Monday, 20 August 2012

Cheese & Grain

On Thursday I went to a local gig with Rob & Ziggi. Guess who...

Yup, I saw Frank Turner again! This was actually my fifth time, and all those times were within one year. I think I have a problem (^u^')*teehee

The first act was Oxygen Thief, who was really good! He also did shout out about Midsomer Norton (my old hometown), and since I'd had a tad too much beer I shouted it back with my accent a little heavily than usual...'NARH-AHHHN!'. Ahhh not attractive haha.

And then Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls! Brilliant as always. I managed to shout myself near-hoarse by the second line of The Road. Which was only the second song. Derp.

Still gutted Frank won't be playing The Ballad Of Me And My Friends anymore, but was nice to see some oldies in the setlist. I felt like the only person singing along to A Decent Cup Of Tea though. Bit awkward =P

Unfortunately I didn't get any more photos as my camera was being a butt and I was too busy singing along and dancing like a mad thing. Also the tallest guy in the place stood right in front of me. OF COURSE. Always bloody happens.

But yes, a good night out! Now I have to wait until December to see them again, although I'll get to see Möngöl Hörde on Sunday. AM EXCITE.

Ziggi came back to mine afterwards where she made me obsessed with a new Disney cartoon called Gravity Falls, and made me terrifed of Slenderman. Good times xP

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