Saturday, 18 April 2015

Record Store Day 2015

Any of you who were following any Record Store Day updates this year will already know why I had to put myself through it all again. Biffy Clyro's album Puzzle has finally been released on vinyl! I needed it!

As such I donned my Biffy Clyro shirt, hoodie, & tartan toasties for the occasion. Excuse how messy I look, we got up just before 5am for the occasion and this was taken when I got home at around midday.

We arrived at Rise Bristol just before 6am. The queue wasn't too big, and we ended up being tickets 50 and 51. Had to get a pain au chocolat and hazelnut hot chocolate since they sounded delish (and they were).

We were also given goody bags!

I'm not sure what time we got into the store. They opened just after 8am, so I guess half hour or so after that. I panicked when we got in there, struggled to find things. Luckily Rob helped a lot (as well as only being there to drive me so I didn't have to wait up all night in town ♥). Couldn't find any Tears For Fears, talked myself out of We Are Scientists and Placebo, and Foo Fighters sold out pretty much instantly.

So aside from Puzzle I caved and bought records by The Used and Daughter/Warpaint (this one is mostly for dad). Probably not worth the early start and waiting, but it wasn't all that bad and I didn't want to risk missing it (though it turned out there were loads of copies...).

We went for a little wander afterwards and I finally found Jeffrey Campbell shoes in T.K.Maxx! They had 2 pairs in my size, but the other ones were ugly white patent heels. These JC Play beauties were only £20 ♥ just hope I actually get wear out of them!

We then found a little food place that sold everything for 99p and I had a panini. Would definitely go back as cheaaaapppp.

Bit worn out now, but not as much as my wallet is! At least I didn't have to work this afternoon as I worked last night instead. I wonder if there will be any good RSD releases next year? I kind of hope there aren't as Rob said he wouldn't take me again!

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