Monday, 6 August 2012

Zoo & Safari?!

On Saturday was the annual South West zoo meet! This is the first year I've not been on holiday for it, so I was finally able to attend ♥

We went to Bristol zoo and saw some supercute animals!

The red panda was my favourite.

We had a delicious picnic!

The cupcakes matched my skirt!

Sadly it starting showering heavily afterwards so the animal show we were going to watch was cut short and we all got SOAKED.

Hati had the most epic headpiece I've ever seen!

I wore a casual sweet coord with Whip Magic (and a Jimmy Eat World tee just because I love them). My hair is actually in ponytails, but you can't really tell as it's so long and flat and ergh Dx I had to wear casual as I've been having problems with my feet and my bad leg, so trainers were needed!

Awesome bird statue on the world of water.

Odd little bug that turned to look at me when I pointed my camera at it! What a camwhore.

And what excited us a lot...



I was so tired when I got home, but it was a really fun day and I got to make new friends too \(^u^)/

On Sunday I went to Longleat with my family for a few hours (we have season passes!).

Cool hedge lion thing!

Butterfly that took a shine to my brother.

Leaf butterfly.

We also saw an epic birds of prey display where we literally had to duck to avoid being hit by the owls, vultures, and caracara that flew over us! Was so awesome, although a bit uncomfortable.

So now I'm pretty tired and all animal-ed out!


  1. This meet was so much fun apart from the sudden downpour D:

  2. I love red pandas, Edinburgh Zoo used to have one, it was adorable :)

  3. It looks like you had so much fun! So lovely to see you all dressed up!

  4. Zoo meets always seem like so much fun! It sucks that it rained though :o