Thursday, 31 July 2014

BM, Aliexpress, & Ebay Mini-Hauls

My Black Milk addiction continues!

I finally caught a couple restocks! I got the Wet Look Long Sleeve Crop, the Evil Cheerleader Lace Dress 2.0 that I'd been considering for ages (decided it's worth the price as I can wear it over anything!), and decided on the Tartan Red Toasties over the regular leggings (for now). I'm actually really impressed with the toasties and will definitely be buying more when ammo happens!

I ordered these two skirts on aliexpress from the seller zhou jack on July 12th as they were only £5.87 each. I kinda wanted the lavender one too, but figured I'd try these first as I can wear them with more. They're REALLY short (even my butt shows a little), but fit pretty comfortably and the straps are surprisingly soft!

From Ebay, I finally found an adorable sheer dress from Motel for £19. However, despite supposedly being a size 10, it's MILES too small. I could barely get it on without wearing a bra =/ and I'm a small 10. I can't even send it back as it made susupicious ripping noises when I tried to escape from it! It really sucks as it looks adorable. If only it were like 2 sizes bigger, grr.

But! I finally got my hands on some JC Litas! They're quite grubby and missing a few spikes, but I'm just happy to finally own some. These were only £35 too! They're a teeny bit big though. I don't even know what size they are as they're marked 7M, but they seem to be around a UK4.5.

So obviously I am continuing to fail at not shopping, but I am actually going to take back some things I bought recently. Hopefully I'll get some time to sort my things out at home soon too, but I doubt I'll get to as I seem to be either busy or exhauasted all the time!

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