Coward.

After such a long wait to see Funeral For A Friend, I was left disappointed. I think Matt must have had a bad throat or something as his vocals were really ropey. Good little flash back to when I was first getting into proper music, though.

We stuck around for Mallory Knox since we missed them at Takedown, but we scooted off back to camp afterwards to try to warm up and get a little drier! Which meant missing Apocalyptica which was a shame, but no regrets. I was feeling pretty miserable! But we did catch a bit of Rise Against when we got back.

Then a band I was really looking forward to...A Day To Remember! They're quickly becoming one of my favourites.

I really want to see them again! Preferably somewhere dry. The rain definitely kept my mood dampened.

We discovered a cocktail van called Beetle-Juice during Faith No More (who sounded good for a bunch of old dudes). I had a few Beetle-Juices (lychee,raspberry, & gin) whereas Rob was favouring Dark & Stormy (lime, ginger beer, & rum). We had to hang around outside for Andew W.K. as the tent was too packed, but it was still kinda fun. Rob was amazed that there are so many songs about partying that all sound pretty much the same.

Then there was Muse! With big bouncy balls!

As usual they played really well, but the setlist was a mixed bag. Mostly new stuff off of Drones which I only got to listen to once before going.

Microcuts and Citizen Erased though! Even though they were supposedly not playing Origin of Symmetry tracks again...bullllll.

Probably should have been closer for Muse to get more hype, but watching the crowd was quite a sight in itself!

Monday, 22 June 2015

Download Festival Part 2

On Friday, after a yummy breakfast in town, we headed into the main arena for the first time. The route to it had changed since we last went. It used to go across the race track, but now you have to leave the site and go around into the arena which is confusing.

The day started off really hot! We were sat outside of Maverick for Gnarwolves at this point! I think we saw some stuff on Main Stage before that (All That Remains, Hell Yeah, and At The Gates), but I don't really remember as we were mostly just soaking up the sun.

Lacuna Coil were amazing, I didn't realise they were so good! Also knew more of their songs that I had realised.

After that I made Rob come to Modestep which was kinda crappy, but at leas it broke up the heavy music a bit!

Snuggles outside Maverick during Sylosis and before Dragonforce.

Babymetal did a song during their set! I perched on the barrier to see but got told to get down even though the people on shoulders and people smoking in the tent were fine apparently -_- so mostly couldn't see anything! Want to see them again.

Stayed put on the back barrier for Fightstar even though we've both seen them before. They're always good live though, and have ordered some of their CDs since getting home as I feel it's time.

We weren't really interested in Slipknot as we saw them last time and it was raining, so we headed back early for sleep. In hindsight we both wish we'd gone to see A, but oh well!

In all honesty I think the tactical early night was a good move, even if it wasn't very metal of us...

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Download Festival Part 1

So this year I decided to give Download Festival another go! I mostly wanted to go to hang out with friends but that didn't even happen, so it probably wasn't the wisest choice as I'm not really into heavy music any more.

My other impetus was the desire to see Enter Shikari again as soon as possible. I was initially bummed out as their warm-up gig was announced after I bought my ticket and it was set to be held in Bristol on Friday which would have been much easier for me...but it was cancelled at the last minute. So at least I didn't miss out!

We met Rob's brother Harry at his place just after 5pm on the Wednesday to travel up together, so I guess we didn't reach Donington until around 8pm. We ended up in Pink camp which was down a big hill, but it wasn't so bad.

On Thursday we went for breakfast in town (this is actually a photo of Friday's breakfast, but I had the same both days haha) & then I drank too much and ended up missing both Andrew O'Neill and the sharkie meet because I'm an iiiiiidiot.

At least the weather was good! But Beesting is always a bad choice.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

SpiritHoods Red Fox/Wolf(?)

SpiritHoods seem very popular with Sharkies, so I found myself becoming interested in them even though they're cultural-appropriating and stupid looking.

I previously bought a Grey Wolf hood on Ebay after missing the Galaxy Wolf BM collabo, but I don't think the seller ever sent it out and I was subsequently refunded. I instead decided to risk it again on Ebay to save a few quid and customs, and grabbed what was listed as a Red Fox.

I will admit, I felt pretty uncomfortable spending £43 on a dumb hat. On the site they are around £65 not including postage or customs. However, they are lovely and soft! But...this isn't a fox? It looks more like the Red Wolf which is annoying as the traits of the Red Fox suit me better in my opinion (Clever|Wise|Adaptable rather than Loyal|Social|Teacher). I only noticed this after leaving positive feedback...but they look really similar so I'm not 100%.

They have a little pocket in one sleeve, and a button so you can secure it in the wind.

I'm assuming this is an old hood. It doesn't have an ear tag, but it seems genuine (earlier hoods didn't have them). I'm not sure how often I will get to wear it, but it's comfy & I'll try my best (even though I feel a bit silly in it).

I'm hoping to catch the Aurora Kitty BM collabo when it restocks despite the price as I think I want to collect the Black Milk ones if I can. If I fail at ever finding Galaxy Wolf I am also tempted to get the Grey Wolf HB3 instead as the built-in headphones sound like a brilliant idea!

Why do I continue to fall for expensive and stupid looking fashions?

Shinies & Fails

Upon returning from Download I found a bunch of customs slips which stole a good £67 from me. Boooooo. But that meant excitement at getting new shinies!

The first pack I opened was actually an Ebay purchase, the Geometric Floral Pink Reversible Straps Dress from the Witch Please collection. I always preferred the teal but was unsure of the cut. Usually see these for high prices, but this one was a steal at just over £30 so I couldn't resist trying it. Good excuse to try to find a better strapless bra, methinks!

This order was a huge bummer. The High In The Sky Touchdown is a heavier fabric than my other touchdowns, so it loses the lightness of the others. Then I pulled out the Sheer Combat Pants I'd been wanting since forever to find really bad fuzzies on them. They also look like someone with a big ass has tried them previously as the shape looks awkward as hell with slightly stretched butt and thigh seams. So they have to go back. No complaints about The Awesome High Waisted Leggings thus far though, although I probably should have gone for an XS. They're sooooo comfy but not really thick enough to wear without covering my butt.

How the hell this skipped quality control, I do not know. They're definitely over-stretching themselves if they can allow a £45 pair of gym pants to be sold in this sorry state!

I did get a Yu-Gi-Oh! doodle though at least...

This order was the first weekly one to contain an IOD. I hated the colour of the Tartan Barbie Vs Candy Hearts Inside Out Dress in the stock photos, but thankfully it is cuter in person. It doesn't suit me at all though, so I think I'll have to get creative with coordination to goth it up enough to not look odd in it. I had never intended to get the Mermaid Straps Skater Dress but it has pockets so I had to. They do make the skirt fall a little oddly and it's definitely shorter than the Merboy one, but pocketsssessss.

Hoping my exchange pair of gym pants are up to scratch when I receive them, it has really made me start to lose faith in the company. They have been sending out lots of trash to people recently & they really need to get it together!