Wednesday, 8 January 2014

More Black Milk, & Sales!

I figured I'd post up some recent buys since I'm being so slow with the wardrobe post (so much to sort out!).

First up, my most recent Black Milk order!

I placed the order a few days after the Cyber Monday sale items were put up, on the 11th of December. A lot of the things I was considering sold out straight away, so I just bought something random as I wanted to see what the leggings were like without paying full price. The packs arrived on the 3rd of January.

This skirt wasn't in the sale, but I'd been eyeing it for a while and it was only around £27! I really love it. The print is great, the cut is flattering (longer at the back so I don't have to flash my buns!), and I'll probably wear it a ton. I want to get a bunch more skater skirts and dresses, but they're pretty expensive for what they are (especially with customs (around £6 for this item) and £8 Royal Mail fee with every order!).

The leggings were a sale item, at around £32. I have no idea now why I chose these as I'm not a hot pink person at all! I'm a little disappointed as the material is a little see-through so I could see my pants through them =[ They're also too long for me, and take some bobbing about to get into as they're ridiculously small unstretched. You can't really see in the photo, but the sparkly print is multicoloured. I'm not sure that I'll use them much, but I'd probably lose too much money by selling them.

I also picked up the Gunter shirt a while back for around £33. I'm a little disappointed with the fabric as it is thin and you can pretty much see straight through it, but I still adore it because GUNTER. I also bought a size up as the site said to if you wanted it baggy or to wear as a dress, but it's freaking huge and still not long enough to be a dress so I wish I'd stuck to my usual size.

I had been tempted to buy more during the Museum Release, but everything I wanted sold out too quickly.

I also picked up these things yesterday in the sales. I wanted a matching underwear set but there was only one of each bra and only one colour of pants, and the blue bra was ridiculously small (and H&M sizes are crazy and make no sense!). Turns out the pants are ridiculously big too (they usually run small so I thought they'd be tight if anything, ugh). The set only cost £10 though, and it's so sparkly and awesome! I'll use them anyway. The fluffy thing is a £4 hip flask from Urban Outfitters. I hate that store as the staff are rude and I get dogged up whenever I go there, but I wanted it for a while!

Did you pick up anything awesome in the sales recently?


  1. You're post was super helpful! Thanks! I was wanting to buy the Gunther shirt, but I hate see through tees. Thanks for saving me the disappointment and cash! =D

  2. so cute ^^ I love the skirt and the glittery bra

  3. That skirt is pretty awesome! The leggings look pretty cool still. It looks like not all items are made the same because the galaxy ones aren't see through. I was thinking about getting a mermaid one too :[

    1. I think it's coz they are a lighter colour, and I was wearing dark pants. I don't think it'll be overly noticeable when I wear them since I don't wear leggings without long tops anyway =P