Wednesday, 15 May 2013

New tattoo!

I'd been wanting a Frank Turner tattoo for quite some time, but I finally got it on April 24th, 2 days after Tape Deck Heart was released and just over a year after the Wembley gig! I held off making this post as it was still healing, but it's almost completely healed now.

(Sorry about my horrible foot haha).

I've called him Ritardando, and he's from the Poetry of the Deed artwork!

He isn't perfect, the right-most line isn't actually supposed to be there but I think it balances it out better anyway. There's a stray dot but that was from an involuntary leg twitch near the end when it was getting harder to stay still through the pain, so that was my fault! Also needs a bit of a touch-up, but I think I'll just wait until I get another tattoo. Considering getting my other foot done now, but not sure whether to get the same or maybe a swift in the same style.

I went to Imperial Tattoo Company in Bath. There was a cute husky there, loads of Star Wars collectables, and I got to listen to Cypress Hill and Limp Bizkit when getting tattooed!

Ahhh I love getting tattoos, but I'm almost at my limit already as I don't have a lot of space left that can be shown or covered up when I like. My cousins probably think I'm odd for wanting that as they're all COVERED haha.