Friday, 21 September 2012

New Room

Today I moved back to the city to get ready for the upcoming uni year. I'm living with 3 second-year girls who are all best buddies and on the same course, so trying to muscle in on the friendship group won't be easy. But I don't want things to be as awful as last year, so I'll try!

This is the view from my window! The train station. So I hear the trains go by, but it isn't as loud as I thought it'd be. Quite relaxing really, and interesting to watch all the commuters!

My room is the smallest, but means it's the cheapest. And it certainly feels a lot bigger than last year's room (though this is helped by the high ceilings and lots of storage space).

Biiiig bookshelves! Last year I didn't have my own shelves (well there was a bookcase for me outside my room but someone had already filled it with their crappy DVDs by the time I moved in even though they had their own bookcase). I don't actually have any of my textbooks yet so it's pretty empty.

Desk, which is messy already somehow. Finally got to put up my pony calendar =3 And you can also see my Blackened Sky double-vinyl which arrived before I did (I adore it so much!).

Tiny little drawers. They look really cute but they barely fit my hairbrush and accessories in. When I go home next I'll take all the empty bags with me and bring a mirror to go on top of them.

PINKIE PIE SHELF! They're not even all on there yet. And my bed and the biiiiig built-in closet. There are two rails in there, one behind the other. The only downside is that I have to stand on my pillow to reach anything that's in there. I'm planning to replace the shower curtain with a nice purple net curtain I've had for a while but never used.

And that's my new room! So much nicer than my old one. It even has double glazing, and no noisy boiler!

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