Monday, 30 December 2013

Radiant Candlelight

Today Radiant Candlelight finally arrived!

I was taken with the series as soon as I saw it. I originally wanted the skirt in wine to fill the Gloria-shaped hole in my life, but in the end I decided that navy was cuter as I have a whole ton of wine already!

I hadn't intended to buy this. I'd um-ed and ah-ed over it until the release, and decided I needed the sleep more than the skirt and didn't try for it. I then had dreams about the release all night, and woke up gutted that I'd missed it! Luckily the navy skirt was still in stock on the Japanese site, so I enlisted the help of Celga to nab it! It also took the decision on piece and colour out of my hands (I had been toying with the idea of getting the JSK as it would be tons easier to coord since I have nothing navy). It looks like more have been put up since though!

It came boxed up really safely, and I managed to avoid customs! The order was processed on the 11th of December, posted on the 24th, and arrived on the 30th. I actually passed the Parcelforce van on my way to work! Total cost was around £150, which I don't think is bad at all for such a high quality piece.

The stuff inside. I really need to start using these stickers.

The skirt! I was really shocked at how dark it first I thought they'd sent black by accident! But it is indeed navy (or con, as they named it). That will make it pretty hard to coordinate, and mean that I would have been better off with wine. But hey ho, it's gorgeous! I love velveteen so much.

It's a lilac label product! Did you know that Angelic Pretty has pink labels for more sweeter designs, and lilac for the less sweet ones? I only learned this last week! This is my third lilac label as far as I know, alongside Day Dream Carnival and Holy Lantern. I hear Dream Sky is lilac label too, but I think my original releases are too old.

The print says 'Silent Night' all over it, so it's definitely a Christmas print! I was originally a bit disappointed in the trim, but I actually have no problem with it after seeing it in real life (although the lace on the JSK is super cute!).

Little teardrop beads on the back of the overskirt.

And without the overskirt.

And the overskirt! I thought it would be tied at the back, but it actually has poppers and the bows are pinned onto the waistband. I really want to use this overskirt on other pieces. It will look great over Holy Night Story if I can get a navy blouse or cardigan to wear with it.

I also got the socks since they were still available. The navy is a bit brighter, and the gold more silvery, compared with the skirt. These will also pair nicely with Holy Night Story.

I just hope I can coord it well eventually and do the piece justice! I definitely need a new chiffon blouse to make this work.

What do you guys think of this series? Did you buy anything?

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  1. Such a pretty pattern. Can't wait to see how you coord it.