Thursday, 2 April 2015

Press Play & Black Basics

The big release of March was the Press Play release, as a follow-up to Mixtape.

As usual, the IOD was first on the hit list! I think this one, the Tartan Aqua Vs Koi Purple Inside Out Dress may be my favourite so far as I love tartan and this colour is fab! Not sure about the koi side though. I also got a spare pair of Suspender Hosiery as my pair are getting bobbly from wear.

But look, so nice!

I also went for the Tartan Black Skater Skirt because tartan.

I tried to resist, but the 48 hour Rawrr Skater Skirt kept calling to me. Because pastels and black and derpy dinos! Also figured I'd try a Burned Diamond 3/4 Sleeve Crop out for size.

Dang, glad I risked the crop as I adore it! Perfect for with my old Velvet Black Skater Skirt and Webtacular Suspender Hosiery

And once my skirt arrived, I had to get Tartan Black Nana Suit Top to match! This coincided with a long-awaited Wet Look Cap Sleeve Bodysuit restock, and after trying out recent shortie purchases I wanted to get Awesome Shorties in a smaller size for Summer.

Building on basic black bits, I was tempted by more restocks! The Awesome Suit is super daring but will tempt me to get more back tattoos, and sexy as hell New Slicks Black Leggings! Unfortunately these landed me £30 customs.

The awesome suit is definitely awesome though! Need to tone up before Summer to rock it with everything.

Not sure about slicks yet though. The seams on the crotch and butt feel like they may split, but the legs are super wrinkled. Damn my short curvy form!

Finally, I went back for more Press Play pieces from the US site as BM finally decided to correct the wild price differences between sites! Biker Shorts and Matte High Neck Crop!

I only got the crop to make it worth ordering from the BMUSA, but I actually really love this cut. Just need to find a bra solution so straps don't show! The short wouldn't do up for ages, I had to gradually stretch them to be able to zip it up. I think it's the age-old problem of hidden zips. They smell funny, but they're so soft. I wish I'd gotten the rebel jacket now, damnit!

The next release is Diney, and irritatingly I like a lot more pieces than I had thought! And none of them are really things I'd wear. But luckily only a few are limited, so I will be able to space out purchases and hopefully avoid buying everything I want for once! Because I need to save for more tattoos ;P

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