Monday, 2 March 2015


My goal of buying less Black Milk continues to fail miserably with the Mixtape release! I hear there is an upcoming black-themed release too, so basically I am doomed.

There was a big issue with this release though. My payment (a voucher) was accepted, but the order failed. This happened to a lot of people. It did all get sorted out, but I was stressed thinking I would miss items, and then ended up with doubles when the order finally resolved! The team did sort everything out pretty quickly, but that didn't stop a wild panic as I scrabbled to get onto a different browser to make my purchases with one defunct voucher!

My first order was of course the Mucha Black Vs La Trappistine Inside Out Dress. I'd been waiting for this one! It got hit by customs though, which was a shame (but 1 out of 2 isn't bad!). I really hate it on me though! The colours look terible on me. Will have to endure some pretty serious layering attempts to make it work.

My second order arrived first due to lack of customs. The Night Tribe Straps Skater Dress was my second pick of the release, and the reasons should be obvious. I wear A LOT of black, but this has a bit of sparkle that makes it interesting without being too flashy. Plus I wear my Death By Disco Straps tons, so I can give it a rest now! I also grabbed the Braains Skater Skirt to go with my crop, and decided to ignore my decision to not get the Disco Doll Tartan Cheerleader Skirt as I couldn't resist the shiny. I'm thankful for this as, while not overly wearable, it is absolutely stunning fabric! Not to mention perfect for nights out.

I guess I have had worse releases, but then I did have to strike off a few from my list!

That said, I did go back for the Once Upon A Time Black Playsuit after thinking on it for a bit, and I'm glad I did as it's much more flattering that I had feared! I just need a cute belt for it. And finally got some shorties in the correct size (Tartan Green Shorties), and ended up deciding I'd regret not getting the matching crop to match the skirt.


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