Friday, 3 August 2012

Bristol Buys!

Yesterday I went to Bristol to meet up with some friends who I haven't seen in a while! Although the day went far too quickly it was nice to see everyone casually (since usually we're all frilled up - so odd seeing plain-clothed lolis!).

We didn't really get up to much, but we did get some shopping done! I always get a bit overexcited when shopping ^_^' I really shouldn't have bought anything, but I don't regret any of my purchases so who cares, ohohohoho.

Primark gets! Total was about £17.

Black daps, lilac sheer-backed top, star suspender tights, black backpack.

Better photo of the top! So pretty, and only cost £3.

I also inevitably made some purchases in The Entertainer. I was thrilled to see the new ponies on shelves already! They even had Princess Cadence, but I couldn't justify the purchase. But I finally completed the small pony set (if we ignore the bridesmaid ponies as I think I'll only buy Rarity in addition to Pinkie Pie since they're my two favourites) with Diamond Rose.

Aaand of course we ended up in a pub afterwards. There was a Green Lantern with a green latern!

Was a little tipsy on the bus back and ended up half-deafening myself with my music and almost missed my stop because I was enjoying Justboy too much haha. This was my view when I was waiting for the bus - a double rainbow!

And there was a huge full moon in the evening.

Other news, someone my dad works with is moving into a rental property so they can't keep their cats, so we're having one of them! Kind of annoying as my cat allergy has gotten a lot worse in the time we've had no cats, but I do love cats so I can't complain too much. This is Hugo!

Pretty excited for tomorrow as I FINALLY get to go to a Bristol Zoo meet! I missed the last two as I was on holiday both times. I hope it doesn't rain too much as I love going to the zoo. I should probably go put an outfit together now!


  1. Haha I also went to Primark this weekend, amazing what you can get for a few euro (in my case) isn't it? Love it :)