Monday, 10 September 2012

Juliette et Justine Tea Party Club Meet

(Very long post and lots of pictures. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! But feel free to just look at the pretties and not read it eheheh.)

As I am sure many of you will already know, Saturday was a big day for the British lolita community! For the 5th anniversary Tea Party Club meet there was an event with Juliette et Justine and Gothic Lolita Bible! There was also the first brand tea party in the country on the Sunday, although sadly I couldn't afford to attend.

Here's the ticket! It arrived the Monday before the event which got me all excited.

I was pretty stressed getting my outfit ready late the night before (I'd spent the day at the beach!) and was annoyed that I wouldn't have time to do anything with my hair. Had to get up at 5.40, eat & have a cuppa, do make-up, throw clothes on, stagger to the bus stop for the 7.16 bus. Ended up getting to the stop 20 minutes early, but I couldn't risk missing it! Got to the train platform half an hour before it left too, but wasn't really avoidable. Met frilly friends on the platform and the train.

Tube to Charing Cross!

We got to the venue with a few minutes to spare. Enough time for a chat and some photos!

lol at the woman in the background xD

Since we had VIP tickets we went in at 11 and picked up our goodie bags! Then we went to the sales room to have a look at what was on offer. I was blown away by Juliette et Justine's dresses, but no one piece stood out so I didn't bankrupt myself by buying anything.

The bustling sales room.

And the hotel itself was pretty gorgeous.

Couldn't resist getting a photo with those paintings in the background with the beautiful Chrissi.

Outfit rundown time! Bag and dress are Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, necklace and bracelet are from a BTSSB collaboration with Sanrio character Charmmy Kitty, and everything else is offbrand (headbow from H&M, blouse by NafNaf, shoes from Peacocks).

Once everyone was in and settled there was a Q&A with the guests and we were given a questionnaire about ourselves for Gothic Lolita Bible. After this there was a scavenger hunt (which we failed miserably at) and time to go get lunch. Started to get a headache as it was so hot despite the air conditioning (it was much worse outside).

Accessory shot I took while waiting for the fashion show to begin! There were also opera-esque singers at this point, but I really didn't rate them.

I took so many fashion show photos, so I'll just post a few of my favourites.

I loved all the dresses (well if you ignore the one with boob-grabbing, peen-flashing cherubs), especially the really OTT ones! If I manage to part with some sweet pieces in time to raise funds I'll probably order one of the book dresses as they're simply stunning. I also loved that alice-themed one as it fits more with my Angelic Pretty pieces in a way.

After more free time there was a big raffle, although I wasn't one of the lucky ones. Here's a blurry snap of our wonderful hosts Kyra and Michaela while they were calling up winners.

The highlight of the day was somewhat unexpected. After Kyra thanked the guests Dom took to the mic to thank Kyra for organising everything so wonderfully, and then he proposed! I could see what was coming just before it happened and was instantly crying tears of joy. I love them both to pieces so I couldn't be happier for them! Even remembering it brings a tear to my eye.

And after everyone destroyed their make-up with tears, the big group photo.

Click the photo for source! Sadly some people already had to leave before this was taken. I was right at the back so only my hand is visible -_-'

And thus ended the event! After saying goodbye to everyone and giving Kyra a big hug, I went in search of a pint with Bexy and Amy which led us to a pub called Sherlock Holmes. We also got a few cans for the journey back before grabbing the tube and then the train. So sad to spend such a short amount of time in London.

Oh my glob, why do I derp so?

The train seemed to take forever due to being so tired and the fact that emergency stop kept happening for some reason (I suspect dementors).

Drinking with my pinkie out because I'm a sophisticated lady and all.

The plan had been to go out with Bexy afterwards, but my heat-sickness didn't go away and the booze probably didn't help matters, so I went home instead. Well, I say I went home - the next bus wasn't for over an hour and a half so I had to sit at the bus stop dehydrating like mad until 11.33 and then bear a 40 minute bus journey and the 10 minute stagger home, in which I was followed by drunken men. One of whom was bearing a lightsabre. My life.

And so while I wish I could have attended the tea party also, it's probably best that I didn't as I was tired and my body ached so much by the time I got home. But it was such a great day \(^u^)/

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