Thursday, 31 July 2014

BM, Aliexpress, & Ebay Mini-Hauls

My Black Milk addiction continues!

I finally caught a couple restocks! I got the Wet Look Long Sleeve Crop, the Evil Cheerleader Lace Dress 2.0 that I'd been considering for ages (decided it's worth the price as I can wear it over anything!), and decided on the Tartan Red Toasties over the regular leggings (for now). I'm actually really impressed with the toasties and will definitely be buying more when ammo happens!

I ordered these two skirts on aliexpress from the seller zhou jack on July 12th as they were only £5.87 each. I kinda wanted the lavender one too, but figured I'd try these first as I can wear them with more. They're REALLY short (even my butt shows a little), but fit pretty comfortably and the straps are surprisingly soft!

From Ebay, I finally found an adorable sheer dress from Motel for £19. However, despite supposedly being a size 10, it's MILES too small. I could barely get it on without wearing a bra =/ and I'm a small 10. I can't even send it back as it made susupicious ripping noises when I tried to escape from it! It really sucks as it looks adorable. If only it were like 2 sizes bigger, grr.

But! I finally got my hands on some JC Litas! They're quite grubby and missing a few spikes, but I'm just happy to finally own some. These were only £35 too! They're a teeny bit big though. I don't even know what size they are as they're marked 7M, but they seem to be around a UK4.5.

So obviously I am continuing to fail at not shopping, but I am actually going to take back some things I bought recently. Hopefully I'll get some time to sort my things out at home soon too, but I doubt I'll get to as I seem to be either busy or exhauasted all the time!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Sunny Day Out

After weeks and weeks of people messing with my plans, I finally got to go to Bath today! I had so many errands to run, so having to cancel on myself over and over was really frigging annoying.

After picking up my train tickets for Reading Festival, I started shopping! Which involved trying on lots of things I couldn't afford, including a gorgeous cardigan on Urban Outfitters that I didn't get a photo of.

I've been wanting this dress in Topshop for ages, but this size is too small, the non-petite sizes are all too big, and the size that would fit me is apparently completely sold out. Boo.

I also tried these just for a laugh, but it somehow made a pretty cute outfit! I really want these shorts now, but they were too expensive.

In H&M I spotted this top and thought it was so me, but wtf is this length? If it ever gets reduced I might get it, but whaaa

This dress was only a fiver, but eh if only it were black!

This one I've been eyeing for a while, but I left it. In Bath, anyway. I had to go home via Bristol, so I picked one up there ;P

After picking up some shoes I ordered and buying some other ones, I went up to Broad Street Studio to get my belly button pierced! I love going to that place for piercings.

This photo was taken once I'd cleaned it up back home since it was kinda bloody at first. I'm really not sure about it, but oh well.

I then went to find some grass to sit on and bought some treats.

The sandwich I made yesterday was delicious! Quorn fillets in mayo, sweet chilli, & chilli cheese.

I ended up spending over 2 hours just lounging around and reading.

I somehow managed to find a really quiet spot!

I then had to get the bus to Bristol, where I did a little more shopping. I ended up getting some things in Primark since the Bath Primark was reaaaally rubbish. I didn't get the Ravenclaw shirt I'd been wanting for ages though, as it looked horrible! Then it was time to go home.

Here are the shoes I got! ASPCA Vans from Schuh that I used a discount code for, and some sandals from New Look. Need to try them both though.

A bunch of hair stuff from Boots and Just Beauty.

The H&M floaty!

Aaaaaand I bought 3 really similar things in Primark...need to try them with stuff I already own and decide which ones to take back.

I'm now exhausted and in another world of pain due to dehydration. Someone bring me ice cream? Please??

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Aliexpress Harness & Garter Review

I've been wanting a fashion harness for ages but they are generally really expensive. So when I found out that Aliexpress sell many of them, I had to give them a go!

I ordered on July 5th, and they received today on the 22nd, so it didn't take too long, really! Shipping was free, and there were no customs charges.

I obviously didn't read the listings properly as 2 of the harnesses I ordered were apparently little wholesale lots! So I have a bunch of them to sell now, oops! It's also worth noting that these are replicas, and I have a feeling some sellers use images of the original rather than of their own product. The seller I used was dong lou.

This first one was £11.56 for 2.

As you can see, several of the straps need adjusting on me as they're too long. Otherwise, I think this is pretty accurate to the photo.

This second one was £5.48 for 1.

This is how I was expecting it to fit, and what I will try to alter it to be.

This is how it actually fits. A tad too big and long! Obviously the tags need to be removed, it was just easier to try on by leaving them in.

This third one was £4.65 for 3.

This one fits a little long too. It's odd, they all have adjustable back straps, but it's the length that's the issue for me!

I also thought I'd pick up some pentagram garters as I've always thought they looked cool. These were £7.45 for a pair.

As you can see, they're too long and the straps are much too thick. Also while one is stitched fine, the other is totally different and has lots of exposed edges, which kind of sucks.

They're also super duper unflattering and make me look like a ham or something. I know I have fat on my thighs, but they're as toned as they could be!! orz

Lastly, I also picked up some simpler garters for £2.67.

These are a softer, shinier material (all the others are kind of scratchy), and look thinner than the sale photo. They stay up better than I'd expected, but it's impossible to make them look straight! The clips seem pretty decent though.

While I will have to alter pretty much everything, I'm kind of glad I ordered as I was able to get all this stuff for around the price of one harness from somewhere else. I can also hopefully make back some money by selling the spares! I don't think I'd buy again though. I'll just save up for one decent harness if I get much use out of these ones.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Crystal Dream Carnival GET!

This morning Crystal Dream Carnival finally arrived! I say finally but the only hold up was the headbow production, as everything arrived quickly after dispatch and without customs (woohoo!).

I filmed myself opening the pack HERE, but I thought I'd do a blog version too as it'll look much nicer!

I immediately realised that I made the right choice of main piece, as this one shows the print perfectly without overcrowding it and it is very flattering in my opinion.

The reverse scallops look amazing, and the gold star buttons are the perfect accents to the print without being over the top. The slight sweetheart neckline is perfect. The material behind the buttons is actually chiffon, which I wasn't expecting!

There are even little stars on the waist ties, and lots of little crystal drops on the points! And the lace has ponies on, as you would expect.

And the print is gorgeous, of course! There are so many details I didn't notice before, like the gold bracelets and crowns the pegasus wear. I didn't notice the little unicorns in the background before either. Adorable!

The chiffon-type train on the headbow is a little odd in my opinion, and will be difficult to make work with my flat hair, but I love that the star button and crystal drop details have been carried onto it.

I am so so glad I was able to get my first choice colour, as the print really pops on the navy. I hadn't realised how much I would love this piece until I received it. I wish I could wear it all the time!

And a quick outfit thrown on as I wanted to try it. It fits so well (I didn't even have to adjust the back lacing), and flatters the figure. I like the length too, as I like to show a bit of leg! I think the side bow suits me better than a regular centre bow as it works better without bangs. Apologied for the YRU platforms...but I love them to pieces too, and somehow like them with lolita as they balance out the big skirt! My blouse in this outfit is from Anna House.

I'm definitely thinking that this release coinciding with Sailor Moon Crystal can't be an accident...but maybe I'm just reading too much into it!

I can't express how much I love this series really! I hope to own the OP one day too as that was the cut I liked the most, but this piece is definitely more versatile. I'm so happy with my purchase! Now I just need an excuse to wear it =3

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Royal Chocolate, Amazon, & Other

A bunch more stuff arrived in the mail today!

Sophie was selling her Royal Chocolate JSK, so I just had to buy it! I'd always hoped we'd both own it to twin, but I guess it wasn't to be. I totally fell in love with it after trying it on. Maybe I should sell some things and work on developing the chocolate theme in my closet?

These socks were also included as apology for sending it out late, so cute ♥

My Amazon Japan & UK orders both came in today too! 2 Keras, the new Kyary Pamyu Pamyu album, and InMe's most recent one.

Since I was shooting magazines anyway, here are the ones I bought from Antonia. I love getting my hands on English GLBs! She also threw in an Innocent World file, Meta catalogue, and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu stickers!

So many haul posts recently, oops! Crystal Dream Carnival should arrive next week too, so look forward to the review!

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Stuff, Stuff, & Things

Ugh sorry guys, been working like crazy and don't have the energy to finish a bunch of posts I have started (again). So for now a lazy 'stuff I got recently' post!

Firstly, better photos of stuff I got from Antonia! I didn't get photos of posters or stationery though.

I got this Baby, The Stars Shine Bright JSK for £45. I said I wanted a tartan JSK like this, so it was a great buy! Sadly it doesn't have waist ties, but it actually fits pretty well without any anyway.

This Innocent World blouse was a freebie as it's discoloured, but I'm hoping to scrub the worst of it out! Also missing waist ties, but I never understood why blouses needed them when they'll always be tucked into something anyway.

A suuuuuper adorable vintage Laura Ashley dress that was also a freebie. I love this! The fabric is actually subtly patterned, and it fits like a glove. I think I'll get it taken up though as it still drags on the floor several inches when I stand on tip-toes!

Last freebie, a lolita coat. It has a missing button, but also a cute ruffle-butt and I didn't actually have a lolita coat until now!

The rest of this stuff was a lot for £5, starting off with this amazing handmade mermaid tiara!

Red velvet will match so many of my things, and I was needing more sensible headbows.

Who doesn't love spikes?

I was talked into these chocolate socks since I was wearing a chocolate outfit at the time and well, they'd make my outfit suited to winter...

And BTSSB OTKs just because they needed to go and no one else wanted them. How could I say no?

Next, some little Ebay gets!

My old purse was really worn out, so I got a cat purse for 99p!

...and another as I couldn't decide =P they're actually super soft on the back and lined really nicely!

I also bought this Black Milk Amethyst vs Aurora Skye Inside Out Dress from Kath via Ebay. I paid a whopping £150, but I NEED all the IODs!

Next, the rest of my Battle of the Kings order finally! I got hit with customs this time, booo. Tartan Red Nana Suit Top, Tartan Red Nana Suit Bottom, Snake Pit Nana Suit Top, and Snake Pit Nana Suit Bottom. I literally only bought Snake Pit to wear to see Enter Shikari...

Lastly, I picked up these cute shorts from New Look for just under £20. The material is kinda thin and I'm kinda bummed about still maxing out a UK10 (my starting size) after a year of dieting and being hungry, but this cut is just so adorable!

I actually finally started hanging up and sorting out my Black Milk, so hopefully I can have a huge clear out soon and get things tidy enough to do a room tour! I dunno though as I don't have much time and my anxiety is crazy enough right now without trying to throw away most of my possessions...