Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Yet another catch-up

Long time no see, huh? I always say that I want to start writing more, but then I never do!

I finally got a replacement phone at the end of February, had to pay for it completely out of pocket as insurance people were useless. But means I have a camera again, and one less excuse for not posting anything...

I've barely been going out this year, I've just been staying in & feeling crappy. As a result I've gained a bunch of weight, which makes me feel even more crappy and wanting to go out even less. I feel just so uncomfortable in my skin right now, but whenever I try to do anything about it either something gets in the way or I just start feeling down and lose all motivation.

Not much point to this post really, just trying to make myself start doing something. Like, anything! I'm thinking I might start blogging more regularly again, and maybe I can do it while making myself use the cross-trainer. But in all likelihood, you won't hear from me much still...

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