Wednesday, 26 April 2017

BMC: Mixed Bag

A long absence means a long list of new purchases! That said, I've been making fewer and fewer purchases since the cost of items is way too high right now, and the pieces coming out are much less to my tastes recently. But still enough new pieces for quite a large catch-up post, all the same!

While I was tempted by a few pieces, my only purchase from the Marvel collection was, rather predictably, the Spider-Man vs Venom IOD. It's much more flattering in person that I thought it would be, although I'm not sure when I will ever get around to wearing it as I'm not a Spiderman fan all that much, although I do like Marvel more generally!

Scorched was one release I had intended to skip, but since Sophie gave me a voucher as part of my Christmas present, I caved in! I'm not a fan of the new swim cut of The Strapped-Up Teal Bodysuit as the legs are very high. I also probably shouldn't have sized down since I've gained weight, and it was unexpectedly double-layered fabric which inhibits the stretch (awesome fabric is usually quite big!). I do love the colour, although it is yet another new shade of blue and doesn't go with either the sky blue or the jade pieces from past releases.

The Rogue Ninja was something I had really hoped for ever since the wool version came out a while back, but I probably should have sized down as the sheer panels look a bit off. I will always love how soft the fabric is, though.

After skipping a few more releases, Intergalactic Reloaded tempted me back with rereleases of some galaxy blue gym pieces that I missed previously - Galaxy Blue Racer Crop, Reppin' It White Muscle Top, & Galaxy Blue Ninja Spikes. I haven't figured out how to tie the white top up like in the stock pics, but hoping I can do it eventually haha! They're all a little tight at the moment, but that ought to change if and when I actually wear them...

I also added the Velvet Pinafore Pocket Dress from the Finders Keepers to my second gym order. I'm disappointed that the straps are buttoned on the back so that the excess fabric shows as I am used to lolita straps which have hidden attachments, but it's still a super cute dress and it has pockets!!

The tights (Sporty Stripes Powder Blue Hosiery & Sporty Stripes Lilac Hosiery) were from the later Dreamweaver release. I definitely prefer the blue ones, but they're both so cute and allow me to wear my girlier pastel pieces in a more tomboy way, which makes me feel more comfortable! Sadly my thighs escape between the stipes at the moment, but hoping to rectify that =P

Also from Dreamweaver was the Galaxy Emerald vs Forest Orbs IOD, which was needed for my collection. I had bought it for the forest side, but I actually prefer the galaxy side on me! I'd been put off by how green it was, but it works.

I also made a few purchases from a Facebook seller - the Arabella Wine Dress from the old Battle of the Kings release that I've been coveting for ages, and Sheer Straps 2.0 Leggings. The leggings have a sewn up rip in the left knee, but thankfully my tattoo makes it harder to notice! However for some reason one of the thigh has two lines of stitching but the other doesn't which must be a manufacturing error which sadly I can't do anything about. Can't complain, though!

And that's that all tied up! I just picked up a new package today, so hopefully I can get that up soon too. No idea when my next order will be, I'm hoping not for a while as I'm still trying to build my bank balance back up after buying my new iPhone haha!

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