Monday, 2 March 2015


My goal of buying less Black Milk continues to fail miserably with the Mixtape release! I hear there is an upcoming black-themed release too, so basically I am doomed.

There was a big issue with this release though. My payment (a voucher) was accepted, but the order failed. This happened to a lot of people. It did all get sorted out, but I was stressed thinking I would miss items, and then ended up with doubles when the order finally resolved! The team did sort everything out pretty quickly, but that didn't stop a wild panic as I scrabbled to get onto a different browser to make my purchases with one defunct voucher!

My first order was of course the Mucha Black Vs La Trappistine Inside Out Dress. I'd been waiting for this one! It got hit by customs though, which was a shame (but 1 out of 2 isn't bad!). I really hate it on me though! The colours look terible on me. Will have to endure some pretty serious layering attempts to make it work.

My second order arrived first due to lack of customs. The Night Tribe Straps Skater Dress was my second pick of the release, and the reasons should be obvious. I wear A LOT of black, but this has a bit of sparkle that makes it interesting without being too flashy. Plus I wear my Death By Disco Straps tons, so I can give it a rest now! I also grabbed the Braains Skater Skirt to go with my crop, and decided to ignore my decision to not get the Disco Doll Tartan Cheerleader Skirt as I couldn't resist the shiny. I'm thankful for this as, while not overly wearable, it is absolutely stunning fabric! Not to mention perfect for nights out.

I guess I have had worse releases, but then I did have to strike off a few from my list!

That said, I did go back for the Once Upon A Time Black Playsuit after thinking on it for a bit, and I'm glad I did as it's much more flattering that I had feared! I just need a cute belt for it. And finally got some shorties in the correct size (Tartan Green Shorties), and ended up deciding I'd regret not getting the matching crop to match the skirt.


Enter Shikari London 27/02/15

Soooo the temptation became too much and I ended up being a lucky duck by getting a ticket from a randomer on the Enter Shikari facebook page so I could go see them again!

I managed to get a room in a hostel on The Strand called Hotel Strand Continental. It was a bit crappy, but I only needed a place to sleep with good transport links so it was perfect. Sadly I missed the free breakfast the morning after, so I can't comment on that!

I arrived in London pretty late so I didn't have time to do anything much before the show. I just went to a Wetherspoons in Camden called Ice Wharf for a couple pints & some chips!

When the venue opened I went straight in to grab a bit of barrier. Which was dumb as I didn't grab a drink on the way which meant that by the time Shikari were on I had a hangover setting in which was a giant fail.

So glad I made it in time for Fatherson on this occasion as they're really good! Will definitely be picking up one of their albums at some point. Scottish bands are so gooood. Rou even joined them on stage for one song! Obviously I saw Allusondrugs and Feed The Rhino again, but I don't see the point in posting more photos of them...haha.

From my spot I could snap some sneaky pics while the boys were preparing to go onstage eheh. Senpaiiiiii~

Chris and Rob limbering up haha.

Naturally the setlist was the same throughout the tour, but the banter varied a little. Also damn, I need a better camera. I swear my photos from Cardiff were way better despite being much further away!

See, such close much Rou many wow.

And Rory fucking C! I really need to find footage of his pre-Last Garrison 'war cry' because oh god my sides.

Then I had the stressful and headache-ridden journey to The Garage for the afterparty (I couldn't find the bus stop and by some miracle managed to jump on the last tube as it was pulling off, pretty much!). I wasn't feeling it at all, which was a shame. I think I nodded off. Would have been great had I still been drunk and had I been with friends, but alone and in pain wasn't great!

It was just a DJ set too rather than proper Shikari Sound System remixes. But while I didn't enjoy it and had to leave as soon as I felt awake again to make sure I could get back, I'm super glad I went as I'd have regretted not giving a chance!

I was very glad I had the hostel to go back to. It was a simple bus journey and then I crashed out instantly. I got back at around 3am I think!

Despite my failure to plan my drinking adequately, it was hand down the best gig I've ever been to. The band were on fire and the worst I endured was having drink spilled on my leg. Non-rough barrier is a success in my book! I mean central would have been a better view for sure, but last time I had crowd surfers over my head I smashed my teeth on the barrier and had a nasty split lip so yeahhhh no =P

Friday, 20 February 2015

Cardiff & River House Backpackers

Since I live a little while from Cardiff, I inevitably had to find somewhere to stay while visiting. I arrived just after 2pm on the Tuesday.

I ended up staying in a hostel called the River House Backpackers. Honestly, I really loved this place! The staff were very welcoming and the whole place was bright, clean, and very homely. £17 got me a night's stay in a 4-person women-only room on the third floor, and it was only 5 minutes from Cardiff Central.

There was even a cheeky street cat there!

A short walk away was Cardiff castle. There were lots of squirrels chasing each other around in the park next to it!

I had nachos and a pint at a Wetherspoons in town after having a little look around the galleries in the National Museum. I didn't get much time there as I had left the hostel later than originally planned due to anxiety.

The next day I got up quite early and had free breakfast! There was a variety of cereals, yoghurt, bread, pastries, welsh cakes, juices, and there were free tea and coffee on offer for the whole stay.

I went back to the museum to look at the small natural history section. Taxidermy birds everywhere!

I also had another quick look at the gallery. This painting was my favourite.

Before heading home I went back to the Wetherspoons as they still do mexican burgers in that one! Awh yiss.

Next I went shopping! I realised I might be a goth as I tried on so many black clothes and only 1 non-black thing...


Picked a few black basics and also this pleather top. Not sure about keeping it though as wouldn't know what to wear it with and it seems a bit formal for daily wear.

I ended up leaving in the afternoon and getting home at around 5pm. Was awfully tired afterwards, and still kinda am!

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Enter Shikari Cardiff 17/02/15

On Tuesday I was lucky enough to attend the sold out Enter Shikari show at Y Plas. Accidentally queued for the wrong gig with a bunch of other people though, so missed all but one song of the first band!

...which was a shame, as they sounded pretty damn good. They were Fatherson. Also managed to get myself the last spot on the balcony!

The next band was Allusondrugs, and while they were less my kind of thing they were still good. Spotted Rory C in the crowd opposite me but couldn't go say hi without losing my spot (#gigaloneproblems, also still in awe of my ability to not pee myself as I was desperate the whole time).

Feed The Rhino were rather loud, but also awesome. Was very glad I wasn't in the pit as the wall of death was a sight to behold (but not something I would wish to be involved in at all!).

Also nice little lit-up moment.

And then the most excellent Enter Shikari!

Rory C doing a spot of crowdsurfing!

The setlist was overall very good! We had the best songs from the new album (notably Myopia), although I'm sure Sorry, You're Not A Winner's absence was noted by many. Not many old songs on there at all, but that's not necessarily a bad thing and definitely not unexpected. I loved how they actually had a vase for a little Slipshod moment.

Wish I could go to another show as they were SO GOOD, but most of them are sold out! And/or far away. But I picked up a Download ticket finally, so I'll have to wait until June!

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Friday 13th

This Friday 13th I finally got a chance to get a tattoo! Finally!

I ended up paying my bus fair in 10p coins so I could take money from the shrapnel pot again instead of having to get money out. It took the driver ages to check the amount.

This was outfit for the day, with double layered leggings to stay warm! I thought my Killstar shirt and Black Milk Cross of St Peter leggings were perfect Friday 13th attire. I bought a long-sleeved crop in New Look, but I'm not sure about it as everything seems slightly baggy on my waist (presumably because I'm not very tall?? I already bought an 8 and on size charts I'm a 12!).

It was a tough choice in terms of what to get. I wish I had more tattoos so I could have gotten away with one of the Adventure Time ones from Mandy at Electric Vintage. But I don't think I'm ready for that just yet! Plus these cost more and I'm not doing too well on the money front right now.

So I went along to Imperial Tattoo Company, as per. There were a few more designs to choose from, and they were only £13 each! I ended up plumping for the coffin by Amy since it goes well with the planchette I got from her at Halloween.

The result, with huge photobomb from my flaky rose tattoo haha.

I also ended up getting my septum pierced, despite Broad Street Studio not doing Friday 13th deals this time around. This was a dumb move as now I can't get my tongue pierced for another month when I had time booked off to get it next week, ugh! It doesn't look as terrible on me as I had feared, but I have no photos since I have a retainer in while it heals so you can't see it at all. Oh well, lesson learned. Impulse piercings are a dumb idea haha. At least it doesn't hurt at all!

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Dollskill Order feat. Ballet Baes

After avoiding them for a long time, I finally caved and ordered some Ballet Baes after seeing all the girls on BMUK receiving theirs. Oops!

I was a bit worried as the reviews online for Dollskill seem really terrible, but I didn't really have problems. My tracking didn't work, but my items arrived pretty quickly despite getting stopped at customs (I paid around £16, which I didn't think was bad at all). I also had a 15% discount code (SHODDYSCULT) which meant I could grab a few extra little bits for barely more than the price of just the shoes. Shipping was free.

The Y.R.U. Ballet Baes! Pretty much everyone gets the pink ones, but black is the only colour for me really. I ordered US7 which is a 5 as I know this brand tends to run a little narrow. This was a good call as they are still too narrow, but they're definitely a little too long. They're a real pain to get on the first time too as those ribbons are crazy! They also dig into my ankle which is a shame as I'd heard they were comfortable. I do love them though even though they're pretty damn ugly =P

Here's the rest of my order! I'd been looking at the socks on ebay for a while so I figured I might as well get them. They are Too Fast Ouija Garter Socks and Ouija Eyelet Ankle Socks. The garters are a bit too big though which is a shame! Oh, and a Pinkie Pie headband.

I think I love these the most of anything though! The site says they are also Too Fast, but the tag says they're from Rat Baby. Either way, they are Occult Bones Gloves and they are awesome. I can't wait to wear them!

Oh look, I bought black things again orz

ChibiBunny Snow White Skater Review

A few weeks ago I decided to risk getting a dress that I hadn't seen reviews for from ChibiBunny after seeing it on Rufflechat. I ordered the Snow White dress for just over £20 including shipping, and it took just over 2 weeks to arrive.

As you can see, the fabric is quite shiny. It also goes a tad sheer on the bust even though I'm well within the maximum measurements which is a shame!

The print quality is pretty good for the price though, and I love the colour.

That said, I'd recommend most people order bigger sizes than they need just for the length. The middle section is much shorter than the sides, and the result is that even my short legs feel a bit too exposed!

All things considered, I probably wouldn't order again unless there was a print I really really needed. But considering the price, I think I got a good deal. Hopefully I can get a cute tutu to wear underneath to improve the length!