Monday, 3 September 2012

Reading Festival, 2012 - Part One

Very delayed blogging here, but I've been tired and generally lazy since getting back from Reading!

I had early entry so I got there on the Wednesday. I met Finn (who I know from last year) at the station so we could get the train together (and so he could carry my bag most of the way coz it was heavy and people always assume it's just me being weak so they offer...eheheheh). Walked straight into camp with no queues really, found Camp Loner straight away as it was in the same place as last year, Brad put my tent up for me. No problems. Rest of the day was spent drinking. Too much. I threw vodka over someone for being ignorant and then proceeded to try to start a fight with everyone, but no one would take me on =P So yeah, don't say that asexuality doesn't exist around a drunken me if you don't want your face smashed in!

Thursday was horrible as I only had 3 hours of sleep, woke up drunk, and then had a really bad hangover until late afternoon. Met Sophie at the train station at 4 (although we were opposite sides of the station!), and I ended up getting a bit annoyed as she's a social butterfly and I was super grumpy that day ^_^' But the afternoon was good, met a few more loners from last year and took this photo of the campers under the gazebo.

And this one of Sophie & I!

Friday morning really dragged as we were all just keen to get the festival started! The first band we saw were Future of the Left at about midday in the NME tent. I wasn't convinced, probably would have been better off seeing Deaf Havana. Then we went to Main Stage where we caught the end of Cancer Bats, then Coheed & Cambria, Angels & Airwaves, Crystal Castles (wtf, too much random screeching and the crowd was all girls showing their boobs and one guy who decided to get his dick out have a wank while on someone's shoulders), You Me At Six. I missed most of Bombay Bicyle Club as there was a huge queue for the loo!

Fucking Paramore! Everyone on camp hates them for no apparent reason, but even if you don't like their music they put on a really good show. And I do like their music. So there.

And Hayley Williams' outfit was awesome.

After Paramore Sophie broke down and decided to go back to camp. I thought she'd feel differently about wanting to leave by the morning, but she left in the evening while I was watching The Cure. I felt really bad about making her go back alone and not looking after her, but The Cure were the main reason I went to Reading this year Dx

The Cure were really good, although my attention waned in places as their songs are often too long and they played a few I didn't know (and the set was loooooong). But I've always wanted to see them and they were pretty much the only band left I wanted to see live that I hadn't already seen! And they played my favourite song of theirs too, so yay.

When I got back to camp I went straight to my tent to listen to music until I fell asleep because I don't like socialising with drunk people when I'm sober. Especially non-ace ones because my god do you people talk of nothing but sex or something? SO BORING.

Aaaaand that's it for part one methinks!

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  1. I only just read this :) Never thought of myself as a social butterfly! To be honest, I'd kinda had enough and was relieved when you said you wanted to go back to the tent >_< Paramore made the Friday for me, I just wish I'd been better prepared. Ah well I'll just have to see Frank and Florence at gigs. xx