Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year's Resolutions 2014

So my resolutions for last year were of varying degree of success. I did get a lot more fit, and managed to lose about a stone! I didn't really get to walk though as I live in the middle of nowhere now. I also didn't get to give blood as I got more tattoos, and now I'm borderline too light to give blood -_-

So...what about this year?

  • Keep fit! I want to stay around the weight I am now (108-110lbs), and get fitter again! I kinda slacked as my hips started hurting and now my second job takes up a lot of my time, but I need to get my buns of steel back.

  • Get rid of stuff! I got rid of quite a lot of clothing back in Autumn, but I still don't have enough room in my closet for all my clothes.

  • Get a better job! My job is badly paid and my supervisor is an idiot. I want a real job that actually uses a tiny bit of my brain!

  • Work towards moving out. Living at home is awful, and it really hurts to see couples who have been together a month living together when I still can't live with my partner of over 7 years...

  • Save money! I spend everything I have at the moment because when I feel down, I just want to try to cheer myself up. So I get stuck in a loop of shopping. Especially with Angelic Pretty releases, as I also get a major buzz from the excitement of waiting and refreshing a page. Must find healthier ways of trying to be happy.

  • Make more effort with my appearance! And stop dossing around in pyjamas all the time.

  • Lose toxic people. I just had to delete a bunch of exhousemates because they all misread something I tweeted and jumped on me, calling me a horrible person and generally bullying me for no reason instead of unfollowing me like sensible people. I'm going to go through Facebook etc and get rid of people from school who always hated me. Stuff like that. And I'm not going to let people walk over me so much. I have a tendency of forgiving people when they don't deserve it, and giving people way too many chances. I've had enough!

What are your goals this year?

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