Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Friday 13th!

Every Friday 13th, a bunch of tattoo and piercing shops hold special events. Often this means special designs and everything being £13, which is a total bargain!

I was really tempted to get an old school rose tattoo from Imperial Tattoo Company, but I wussed out as I'd like my next tattoo to be something meticulously planned rather than something spontaneous!

Instead I decided to check out Broad Street Studio and get my lip pierced! I've been wanting it done for a crazy amount of time...I think it was when someone on some crappy show I watched as a kid got theirs done? So it must have been a pretty long time. I have been thinking about it seriously since I secured a job that won't care, but worrying about placement and whether it would suit me. I think centre would suit me best, but I've wanted snakebites for a long time and my top teeth would have caught as well as the bottom! So I went with the opposite side from my nose piercing.

The shop was really nice on the inside, which surprised me as they had penis tattoos and bisuits inside so I wasn't expecting much xP the guy who did it was lovely, and he even knew the shitty village I live in! The piercing was fine, I was kinda worried about the pain. The bar going in hurt more than the needle, which sucked as the first bar wasn't long enough so it had to be changed (I have thick lips apparently).

Honestly I'm not sure about it still. It feels really uncomfortable and clicks on my teeth a bit, but at least the swelling has mostly gone down already! Hoping it heals okay and that I can start to get used to eating (can only eat slowly which is unlike me!). If it goes well, I might get the other side done when I get the bar changed in the new year!

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  1. Hey it looks good! Didn't know you got a new piercing :P It feels uncomfortable for now, you will get used to it :)