Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Out & About

I made an online order to arrive in store so I had to make another trip into Bath yesterday!

So firstly I picked up the New Look order in Bath (after taking ages and ages to get there...). I got that top I tried on recently, and impulse bought a cheap skirt from the kids section (reluctant to try it looks big enough, but who knows?!), some tattoo bracelets, and a super cheap and cute purse.

I then dashed up to Broad Street to get my septum jewellery changed, but it looked shut. I discovered when I'd just caught the bus to Bristol that they actually were open and that refurbishments had been finished. Argh! I did get a gift for someone in the Cath Kidston store near it though.

I had a very late lunch at around 4pm in College Green before going up Park Street to Forbidden Planet. I had a Boots meal deal of veggie sushi, carrots and humous, and Naked superfood smoothie!

Tried on a bunch of awesome black things in H&M, but I'm tight on money so I'm thinking on these things. I really want the skirt, but I'd have to buy 2 sizes smaller than usual and cut out the underskirt in order to wear it as high up as possible due to my height!

I think I will probably end up going back for this vest too at some point, although £25 is pretty expensive for something pointless. Also think maybe I need a bigger size? Idk what it's supposed to look like tbh aha.

Also sad I couldn't get these cute Mickey Mouse shorts. They didn't have my size, boooo.

Here are my other buys of the day! The pony came from Tesco before I caught the bus to Bath, the A Day To Remember CD was from Bath, and the rest was from Bristol (all Primark except the vest on the right which was from H&M).

Today I went to Clarks Village with Rob, and wore my Mr Shark shorts. I love them a lot!

I met a huge Lindt bunny! Other than eating burgers in Spoons the only thing we bought was a pair of £1 skull earrings from Claire's so it was a bit of a failed trip. Had to be out in the good weather we've been having though.

And now to work ridiculous shifts for the rest of week. Doing 18.5 hours over Thursday and Friday alone, and I'm only contracted to do 17 hours IN A WEEK ugh.

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