Monday, 20 August 2012

Cheese & Grain

On Thursday I went to a local gig with Rob & Ziggi. Guess who...

Yup, I saw Frank Turner again! This was actually my fifth time, and all those times were within one year. I think I have a problem (^u^')*teehee

The first act was Oxygen Thief, who was really good! He also did shout out about Midsomer Norton (my old hometown), and since I'd had a tad too much beer I shouted it back with my accent a little heavily than usual...'NARH-AHHHN!'. Ahhh not attractive haha.

And then Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls! Brilliant as always. I managed to shout myself near-hoarse by the second line of The Road. Which was only the second song. Derp.

Still gutted Frank won't be playing The Ballad Of Me And My Friends anymore, but was nice to see some oldies in the setlist. I felt like the only person singing along to A Decent Cup Of Tea though. Bit awkward =P

Unfortunately I didn't get any more photos as my camera was being a butt and I was too busy singing along and dancing like a mad thing. Also the tallest guy in the place stood right in front of me. OF COURSE. Always bloody happens.

But yes, a good night out! Now I have to wait until December to see them again, although I'll get to see Möngöl Hörde on Sunday. AM EXCITE.

Ziggi came back to mine afterwards where she made me obsessed with a new Disney cartoon called Gravity Falls, and made me terrifed of Slenderman. Good times xP

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Cakes, Cats, Clubs!

Last weekend I went with a bunch of friends to stay in Kyra's parent's house for the weekend! I stupidly didn't take many photos, so I put off writing this post for ages as it meant having to trawl Facebook for photos to pad out the post haha.

I met Bexy at the train station, and we met Sophie on the train! I wore Bodyline's Fruits Parlor as I'd been intending to wear it all day, but in the end I took it off before we went out (it's soooo tight!).

Once we were all at the house (and after playing with the cats), we had a delicious lunch and yummy rose tea!

In the evening we went to Southampton and went in a few pubs!

Bunch of us before we left.


STER WERS THERM PERRRB. I had an Emperor cocktail and it was gooood.

Outside the Dungeon! It was a pretty awesome club, I really want to go again. It was like Discord only with slightly better music and much better layout. I'm in love with Loulou's rainbow hair <3

Sadly the next day we had to leave! But not before having a delicious breakfast in the local Asda. And of course taking a photo of the cute kittens!

The journey home felt so long as I just wanted to get home, eat and sleep! But thankfully I had great compant and a deilicious Hello Kitty cupcake =3

Looking forward to seeing my frilly friends again soon, although I have a feeling I won't see most of them until the J et J meet in September!

Sorry about the lazy post, really haven't been in the mood for writing lately but I need to get everything up before I go off to Reading festival next Wednesday! I could not be less prepared Dx

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Möngöl Hörde

I think I mentioned previously that a song from Frank Turner's new hardcore project would be put online on Friday. I only just remembered to Google it (I'd expected something on Twitter or his blog but no dice), and AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH.

It's no Million Dead, but must admit I do like it. Even if the lyrics aren't clever like I was hoping.

The best bit though is that my suspicions were correct - they'll be playing Lock-Up at Reading! Finally starting to look forward to Reading now, although chances of me surviving a hardcore gig are slim (do I have time to get contacts so my glasses don't get smashed in again?).

Monday, 6 August 2012

Zoo & Safari?!

On Saturday was the annual South West zoo meet! This is the first year I've not been on holiday for it, so I was finally able to attend ♥

We went to Bristol zoo and saw some supercute animals!

The red panda was my favourite.

We had a delicious picnic!

The cupcakes matched my skirt!

Sadly it starting showering heavily afterwards so the animal show we were going to watch was cut short and we all got SOAKED.

Hati had the most epic headpiece I've ever seen!

I wore a casual sweet coord with Whip Magic (and a Jimmy Eat World tee just because I love them). My hair is actually in ponytails, but you can't really tell as it's so long and flat and ergh Dx I had to wear casual as I've been having problems with my feet and my bad leg, so trainers were needed!

Awesome bird statue on the world of water.

Odd little bug that turned to look at me when I pointed my camera at it! What a camwhore.

And what excited us a lot...



I was so tired when I got home, but it was a really fun day and I got to make new friends too \(^u^)/

On Sunday I went to Longleat with my family for a few hours (we have season passes!).

Cool hedge lion thing!

Butterfly that took a shine to my brother.

Leaf butterfly.

We also saw an epic birds of prey display where we literally had to duck to avoid being hit by the owls, vultures, and caracara that flew over us! Was so awesome, although a bit uncomfortable.

So now I'm pretty tired and all animal-ed out!

Friday, 3 August 2012

Bristol Buys!

Yesterday I went to Bristol to meet up with some friends who I haven't seen in a while! Although the day went far too quickly it was nice to see everyone casually (since usually we're all frilled up - so odd seeing plain-clothed lolis!).

We didn't really get up to much, but we did get some shopping done! I always get a bit overexcited when shopping ^_^' I really shouldn't have bought anything, but I don't regret any of my purchases so who cares, ohohohoho.

Primark gets! Total was about £17.

Black daps, lilac sheer-backed top, star suspender tights, black backpack.

Better photo of the top! So pretty, and only cost £3.

I also inevitably made some purchases in The Entertainer. I was thrilled to see the new ponies on shelves already! They even had Princess Cadence, but I couldn't justify the purchase. But I finally completed the small pony set (if we ignore the bridesmaid ponies as I think I'll only buy Rarity in addition to Pinkie Pie since they're my two favourites) with Diamond Rose.

Aaand of course we ended up in a pub afterwards. There was a Green Lantern with a green latern!

Was a little tipsy on the bus back and ended up half-deafening myself with my music and almost missed my stop because I was enjoying Justboy too much haha. This was my view when I was waiting for the bus - a double rainbow!

And there was a huge full moon in the evening.

Other news, someone my dad works with is moving into a rental property so they can't keep their cats, so we're having one of them! Kind of annoying as my cat allergy has gotten a lot worse in the time we've had no cats, but I do love cats so I can't complain too much. This is Hugo!

Pretty excited for tomorrow as I FINALLY get to go to a Bristol Zoo meet! I missed the last two as I was on holiday both times. I hope it doesn't rain too much as I love going to the zoo. I should probably go put an outfit together now!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Stingin' Belle

Just in case you missed it, the new Biffy Clyro video! A track from the upcoming double-album 'Opposites'.

And since I'm here, might as well make a brag - fully signed copy of 'Many of Horror'!

Aaaaahhhhh *fangirls wildly*

Also very pleased with this beaut, which is my first Biffy Clyro LP.