Friday, 18 April 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival: Your First Lolita Item

This week's Lolita Blog Carnival topic is first lolita item! My first skirt was from Bodyline, but I bought it on Ebay along with matching socks and tote for around £12 if I remember correctly. This was back in very early 2010!

The fabric was printed backwards for some reason, but the flocking on the trim was nice. I really don't think it was too terrible a first purchase, although I couldn't coord for shit. Unfortunately I deleted all my old webcam photos recently! I thought I posted them on Twitter before deleting them, but I can't find it. I wore a plain black long sleeved shirt and T.U.K. cat shoes...I looked awful but got lots of compliments somehow!

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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Pinky Paradise Circle Lenses

I finally decided to take the plunge and try some lenses! As a longterm wearer of glasses, I was pretty nervous about it.

I'd heard lots of people talking about Pinky Paradise, so I decided to order some from them. I wanted Geo Grang Grang Choco lenses but they were out of stock, so I picked Geo Angel Brown instead as they were the same price and size.

They looked a lighter brown than I had wanted, but I just wanted to try some lenses!

My order was placed on the 12th of February and were shipped on the 27th, arriving on the 13th of March. I'm delayed in reviewing them as I didn't want to buy lens solution until I knew the lenses were definitely coming!

These lenses were £12.45 + £3.72 shipping. They are 14mm lenses, so not super big. They also come with a free lens case, which is useful (and adorable!).

Since I've not worn lenses before, I really struggled to get them in and out. However, once in they were pretty comfortable after I used eyedrops! I have a feeling I have very slight astigmatism in my right eye though as that lens was a little blurry and less comfortable.

I love how they look, although my face looks so strange without glasses! My friends kept doing double takes. They look darker in than I thought, which is good as they are a good colour for my eyes. Also the enlargement isn't freakishly big, although I'd probably wear lashes with them where possible as with this photo to avoid looking too much like an alien!

I will probably order another pair soon, although the cost is a little off-putting. I guess I'll see if these ones last the full year they claim to before buying more.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival: What's Next On Your Lolita Wishlist?

This week's Lolita Blog Carnival concerns something I am really really bad at...planning purchases! I have a tendency to just grab things on a whim whether or not I'm likely to wear it!

In terms of things I need...more chiffon blouses. They're so much comfier than other kinds, and look more elegant since they don't have the huge peter pan collars prevalent in the blouses I own thus far. However, I find it difficult to spend £30+ on a blouse, especially when I can't try them on beforehand as I've had some really ill-fitting ones in the past! But one in wine red, offwhite, and black would be nice.

I have been eyeing this one from Dear Celine for a while.

As for main pieces, I'm pretty tempted by Angelic Pretty's upcoming Crystal Dream Carnival since carousel prints are kind of my thing.

However I think it will be released during Glastonbury weekend, so I will have no chance of getting it! Probably for the best as it's the OP I want, and it's too flashy to be of much use in my wardrobe.

How about you? What are you desperate for?

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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival: Create A Flower Themed Coordinate

I'm contributing to this week's Lolita Blog Carnival theme a tad late, as I knew I was going to wear a flower theme coord to Enchanted! This was my first time wearing Angelic Pretty's Romantic Rose Letter, and it truly is a dream.

This was my first time wearing lenses and lashes! The lashes were so uncomfortable, but the lenses were mostly fine (I'll review them another time).

Shot before leaving. Was really difficult cramming the princess sleeves into my bolero! I didn't sort my hair out until I was in London as it was easier and I didn't want to risk missing my bus!

A more natural light shot. I'd wanted to wear a bonnet too, but there wasn't room on my head OTL

(This photo was by Hayley, I couldn't find any others...such bad lighting in the venue!)

OP, necklace, & bag are Angelic Pretty, headband is by Florrie Clarke, bolero is Bodyline, socks are Topshop, shoes and some accessories are BTSSB.

And music from the journey to the station in the morning, hehe.

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On Saturday the first Street Fashion Europe event was held in London. I didn't manage to get a VIP or tea party ticket as I was at work when they were released, but Sophie bought me a general entry ticket!

I kinda failed at taking photos, and we missed a lot of the fashion shows and talks because there was no point staying for them as the only seats we could get were too far away. We used the fashion show as an opportunity to look at the overly crowded Bring & Buy (I took stuff to sell but never bothered putting it on the table as it was such a mess and too busy!).

The venue wasn't as fancy as for last year's Frock On, but dem chandeliers mannnn.

And nakie babies. Apparently I love ceilings.

It was great seeing old friends and making new ones! My dress started lots of conversations, which I guess is a pro of wearing something so ridiculous (I will make another post of my outfit when I can find a photo somewhere).

There was lots of free cake and sweets, which I took full advantage of. I still have jelly babies left over! I also managed to get a chocolate stain on my dress, but luckily I bumped into a lovely Tide pen toting lolita in the rest room and it came off completely! Must import some Tide pens!

Minori was there, and she looked amazing! I wish I could have bid on one of her pieces that was auctioned, but there's no way my ribcage or arms would have fit into them as she's tiiiiny.

I struggled to make myself buy anything. I was excited to find Angelic Pretty's Royal Unicorn on the Dreamy Bows stall, but it was £220 and I know for a fact that it was barely £100 on the Japanese site at one point, so I let it go (I also only had about £180 cash on me after having McDonald's for lunch...which was suprisingly delicious). I also found a gorgeous floral Innocent World piece, but their stuff doesn't fit me well. Lovely Juliette et Justine, but wrong size. I was eyeing up the dress I ended up buying all day...but I shouldn't have bought it. So expense.

And the Gherkin on the way back to the tube. I love shiny things.

My little haul!

The dress was from the Lorina Liddell stall and is by Pina Sweet Collection, a Japanese indie brand. It cost £157 which was painful, but turns out that it's actually more expensive on the brand website, so I don't feel so pained.

Sadly it doesn't look as nice in natural light as it did at the venue as the fabrics don't match colours perfectly, but it's still adorable and looks good on.

I also won the first raffle prize (I had a weird feeling that I would), a brooch from Madame Chocolat. I had been admiring these on the stall, so I hope I can find somewhere good to pin it! And I'm just glad to have finally won something on a raffle!

The day was very tiring, but was good overall. I doubt I will go to another such even any time soon though, as the next events will surely be elsewhere in Europe.

Monday, 31 March 2014 Order 2

Since I had my eye on a few things from the last order, I waited a while and then made a second order! I placed the order on March 10th, but since a couple of items were preorder I only got them on the 31st. No customs, really speedy, text to let me know when they'd be arriving. I love you, DHL!

Stuff! For some reason the February Kera was shipped seperately, but arrived at the same time. I just bought the Keras as filler again since I love them and they're pretty cheap at ¥467 (£3) each. Shipping was around £15.

Main reason for ordering was this Angelic Pretty umbrella for ¥1,980 (£12)! The booklet with it only has a few pages, but that's not matter (they're really nice pages anyway!). There's a loose thread on the umbrella which is a shame, but easily fixed. I didn't own an umbrella until now, so it'll be a handy thing to stick in my handbag.

This is the one that eluded me on my last order, Creamy Mami anniversary mook with tote bag for ¥1,419 (£8)! The tote is only small, but it's pretty cute. I love seeing all the Creamy Mami collaborations in the mook too!

Mooks are becoming a bit of an addiction for me, especially when they come with novelties...hopefully I can buy more at Enchanted!

More Black Milk Skaters!

I made another direct order! It was so hard whittling down my wishlist to an affordable level. I'm probably going to make another order as soon as my next paycheck gets in. It's an addiction, I fear.

I placed the order on the 14th March UK time, and it was shipped on the 17th. Customs hit me, but it was just over £30 which I didn't think was too bad. At least I was expecting it this time! It got to me on the 31st, after a 'sorry we missed you' lie from Royal Mail.

The stuff!

Tartan Red Skater Skirt - $50 (£27.31)

This was my main reason for ordering. I love tartan a lot, and I love skater skirts, so when this was released I was filled with want.

Velvet Black Skater Skirt - $60 (£32.77)

I was torn between this velvet piece and the burned velvet version, but since I already own this one in wine and know how lovely it is, I decided to get this one (first). Can you believe I didn't own a plain black skirt until now? I will surely wear this a lot.

Adventure Time Bro Ball Reversible Skater Dress - $95 (£51.88)

I also finally caved and bought this dress that I'd been eyeing since the Adventure Time collection was released. I really wish I'd bought the Princess Bubblegum one when I had the chance so I could have the full Adventure Time skater set. Hopefully one day!

I also made an order for some of the Game Of Thrones collection, so I'm looking forward to its arrival! I started watching the show again in the hopes that I will finally bring myself to finish reading A Clash Of Kings haha.