Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Disney 2.0 & Holidaze

The much anticipated Disney 2.0 collection was finally released on April 7th, along with a designer collection counterpart called Holidaze. Unsurpisingly, I dove right in.

As usual, the IOD was the first port of call. This time, it's an Ariel Vs Ursula IOD. The Little Mermaid was always one of my favourite video tapes growing up, but I initially felt the IOD was too bright and wasn't impressed. But I love it a lot more in person! I can't see myself wearing the Ariel side much though as even the Ursula side is a bit colourful for me. Also finally bought the Bone Machine Pocket Tee from the last release. I still feel like £30 is too much for a shirt, but I wear black shirts all the time so I figured it should be worth it! And I accidentally bought the Bone Machine 2.0 Dress from Ebay recently, so yay for matching! That said I don't like the fit of the shirt really, it's not long enough to be oversized but would never work as a regular shirt on a women. It's a mens shirt, really.

I went a bit mad on my second order. The original intention was to just buy the IOD and a crop and save for the rest as none of the limited things appealed to me much. But I ended up buying everything in one go! Mermaid Midnight Cap Sleeve Crop is a safe investment though as I live in black crops. As much as I love the matching leggings, I'm waiting to see what the Mermay Ammo brings before committing! Next were the Bambi Leggings and Bambi Reversible Crop. I tried to resist both as I don't look good in leggings or rev crops, but I love the colours on these pieces far too much. I also got a gift for Sophie for her birthday (which arrived late), and now I need to buy it for myself as well haha.

Sadly my muffin top is too big to wear the set together like this...need to tone up again!

At least the new changes to BM means there won't be any big releases for a little while now since my bank account rather needs to recover...providing the small amounts of new things uploaded each week don't prove too tempting (which they probably will). And there's a sale tonight so I'll be grabbing as much I can...oh well!

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Belle Epoque Rose

I keep saying I'll stop buying lolita clothing as I never wear it and feel stupid in it, but then Angelic Pretty keeps twisting my arm. All. The damn. Time.

After resisting Belle Epoque Rose during the Japanese release, I decided to try for it in the US one. I missed the JSK and bonnet, but scored the skirt! I'm not really a skirt person though, so oops!

The fabric is that beautiful soft one they used for Romantic Rose Letter. The print is busy, but quite elegant.

And lots of ruffles in the back! Hoping to get a navy blouse in similar fabric to coord this with.

I also got the matching tights, which I'm sort of regretting now as the print on the skirt is much whiter than these are so they don't really match. Hopefully they will be cute with other pieces though!

This piece is definitely a contender for my Regalia outfit, but I find skirts so difficult! Hopefully it works out though.

Record Store Day 2015

Any of you who were following any Record Store Day updates this year will already know why I had to put myself through it all again. Biffy Clyro's album Puzzle has finally been released on vinyl! I needed it!

As such I donned my Biffy Clyro shirt, hoodie, & tartan toasties for the occasion. Excuse how messy I look, we got up just before 5am for the occasion and this was taken when I got home at around midday.

We arrived at Rise Bristol just before 6am. The queue wasn't too big, and we ended up being tickets 50 and 51. Had to get a pain au chocolat and hazelnut hot chocolate since they sounded delish (and they were).

We were also given goody bags!

I'm not sure what time we got into the store. They opened just after 8am, so I guess half hour or so after that. I panicked when we got in there, struggled to find things. Luckily Rob helped a lot (as well as only being there to drive me so I didn't have to wait up all night in town ♥). Couldn't find any Tears For Fears, talked myself out of We Are Scientists and Placebo, and Foo Fighters sold out pretty much instantly.

So aside from Puzzle I caved and bought records by The Used and Daughter/Warpaint (this one is mostly for dad). Probably not worth the early start and waiting, but it wasn't all that bad and I didn't want to risk missing it (though it turned out there were loads of copies...).

We went for a little wander afterwards and I finally found Jeffrey Campbell shoes in T.K.Maxx! They had 2 pairs in my size, but the other ones were ugly white patent heels. These JC Play beauties were only £20 ♥ just hope I actually get wear out of them!

We then found a little food place that sold everything for 99p and I had a panini. Would definitely go back as cheaaaapppp.

Bit worn out now, but not as much as my wallet is! At least I didn't have to work this afternoon as I worked last night instead. I wonder if there will be any good RSD releases next year? I kind of hope there aren't as Rob said he wouldn't take me again!

Monday, 13 April 2015

Spring Picnic

Since the weather has finally turned sunny, I attended a small lolita meet in Bristol on Saturday!

I'm not happy with the outfit I put together as I had to throw it on at work without seeing it all together, and I'm not fond of wearing pink. But I really wanted to wear Wonder Story for the first time in ages as it's perfect for this time of year, I feel. Jacket, skirt, and socks are all Angelic Pretty, blouse is Innocent World, jewellery are Metamorphose and Patisserie Pink, cardigan and flower crown are Primark, shoes are Bodyline.

I made some double custard cream blondies and double oreo brownies! I'm not pleased with those either...nothing can live up to the toblerone brownies I made recently.

I also made cucumber maki. Came out messy, but tasted so good and was so easy to make!

The fooooood.

Ziggi's gluten free cake was amazing! The texture was so strange but so so good.

After the picnic we went into Bar Chocolat and I fell in love with the chocolate ducks!

I was so tempted by cheesecake as it looked yummy but I had already eaten so much that I opted for an ice cream instead to cool down after so long out in the sun.

When I got home I opened my gift that Maria and Monika brought back from Paris for me - more chocolate! It's so insanely beautiful that I can't bring myself to eat it yet though. Colourful shiny chocolate ♥

I always feel strange in lolita recently. I'm never happy with my coords, and I really hate being laughed at by strangers. Guess I'll have to up my game and get more confident though, as I have bought a silver ticket for the Regalia Saturday event later in the year!

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Out & About

I made an online order to arrive in store so I had to make another trip into Bath yesterday!

So firstly I picked up the New Look order in Bath (after taking ages and ages to get there...). I got that top I tried on recently, and impulse bought a cheap skirt from the kids section (reluctant to try it on...it looks big enough, but who knows?!), some tattoo bracelets, and a super cheap and cute purse.

I then dashed up to Broad Street to get my septum jewellery changed, but it looked shut. I discovered when I'd just caught the bus to Bristol that they actually were open and that refurbishments had been finished. Argh! I did get a gift for someone in the Cath Kidston store near it though.

I had a very late lunch at around 4pm in College Green before going up Park Street to Forbidden Planet. I had a Boots meal deal of veggie sushi, carrots and humous, and Naked superfood smoothie!

Tried on a bunch of awesome black things in H&M, but I'm tight on money so I'm thinking on these things. I really want the skirt, but I'd have to buy 2 sizes smaller than usual and cut out the underskirt in order to wear it as high up as possible due to my height!

I think I will probably end up going back for this vest too at some point, although £25 is pretty expensive for something pointless. Also think maybe I need a bigger size? Idk what it's supposed to look like tbh aha.

Also sad I couldn't get these cute Mickey Mouse shorts. They didn't have my size, boooo.

Here are my other buys of the day! The pony came from Tesco before I caught the bus to Bath, the A Day To Remember CD was from Bath, and the rest was from Bristol (all Primark except the vest on the right which was from H&M).

Today I went to Clarks Village with Rob, and wore my Mr Shark shorts. I love them a lot!

I met a huge Lindt bunny! Other than eating burgers in Spoons the only thing we bought was a pair of £1 skull earrings from Claire's so it was a bit of a failed trip. Had to be out in the good weather we've been having though.

And now to work ridiculous shifts for the rest of week. Doing 18.5 hours over Thursday and Friday alone, and I'm only contracted to do 17 hours IN A WEEK ugh.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Press Play & Black Basics

The big release of March was the Press Play release, as a follow-up to Mixtape.

As usual, the IOD was first on the hit list! I think this one, the Tartan Aqua Vs Koi Purple Inside Out Dress may be my favourite so far as I love tartan and this colour is fab! Not sure about the koi side though. I also got a spare pair of Suspender Hosiery as my pair are getting bobbly from wear.

But look, so nice!

I also went for the Tartan Black Skater Skirt because tartan.

I tried to resist, but the 48 hour Rawrr Skater Skirt kept calling to me. Because pastels and black and derpy dinos! Also figured I'd try a Burned Diamond 3/4 Sleeve Crop out for size.

Dang, glad I risked the crop as I adore it! Perfect for with my old Velvet Black Skater Skirt and Webtacular Suspender Hosiery

And once my skirt arrived, I had to get Tartan Black Nana Suit Top to match! This coincided with a long-awaited Wet Look Cap Sleeve Bodysuit restock, and after trying out recent shortie purchases I wanted to get Awesome Shorties in a smaller size for Summer.

Building on basic black bits, I was tempted by more restocks! The Awesome Suit is super daring but will tempt me to get more back tattoos, and sexy as hell New Slicks Black Leggings! Unfortunately these landed me £30 customs.

The awesome suit is definitely awesome though! Need to tone up before Summer to rock it with everything.

Not sure about slicks yet though. The seams on the crotch and butt feel like they may split, but the legs are super wrinkled. Damn my short curvy form!

Finally, I went back for more Press Play pieces from the US site as BM finally decided to correct the wild price differences between sites! Biker Shorts and Matte High Neck Crop!

I only got the crop to make it worth ordering from the BMUSA, but I actually really love this cut. Just need to find a bra solution so straps don't show! The short wouldn't do up for ages, I had to gradually stretch them to be able to zip it up. I think it's the age-old problem of hidden zips. They smell funny, but they're so soft. I wish I'd gotten the rebel jacket now, damnit!

The next release is Diney, and irritatingly I like a lot more pieces than I had thought! And none of them are really things I'd wear. But luckily only a few are limited, so I will be able to space out purchases and hopefully avoid buying everything I want for once! Because I need to save for more tattoos ;P