Monday, 30 December 2013

Radiant Candlelight

Today Radiant Candlelight finally arrived!

I was taken with the series as soon as I saw it. I originally wanted the skirt in wine to fill the Gloria-shaped hole in my life, but in the end I decided that navy was cuter as I have a whole ton of wine already!

I hadn't intended to buy this. I'd um-ed and ah-ed over it until the release, and decided I needed the sleep more than the skirt and didn't try for it. I then had dreams about the release all night, and woke up gutted that I'd missed it! Luckily the navy skirt was still in stock on the Japanese site, so I enlisted the help of Celga to nab it! It also took the decision on piece and colour out of my hands (I had been toying with the idea of getting the JSK as it would be tons easier to coord since I have nothing navy). It looks like more have been put up since though!

It came boxed up really safely, and I managed to avoid customs! The order was processed on the 11th of December, posted on the 24th, and arrived on the 30th. I actually passed the Parcelforce van on my way to work! Total cost was around £150, which I don't think is bad at all for such a high quality piece.

The stuff inside. I really need to start using these stickers.

The skirt! I was really shocked at how dark it first I thought they'd sent black by accident! But it is indeed navy (or con, as they named it). That will make it pretty hard to coordinate, and mean that I would have been better off with wine. But hey ho, it's gorgeous! I love velveteen so much.

It's a lilac label product! Did you know that Angelic Pretty has pink labels for more sweeter designs, and lilac for the less sweet ones? I only learned this last week! This is my third lilac label as far as I know, alongside Day Dream Carnival and Holy Lantern. I hear Dream Sky is lilac label too, but I think my original releases are too old.

The print says 'Silent Night' all over it, so it's definitely a Christmas print! I was originally a bit disappointed in the trim, but I actually have no problem with it after seeing it in real life (although the lace on the JSK is super cute!).

Little teardrop beads on the back of the overskirt.

And without the overskirt.

And the overskirt! I thought it would be tied at the back, but it actually has poppers and the bows are pinned onto the waistband. I really want to use this overskirt on other pieces. It will look great over Holy Night Story if I can get a navy blouse or cardigan to wear with it.

I also got the socks since they were still available. The navy is a bit brighter, and the gold more silvery, compared with the skirt. These will also pair nicely with Holy Night Story.

I just hope I can coord it well eventually and do the piece justice! I definitely need a new chiffon blouse to make this work.

What do you guys think of this series? Did you buy anything?

Friday, 27 December 2013


As with every year, I spend the whole of Christmas seeing loads of family and eating tons of great food! Here's the Christmas cake that I made...even though I don't like Christmas cake hehe.

I decided to wear lolita as I wear it every year on Christmas day. It's the only day I can get away with it without being insulted the whole day haha.

Something a bit more classic than usual, with the Innocent World JSK I bought at Frock On. It flattens my bust a lot, but it's such a gorgeous dress!

In the morning my close family opened our presents together.

Coco was excited about her kitty stocking, bubblewrap, and the box my presents were in!

And here are my gifts from my parents. Sleeve blanket, work out stuff, socks, calendar, sheets, shoes that I chose, and a Christmas jumper.

These are the gifts from Rob's family that I opened too. His mum spoils me so much Dx I love the lenticular kitty picture! I've put it up in the hallway already. Also a lamp, little mirrored box, chocolate, glitter eye shadow, nail varnish, marshmallows, and pefume.

And the gifts from Rob that I opened before Christmas! I was pretty shocked to get this Bodyline dress as I'd been eyeing it up for a while. And the fancy leather-bound version of Alice In Wonderland. I got him Adventure Time DS games that I plan to borrow hehe.

Here's the table set-up at my grandparents' house! Most people had turkey, but the veggies had a yummy nut roast in pastry that my dad made. And tons of sprouts, of course!

And the gifts from my grandparents and aunt. I'm looking forward to trying out the magnetic nail polishes. The Hello Kitty things are all nightwear, and the pearls are real ones.

And the slipper boots I'm wearing right now!

I spent the evening with some of my mum's family, having a natter and eating cheese rolls!

And the Yule log I made for dad's birthday (Boxing Day).

Lolita Blog Carnival: Lolita New Year's Resolutions

This week's Lolita Blog Carnival post concerns new year resolutions within lolita fashion. I will post my non-lolita ones on new year's day.

  • Wear lolita more often! I have barely worn it this year due to being too busy when still at uni, my mother being horrible about my clothes when I moved home, and we now have a kitten who attacks everything. I have to hope Coco grows out of destroying my clothing for this to work!

  • Organise a meet. I have been into lolita for 4 years now, and yet have never organised a meet! I had wanted to do an ice-skating one, but then the local rink closed down. So I guess I'll have to get thinking! This is kinda more important now that I work on weekends as I won't be able to attend meets at all if I don't organise them!

  • Get rid of 10 pieces of clothing. This will be difficult as I love every piece I own. But if I haven't worn it and never will, there isn't much point in keeping it. Hoping I can do this without breaking down! I bet I'll just get rid of Bodyline...

  • Buy more practical items that I actually need. All my blouses are old and disgusting, I just hate to spend so much money on a blouse. But I am in desperate need of a new black one, and perhaps some coloured ones too (especially pink!).

  • Get a loliable hat. I always love coords with berets and the like, so I probably ought to try it.

  • Buy chunky black heels! I love my red ones from Bodyline but they don't go with much.

  • Try to stop buying new Angelic Pretty releases! I waste so much money on new releases...

  • Buy some plainer pieces for simpler coords. Top of the list for this is a plain black JSK!

  • Keep in contact with lolita friends more. I'm not big on online chatting, but I need to get on it!

  • Make more lolita friends!

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Friday, 20 December 2013

Lolita Blog Carnival: A Peek Inside Your Closet

After seeing Monika's latest entry over at Lace Teapot, I decided that I would like to be part of the Lolita Blog Carnival too! Basically it's a group of lolita bloggers who decide on topics to all write about to inspire and promote each other! I wanted to join so I can try to get my lolita mojo back.

The topic this week is 'A Peek Inside Your Closet'. Now I'll be honest, mine is a disorganised mess at the moment. Actually, a bunch of my stuff is on my floordrobe, and even more is stuffed in the spare room! I'm intending to use January's annual wardrobe post theme on EGL as an excuse to organise my stuff and maybe sort out some things to sell.

Here's my closet! It's currently organised by piece type, brand, and print/non-print. This might change when I reorganise it, but I don't really know what the best way to do it is really! Maybe by colour?

I guess I'll just pull out a couple pieces to spotlight today! I'll pick out some pieces I've never worn in the hope of inspiring myself to wear them.

First up, Tea Time Á La Carte salopette by Angelic Pretty! I just bought a set for the sake of it and wasn't overly fond of the print. I had also wanted it in black, not pink. The print has grown on me now though, I love the silvery cutlery and mint donuts! But salopettes are awkward to coord. This one can be used as just a skirt though, so I guess I should work on coording it finally. It's so short though!

This is Royal Tailor, also by Angelic Pretty. I got it in a lucky pack back in summer, and while I love this piece I'd much rather have one of the other colourways! The colour is really vibrant so I just don't know how to coord it, and I'm not sure how halters work with blouses.

The details are so gorgeous though! I've always loved these kinds of bodices. The fabrics are to die for too, gorgeous rich velveteen and satin.

Lastly, Usakumya-chan's Stylish Sweet Time by BTSSB. This was an impulse buy a while back, but it's L size and really really long. I've never even tried it on! I really ought to as it's nice and simple, one of my favourite colours, and I love the rose lace, scallops, and little pops of mint in the print.

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Lolita 52 Challenge: Week 19

Wow, I forgot about this for a long time! But I'm trying to get back into the loli blogging scene. I just joined the Lolita Blog Carnival, so you can look forward to more lolita-related content soon! Now, let's get on with it, shall we?

~ Trends I thought I loved, but now I'm not too keen on ~

This is another odd question as nothing really jumps to mind. I guess I'll say split wigs, and twin tail wigs in general.

I used to love them and really wanted one myself, but they seem to be really difficult to pull off well and are a bit too 'costumey' for daily wear. I'm kind of glad their popularity seems to be waning, as I love seeing natural hair used in lolita! Although all that said, they can still look amazing if worn well.

When I think crazy wigs, I think Tempest Paige. Here are some examples, two good and one a bit crazy!

...Okay, I guess I still kinda like them! Just not as much as I thought I would as a sweet lolita.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Friday 13th!

Every Friday 13th, a bunch of tattoo and piercing shops hold special events. Often this means special designs and everything being £13, which is a total bargain!

I was really tempted to get an old school rose tattoo from Imperial Tattoo Company, but I wussed out as I'd like my next tattoo to be something meticulously planned rather than something spontaneous!

Instead I decided to check out Broad Street Studio and get my lip pierced! I've been wanting it done for a crazy amount of time...I think it was when someone on some crappy show I watched as a kid got theirs done? So it must have been a pretty long time. I have been thinking about it seriously since I secured a job that won't care, but worrying about placement and whether it would suit me. I think centre would suit me best, but I've wanted snakebites for a long time and my top teeth would have caught as well as the bottom! So I went with the opposite side from my nose piercing.

The shop was really nice on the inside, which surprised me as they had penis tattoos and bisuits inside so I wasn't expecting much xP the guy who did it was lovely, and he even knew the shitty village I live in! The piercing was fine, I was kinda worried about the pain. The bar going in hurt more than the needle, which sucked as the first bar wasn't long enough so it had to be changed (I have thick lips apparently).

Honestly I'm not sure about it still. It feels really uncomfortable and clicks on my teeth a bit, but at least the swelling has mostly gone down already! Hoping it heals okay and that I can start to get used to eating (can only eat slowly which is unlike me!). If it goes well, I might get the other side done when I get the bar changed in the new year!

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Winter International Lolita Day 2013

This year we had a small-ish meet at a bar!

They let us take our own food, and everyone did a fab job with the grub! It was all so cute.

I decided to wear Holy Night Story since it was the Christmas meet. JSK, bag, and headbow all Angelic Pretty. Blouse and shoes are Bodyline. Also wore a BTSSB cardigan, but it was really warm in the venue so I only wore it a few seconds after arriving. The pin on my headbow was from one of the cute crackers than Monika made.

We played various party games such as print name charades, and we even had a go at drawing randomly generated print names!

The cake pops were so tasty!

It was a really nice meet. I wish I hadn't forgotten my camera so I could have taken more photos...

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Angelic Pretty Fukubukuro!

I shotgunned an SS a few weeks back before the announcement as I knew I'd probably want something, but it was unsuccessful for the online release. I was also caught off guard as there was no announcement concerning International online release, so I missed it as I was asleep!

Anyway, introducing Candy Sprinkle! My other half laughed his buns off at the name haha.

When I first saw the photos I wasn't sure about the print, but the print detail is actually adorable!

I wish I could afford the big set. Lucky that it's sold out really as I'd probably have bought it anyway! I love the bonnet, and the coat is so cute in black (I really need a little lolita coat maaan).

I'm not as fond of the JSK set, but I think the print looks really nice on this lavender. It reminds me of something BTSSB have put out though, in a way. I think it's the cooler pastel tones that does it.

Oh black salopette, how I want you! This will be my fourth year trying for a black salopette set. I ended up with pink every other year, but not this year!

I bought the lavender as I didn't want to risk being left empty handed. Honestly I think the pink set is cuter, but another pink salopette is the last thing I need! I have a feeling I will end up selling the salopette itself and just keeping the hoodie. The pink and lavender sets are still in stock!

Omekashi Doll set, available in black and pink. I really hope I can get this in black as I've been needing to get a plain black JSK again as selling my old one was a mistake.

This is also on the Japanese site...a mystery set! I wonder if it will be instore only? I can only translate "This set is" and that's it haha. I'm guessing it's a special set of some print since they did a Toy March one last year (that I couldn't get my mitts on...booooo). Maybe Misty Sky or something judging by the shape? Hoping it's not something I'm likely to want. I'm having major self control issues at the moment. Sadness makes me buy A LOT.

Well, that's my little round-up of the lucky packs. I hope I can get the things I want! And I hope everyone else is happy too.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Aliexpress Mini-Haul

Before the Adventure Time collection came out, I figured I'd get a feel for Black Milk style clothes by buying cheap-ass replicas. Now, I'm not a replica fan. But I'm also not a fan of leggings or tight dresses, so I just wanted to try these before paying a ton for the real deals!

I got a couple Cathedral pieces in 'size M'.

I placed my order on the 6th, and the items arrived a couple days ago. The cost was only about £15 or something crazy.

The material feels quite nice and the print is lovely!

...but it's pretty damn big and baggy and ugh (I was expecting it to be asian one size, but apparently not). Also the hips are not really in the right place at all, causing that gross muffin-top-looking thing (I can assure you that it's just air!). I'm currently bidding on the real deal on ebay (it's a museum piece and not available on the site), but if I don't win it I'll have to get this one taken in quite a bit! Although I'm wondering if there's enough material to modify it into more of a skater style.

The leggings are a lot shinier and the colours are brighter, but the print is just as lovely.

I guess they fit alright. They're a tad long and baggy at the knees and ankles, but definitely wearable. The problem? I have nothing to wear with them at all! They're so bold, and I don't feel I can wear them without something covering my butt...but maybe...

I'm pretty pleased with my purchases, as they were so cheap and it means I get to trial some pieces with my wardrobe before I make a decision about real pieces. I'm thinking I will probably buy real from now on though, and just not buy leggings!