Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Yesterday was my only day off this week as I'm working a lot of overtime, so I figured I should actually do something.

I dressed quite lightly, but this was a mistake. When I walked to the bus stop it was warm and sunny t-shirt weather. Then it rained. Then it hailed. I was so cold when I got to town!

I bought these things in H&M straight away so I could wear the jumper! I'd wanted to buy it online months ago but it was sold out, so I got lucky.

I then went to New Look and found this awesome bodycon in a concession. I really want it but this one is too big and long, but the arm bits are tight. Noooo!

They also have cute crops in! I regret not buying this...I wasn't sure about the need to freeboob, but it's so cute so I think I will be able to manage. Hopefully I get another chance to get it.

I then went to get my nipple bars changed at Broad Street Studio, and got a little something! Tragus was surprisingly not painful, although I keep forgetting it's there and scratching my ear which is bad. I love it though. Definitely working on getting more ear piercings!

As soon as I sat down in the park the weather turned from nice to gross again, so I headed to the bus stop. I was supposed to shop in Bristol too, but I was hungry and tired and the bus I was on pulled up right next to the bus I just went home!

And I returned home to find my signed copy of Frank Turner's book ♥

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