Friday, 13 March 2015

Takedown Festival 2015

Last weekend I dragged Rob down to Southampton for a little festival at the Highfield campus. We ended up getting the train in really late because he spent forever in the shower before we left, grr haha.

Since we had to check into the guest house we ended up getting to the venue only a short while before InMe were on. We had a few drinks outside since the sun was shining and the Relentless tent was blaring out The Mindsweep 👌

Our whole reason for going was InMe's set. They played Overgrown Eden in full, which is an album that takes me back to listening to mix-CDs borrowed from my older cousin in my old cold computer room when I was still a kid. So pretty nostalgic!

I'm a little embarrassed now at how much I shouted and danced during the set as I've seen other people's videos. We were right on the barrier as it wasn't too busy when we turned up!

Such a good live band though. I tried to join the pit during the last song (Faster The Chase, with Mikey Chapman of Mallory Knox), but I got knocked over straight away and ended up going straight back to Rob haha. My hand was so bruised and sore after that!

Everything is a bit fuzzy afterwards as I had too much to drink too earlier like an idiot, but we did see the very beginning of Rolo Tomassi's set. I was thrilled that they started on Ex Luna Scienta as it's the one song I know well, but they only played a very short version of it.

We caught a bit of Decade while having a sitdown after getting food, and we found a CD and some crisps that somebody must have left behind!

Then I insisted on seeing Charlie Simpson as he was so good before. And he was good again. I just felt bad as Rob had wanted to see someone else but I was already hungover so he didn't want to leave me.

Hungover/drunk selfie is obligatory.

We ended up not staying for Mallory Knox which sucks as I know they're super good, but my head hurt a lot & it didn't hurt to beat the bus rush either. But ugh we missed the afterparty and I paid so much for travel and parking and hotel and stuff. I need to learn my limits...or at least not stop drinking until the night is over, geez. At least they're playing at Download this year, if I recall.

Direct trains didn't start running back the next day until the afternoon, and our check-out was at 9am. So we had to kill a lot of time! First by going to a café until shops opened, and then having a wander about.

The Rockbottom Toystore had XXL ponies! Sadly they didn't have Pinkie Pie...which is just as well as they were £50 each (and that's apparently half price?!).

I managed to rein in my shopping a little! I finally bought a cute little Disney Tsum, bought new socks since my New Rocks shredded the pair I wore the day before, top I'd been eyeing in H&M for a while for £2, and a cheap pony mug/easter egg. Also the Relentless bands & CD from Takedown!

Also had the worst burger ever at Yates. So soggy and tasted bad and was really expensive, and the chips and onion rings weren't cripy either. Boo. Spoons may have stopped the mexican burger, but I still wish we'd just gone there now!

Sad that I now have to wait until May before my next gig, which happens to be InMe again!

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