Friday, 31 January 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival: 1 Piece, 4 Seasons

This week's Lolita Blog Carnival sees us picking one piece and coordinating it for each of the four seasons!

I had a hard time picking a piece for this topic, but I decided to go with Day Dream Carnival since I've not coordinated (or even tried it on) it yet. Also I think a skirt allows for more flexibility in terms of coordination!

Sorry they're just chucked out, I have no space to model them unfortunately. Also no accessories out as they'd be difficult to see (plus they're scattered goodness knows where thanks to my mother).


Spring is a good chance to bust out sheer fabrics and cute little socks! Floral accessories are good for giving a feeling of spring, as are light flowing fabrics á la cult party kei.


For hot Summer days, a cute cutsew and no socks! Minimal accessories and lighter shades keep you cool. Why not use a parasol too if you are sensitive to sun? A big bag is essential so you can take along a light cardigan, sun lotion, and plenty of water to keep hydrated! A sun hat would be ideal, but unfortunately I do not have one.


Autumn can be cold and wet, so a hoodie or jacket and thick OTKs are a good idea. Boots are great for crunching through piles of leaves!


Thick fluffy jacket, boots, tights, and layer it up! I like to wear long-sleeved tops underneath my blouses as I get very cold. Stash away extra layers such as gloves and scarves in your bag, along with a flask of tea or hot chocolate to keep toasty.

I made a video post trying out each of these outfits too!

So that's how I'd coord a piece for different seasons! What would you do differently?

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Friday, 24 January 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival: Lolita and You in 8 Years

This week's Lolita Blog Carnival post is about the big scary future!

To be honest, I can't see myself wearing lolita in 8 years time. I rarely wear it now, so I can't see myself at 30 still wearing it. I imagine I will still have a bunch of dresses, but if I was still wearing it I would probably wear classic or gothic instead of sweet due to my age.

But who knows?

Knowing me I'll probably throw myself back into it when I have moved out and have a better job, and end up as Momoko wished...

I think I would be okay with that!

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Friday, 17 January 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival: Three Prints In Your Favourite Colourway

Apologies for missing last week, I just had too much going on and didn't have time to get it done! But I'm back on the Lolita Blog Carnival train this week!

I found it difficult to choose a favourite colourway as I love dark green at the moment, but wine red is my long-term favourite colour. I'm going to go with green for this, but luckily all my favourite green prints also come in red! It's just that my red favourite prints would be a little different ;P

Holy Night Story. I love the green colourway the most, even if it does look more blue to me! I just love the velvet bodice and busy but tasteful print.

Toy March. I love the shape of this salopette, and really hope to own it some day! The colours are gorgeous in the diamond criss-cross on the print.

Wonder Queen. I love the banner-like features, gold details, and loose Alice In Wonderland theme. You probably guessed I like this print since I own two pieces from the series!

So those are my picks! If you were wondering, my picks for wine red would be Holy Lantern, Wonder Story, and Moon Night Theater.

What is your favourite colourway?

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Thursday, 16 January 2014

More Wonder Queen!

I fell in love with this series as soon as I saw it, so I knew I had to own it!

I was actually drawn towards the bustier version as I loved the trim on the skirt, but the release was messed up and they were released late and in very small quantities!

I missed the first release of the military JSKs on the 28th of December, but managed to catch a restock that morning by chance. I had wanted navy, but I only saw green so I just grabbed it! I couldn't decide between headbow and bonnet and didn't really have time to think, so I just grabbed both. This was before the special set was announced, as I'm not sure I'd have bought both on purpose (although I probably would have haha).

I received my order on the 16th of January.

The items! The JSK cost ¥27,090 (roughly £160), the headbow was ¥3,360 (around £20), and the bonnet was ¥8,295 (just under £50). Shipping was ¥3,989 (£23), and customs was £63.20, which stung but could have been worse.

The military JSK. I wasn't too sure about this design due to the panels on the sides, but it has definitely grown on me. I was kinda annoyed to see that the plain fabrics are in fact navy though (but darker than for the navy colourway), as this will make the piece more difficult to coord. This means it's probably a good thing I got this version though, as it would look odd with the top fully navy and bottom fully green. You can't tell this from the photos on the site and nowhere is this mentioned, so I was a bit bummed out until it sunk in!

The print is so gorgeous with the gold in it, and I hope I can bring out the red! I'm a little sad that the base colour isn't a bit lighter and more 'green' though as it looks black in some lights.

Trying to show the colour difference. I love the military details, especially on the shoulders as I missed them in the stock photos. I have a feeling my hair will catch on the buttons though! The bows are detachable, and there is one pocket underneath the right panel.

The headbow is pretty small for Angelic Pretty, and a bit of an odd shape. However it has wires in it, so it should be fixable! There is a little gold heart charm.

The bonnet. I kinda regret buying this now as it's ridiculously huge and I don't have any flowers or anything to wear in the front to make it look less silly. I'll try my best with it though! The gold cord, lace, and subtle pearls are all nice touches.

And lastly, the novelty pack of playing cards! I'm a little tempted to use them to make a headpiece, but I don't think I can bring myself to. Overall I really love this series and the pieces I bought as they have so many rich colours and details, and should be slightly more wearable than most of my (super-sweet) wardrobe. I'd still like to get my hands on the salopette, unless I'm able to find Toy March!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

AP Fukubukuro 5: Wonder Queen

Last lucky pack for this Winter! Wonder Queen! This series seems reasonably popular and it seems like this pack was a mare for people to get hold of. Luckily my SS was first in line at her shopping centre and was able to run down to the store and snag me one! I hadn't meant to buy it...but I couldn't resist the price.

The pack cost ¥17,873 once commission, shipping, and paypal fees were included, which is around £105 total.

This set only has a JSK and barette, but it's still a bargain when you consider that the series JSKs cost almost ¥15,000 more!

The bag for this one has a lavender print!

I wasn't too keen on the colour at first as it's kinda like the colour of dried blood, but it has grown on me a lot as it seems to suit me quite well!

The border print I'm not as keen on as I had thought as it just seems to be missing something, but I love the banner-like details on the rest of the dress and all the gold accents.

The bodice has cute gold details. The back is fully shirred but it's quite tight and there is no zip, which means I wouldn't recommend it for bigger lolitas. I was worried about the shirring making it big and lumpy, but it actually fits me really well! I also love the length, and think it would be fine without a petticoat as a casual dress (especially if worn in mori-style). There are 2 pockets.

The barrette is cute, but I wish it had been a headbow instead as they're just easier to wear! Hopefully my Musée du Chocolate headpieces will match well enough to wear with it though.

Again, I am very happy with my purchase! I just hope I start getting opportunities to wear these gorgeous clothes.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

AP Fukubukuro 3 & 4: Candy Sprinkle & Omekashi Doll

When I heard that Angelic Pretty USA would be stocking lucky packs, I just had to try to get my hands on the Omekashi Doll set. I also impulse bought a Candy Sprinkle special set!

They were released on the 26th of December, and arrived on the 13th of January. Unfortunately AP USA decided to mark the value up by $110, making my VAT & customs bill £142. Fuming! I will try my best to avoid using AP USA from now on if I have alternative options, as I now have to go through the stress of making a claim with customs to get some money back. Also the shipping/insurance cost a whopping $80.

But anyway, onto the packs!

I love how all the different packs had different colour print on the outside!

First up, Omekashi Doll set in black. It cost $130, which isn't a bad deal even with the extra costs I think.

I was sad to see that there is a bustle on the back of this, as I wanted it as a really casual everyday JSK. It is really cute though with the ruffles, even if I'm not keen on the shirred straps!

The matching headbow. It's actually really huge which is a shame as it won't look right on me, to be sure.

I was worried about this blouse due to shirring being heavily features, but it actually looks like it'll be really cute. It has detachable sleeves and lots of lovely lace.

Another little disappointment as the details on the socks are grey and not white, so they don't match. They will be cute in casual outfits though, and feel soft and warm.

There was also a small black heart bag the same as in the Candy Sprinkle salopette set, which I am selling to a friend.

And this is the big one - the Candy Sprinkle special set.

The JSK! It's a shame that it has full back shirring, but that means that it has 2 pockets!

Print detail. I fell in love with the swans, which is the main reason I got sucked into buying packs this year. The colours of the print look so much nicer in real life compared to the stock photos.

I love the bodice details on this version of the JSK. The buttons are really sparkly, and the collar is a unique touch!

The bonnet! It looks a little silly on me, but I'm hoping I can make it work. I wanted this set for the bonnet, although I'd like to pick up the headbow some time too.

The blouse has no shirring at all, so I don't know if it will even fit me yet as I haven't had a chance to try it. If it does, it'll probably a bit of a squeeze! It also has detatchable sleeves, along with detachable ties at the top and a jabot.

Cardigan, which I kept forgetting about. Looks very small, and has a line of discolouration running down the back. Love the buttons though, and the bows on the cuffs!

The coat! It's really heavy and thick and warm. It looks odd from the back when worn, but it has to be big to allow for the petticoat I guess! Which reminds me, there was no petticoat in this set this year, which is a bit of a shame.

Big heart bag! Soft fabric, couple pockets inside and one on the outside, nice size for all your bits and bobs. I'll probably use it quite a lot, but I guess the shape is a little impractical.

There were also socks the same as in the salopette set, which I will be looking to sell.

Overall I guess I am happy with these sets, although the customs was a bit of a blow.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

AP Fukubukuro 1 & 2: Salopettes

This year I may have gone a bit overboard with new year happy packs! I wasn't even keen on the print other than the swans...

AP surprised me by releasing the packs somewhat early this year...or rather, last year. Second week of December if I remember correctly? I wanted a salopette that wasn't pink for once, so I ordered a lavender set on the 12th as the black was already sold out. I managed to catch it on a restock on the 14th though, and so my overspending began. They cost 12,600 with 3,937 shipping and £32.23 customs/Parcelforce fee each, totalling just under £130 each. I got them on the 10th after big delays over Christmas and New Year.

To be honest I really liked the pink set this year, but since I have 3 pink salopettes already I needed something different!

The packs! As usual they were wrapped in Angelic Pretty plastic bags and then in bubble wrap.

The sets themselves.

Black salopette! The buttons are so shiny and adorable. These salopettes actually have back lacing for once, which means they should be more flattering as they're more adjustable for smaller waists! They only have one pocket each, but are nicely lined.

Print close-up. The colours are kinda odd and remind me of bubbles. The swans are so adorable! Angelic Pretty needs to do a proper swan print.

Lavender salopette!

The print doesn't show so well, but the colour is adorable!

Barettes. I still don't get how to use these really!

Socks. The lavender ones aren't a perfect match colourwise. I love the over-knee length though, and they feel nice and thick.

Hoodies! These are super soft, with the lavender slightly softer than the black. I have a feeling a lot of these will be coming up second hand as I'm probably the maximum measurements that would be okay for them.

Close-up of the cute carousel pony print. This was one of the things that made me want the sets, as I love carousel prints! Also means it will match a lot of things I own already.

Bags. To be honest I wish the heart one was lilac, even though that would make it match fewer things that I own. The set just seems a little unbalanced with one random pink thing. Maybe the hoodie should have been pink with lavender print? Oh well. They're probably a little too small for me to use often, but they aren't a bad size. Big enough to fit phone, purse, keys, and maybe a snack or camera. However the material feels softer than last year's ones, so I don't think it'll cope with being bashed about so much. The pearls are a nice touch though.

I'm actually really happy with these packs! I think everything is much more useable for me than the previous years, and I think the salopette will look adorable once I've adjusted the straps and lacing to my size. It doesn't even seem too short this year!

I also recorded myself opening the packs on my new(-ish) YouTube channel, with a little worn demonstration at the end. You can check it out HERE.